Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Here's to a lousy Christmas! And a crappy New Year!"

have twenty minutes to blog before I have to go and pack. So here I go...

Today was a long day.
Amelia set the precedent this morning with her crying.. nay, screaming.
All day it continued.
Sat down to eat, got my food, Amelia cried, I fed her, sat back down, Amelia screamed, sat down to rock her to sleep, finally got back to the table, my meal was cold.
In between talking with the family, playing Wii and reading magazines, Amelia cried, screamed, ate and sorta not really slept. Not to mention more screaming. (I have never heard my sweet girl scream like she did today... It broke my heart.)
We planned on staying til eight but decided to leave at 6 because Amelia wouldn't stop screaming and was SO tired.
Finally left extremely quickly at 7.
Amelia fell asleep in the car 30 seconds after we left. 2 hours later still asleep. Sweet baby.
Got home, threw in laundry, cleaned the living room, dining room and kitchen, balanced the ledger and paid some bills.
Time to pack and 1 minutes left to spare.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another day on the couch

I seriously had one heck of a do-nothing day. Amelia didn't sleep the greatest after four so I was still tired when I finally got out of bed. We lounged on the couch and she slept for a few hours. After she woke up, ate, and we hung out for a bit she fell asleep again. This time I thought she would cat nap and be awake and ready to eat again in fifteen minutes. So, I was thinking that after she woke back up and ate I would put her in her swing so I could run out to the store for a bit. But no, she slept for a couple more hours. This resulted in me not getting anything done. Doesn't surprise me, it seems to be my days any more.
However, after she woke up, I took her upstairs to dad. I was feeling restless so I whipped out my Tai Chi video and did a 40 minute workout. My legs trembled by the end of it but it felt so good. As soon as I had finished up, down came Bryan with Amelia because she had a huge blow out.
We got her cleaned up, Bryan went back to work for an hour and when he came down I went to the store. I just needed to get out even if it was to stupid Hy-Vee. At the entry way I ran into Keith. We chatted for a few minutes then out he went and onto my shopping I went. Got my stuff and realized that I forgot my yeast AFTER I was in line and getting checked out.
For dinner we had frozen pizza and then cookies with ice cream for dessert. Totally blew my exercise but I figured I should get my goodies in now because once the New Year hits we are going to get healthy. And that's that.
So now I'm ready for tomorrow. I have things to do and the hopes to get it done.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A lazy sort of day

Well, not really but kind of. I felt really tired this morning so at 7 when Amelia wok up I pulled her into bed with me and fell back asleep. At 8 I asked Bryan to watch her and to wake me up at 9. At 8:40 Bryan comes into the room with Amelia saying she was crying, and in a baby tone, told me about her alligator tears and hunger cries. I fed her and then we fell back to sleep. I kept getting woke up by little fingers and "talking" from a tiny face inches from mine. Finally, from the persistant fingers, I woke up and she fell back asleep.. I got up, it was 11 after all, got her up, changed, dressed and talked to my little girl as she smiled and "talked" back.
I took her upstairs announcing my "gift of joy" to Bryan so I could go shower. I got my hair stuff figured out this time and got my hair to perform. Amelia was snuggly today so Bryan had to put her in the snugli (convenient name). She cuddled up and fell asleep.
Soon enough we were on our way to the doctor's office for an appointment. She was due for her first set of immunization shots. As always, she was fawned over. Mostly because Grandma works there and everyone knows us, not to mention they were the ones who did the pregnancy test, blood work, check-ups, etc. We got her in, weighed (12 #, 15 oz), measured (23.5 inches long) and checked out. Everything looks good. Back in came grandma who fawned over Amelia some more but conveniently left when the shots were there. She didn't want her face associated with the shots.. but it was ok if we were...
The first was oral, not too bad. We got most of it down. Nurse even let me do it so she would take it better. She had two shots coming because the third wasn't in.
Two nurses.
Two shots.
Two little legs.
In 3, 2, 1...

I watched her face and for a split second she was okay. Then it hit her- a stunned look and then the cry. Her little face squinched up, got all red, a huge cry and tears. I saw it for two seconds before my face was instantly next to hers, kissing her cheeks and telling her it was all right. The crying didn't last very long, 30 seconds maybe. And much to my surprise, I didn't cry. Truthfully it was nothing compared to our last trip to the hospital where they pricked and poked her. Then I cried. A lot.
Anyway, I comforted her for a bit before grandma came back in. The goose. We talked for a bit before leaving. Bryan picked up his contacts then I ran into the pharmacy to get some meds.
This evening Bryan went to a Tweet-up. I teased him calling it his "nerd gathering group." He had fun and brought me cheese wontons. Anyone know the place he went?
But, he's home now so I'm going to spend some time with him.

Have a great night and a great Tuesday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sunday kind of day

today was surprisingly productive. First, church was good. I've noticed that I have become the lady who bore Amelia. People would come up during greeting time, ask how Amelia is doing, stand in awe of her, smile at me as they walked away.. say wha?? ...geesh.
After church I ran into Hy-vee to get some groceries. After getting home, eating lunch and feeding Amelia, I realized that I forgot the very thing I ran in for.. more bra pads. Yup.
However, Bryan got the itch to tear down and pack together all of the cardboard boxes that had been sitting on our porch. We had tons from unpacking from our move, then my mom decided to throw them on the porch.. Out of sight, out of mind. Yes, two months later we got it taken care of.
Then we put up our Christmas tree. Yes, already. Having a newborn is tough around the holidays. So we put it up so after Thanksgiving all we have to do is decorate it. Otherwise, I figured, by the time it got up and decorated it would be Christmas and the joy of the tree would have been futile.
We also got the rest of the chores (except for folding laundry because Bryan avoids that at all possibly odds) and played some Guitar Hero. Gotta love resurrecting a past love... er... addiction. Followed by a movie. A decent way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls night in

Bullet points of last night:

* It was fun.
* The girls held Amelia for the first time in a while.
* Watched a Bind-it-all demonstration by Emily.
* We never did work on our scrapbooks... indstead:

1. Emily worked on cleaning her room,
2. Linda "auctioned" off Emily's things,
3. Rachel and I left with a large loot.

* Linda has found her true calling in life ...a QVC spokeswoman.
* We got to enjoy each other's company since we haven't in a while.
* Laughed
* Talked.
* Chloe was a pill.
* Keith was crazy.
* Keith drove Emily crazy.
* Left at 10:30 exhausted realizing that, again, we are old folgies.

It was good times had by all.


* Bryan and I had plans to get a few things done.
* We've done nothing but

1. cut Bryan's hair,
2. gave Amelia a bath,
3. and ordered pizza.

* Realized we should have sat on Keith for driving Emily crazy.
* Plan on doing the things we didn't do today, tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's lonely without Courtney

I am going to blog now because soon I will be bathing my daughter and then heading over to Emily's for a scrapnight! Wha-hoo! I'm so excited. I just hope they are all feeling well because we don't want the bug that is going around. However, we did get our flu shot so hopefully that will help.

Courtney did indeed go home this morning. It doesn't feel like this morning but it was. It probably feels like another day because I did nap with Amelia this afternoon. I was tired from staying up with Court til 1 in the morning.
I've also bought some curl enhancing creme. It's very cool and my hair is very curly. I did add a little too much and it looks a tad oily but I'll just know better for next time.
Bryan had an eye appointment (finally after two months of nagging!) on Wednesday and today he got his new glasses. We're still waiting on the contacts. And that boy made me go into Mt. V to get his glasses for him even though we'll be in town on Monday for a Dr. appointment for Amelia! He's crazy. But I did it because I love him.
I miss my daughter.. she's upstairs sleeping in her swing. :(

It's a little odd not having Courtney here...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going home already?

Today... hm...
Courtney was planning on going home. I was also planning on taking her down to Silver Spider. Neither happened. We did go to Panera. It was my "thank-you" for all her help this past week and a half. It was also me sending her off with a full belly.
But after chatting for two hours she decided to stay one more night. Which was great for me because she helped me clear our upstairs to get ready for a desk. WHICH I'm stoked about. I sat down and drew it out, so now I have exactly what I want down on paper and we (as in Keith and Bryan) can get it made.
Get 'er done! as my father-in-law would say, followed by his infamous chuckle.
But, yes, my drawing of my future drawing area is aMAZing! Woot! Can you tell I'm excited???

I'm also really excited about tomorrow because tomorrow I'm getting together with Rachel, Emily and Linda to do some scrapping. I am (finally) starting Amelia's scrapbook. Only two months later! Good golly.

What else..

Amelia's cradle cap was bugging me so I took a comb to her little flaked head and scraped it off as she slept. A good majority of it is gone ..along with a few of her baby hairs. :(
She is getting so long. Soon she'll be riding a unicycle and speaking 3 different languages while solving political debates. Ok, maybe not but it she has turned into such a little person! My favorite is when she smiles at me because she knows it's me! I love it.

Chloe puked on our down feather comforter tonight.

I'm hungry.


Well, I really thought I had a lot more to talk about but since I'm digging I'm gonna watch some Estate of Panic. It's amusing.. what can I say?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little something extra

Over at Wee Ones Little Things Tami is having a contest, giving away over $130 in baby products. She makes these really cute items, and all of her profit goes to help support their adoption of their son Joshua.
This blanket is my favorite. I also like this one and this one. Here is a really cute bib, a sweet thanksgiving bib, a burp cloth, and my favorite burp cloth.
She makes baby slings, loveys (tag blankets), bags, and much more!
SO PLEASE go enter the contest do some shopping and tell her September @ Rain Drops Fall sent you!
Remember Christmas is coming and it's a great time to buy gifts and support a Stay at home mom.

Guitar Hero Retarded

At least my pinky is anyway.
I haven't picked up the guitar for Guitar Hero in a very long time. Like since before Amelia was born.. before we moved even. So it's been a while. But Courtney wanted to get it out so we gave it a shot. Bryan's sitting here now jamming out. I asked if he plays in the middle of the night because it seems as though his fingers are exercised in the art of the Wii.
Courtney and I went out today. We still have a lot to get done inside but I figured we could run some errands and get that out of the way. We stopped at Goodwill drop-off to load a few of our unwanted items into their laps. Onc man's junk...
Then we headed to Lemstone to pick up a "tea set for one" for my grama. That's what she wanted for Christmas. It's a tiny teapot that fits on top of the matching tea cup. It's sweet, covered in grapes and ivy in a white antique finish that reads the scripture "I am the vine, you are the branches..." I think she'll dig it. Plus, another name crossed off the list.
After we finished there we went to Michaels, I had a coupon and I needed to pick up an album to get started on Amelia's. However, my coupon isn't activated until Sunday but I needed the album for a Girl's Scrap Night over at Emily's. Otherwise I wouldn't have anything to work on which would be especially silly since I was the one who wanted to do the scrap night.
Then to the bank, followed by the P.O. and then onto Wally world.. again. Picked up a couple of things we were out of as well as a few things for Amelia (i.e. a Christmas dress and shoes, a few toys for her to grasp and chew on). I also bought some shampoo to enhance the curl in my hair also some anti-frizz creme and some mousse. I'm hoping that will bring out some loveliness in my hair cause I was thinking about cutting it off.. short. But I really don't want to. This is the second time in my life I've had long hair, the first time for my wedding. And this time it's thicker because of the pregnancy and prenatal vitamins. I like it, their is just some getting used to it being so long. Plus it's curly! Who wouldn't love that after a lifetime of straight hair and multiple times curling it into Shirley Temple curls??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 weeks today.

I know, weird, right?
She's two months on Sunday and 9 weeks today.

Today, Courtney and I did much of nothing. I did manage to return the hospital's breast pump (which I never used) but other than that... nothing. We had just worked so hard yesterday that we were pooped today.
We did manage to jump around on the air mattress, flinging each other into the air as we searched for a teeny hole that Chloe had managed to create, thus leaving Courtney as a airbed taco by morning. We also managed to sit on the couch and watch Patch Adams.
However, we did go over to Norma's tonight. She made some great food and we enjoyed ourselves a game of 10,000. We left at a quarter til' ten cause we're old. Yes, not 78 year old Norma who can casually stay up until 2 in the morning.
Anyway, like I said, I'm old and I need my sleep.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Babysitting is fun at bedtime.

Did I mention that my daughter is two months old yesterday? I just can't believe that two months has passed already. But then again it feels like we haven't not had her. How can that be? I don't know and I don't claim to know any of the perplexities of life. So we'll just leave it a mystery.
Many are the wonders of Amelia.
  • 's (very well, might I add) holding her head up on her own.
  • recognizes my face and my voice, searching me out if she hears me.
  • loves lights.
  • talks to us. Coos, yells, "speaks," grunts and the like.
  • fake coughs to get our attention.
  • smiles at Bryan and I when she finds our faces.
  • grumps for me
  • grumps for her paci At night. While I'm sleeping...
  • stretches and puckers her lips in her sleep.
  • cuddles with me.. a lot.
  • turns on her side.
  • has the most beautiful face.
  • has the cutest yawn.
  • growing like a weed.
  • 's just great.

Tonight, Bryan, Court and I got to watch the Pitts kids. Watch, as in, make sure they get their pj's on and sleep in their bed as we lounge and watch T.V. downstairs. Ahem. Yes, watch. It was lovely. Such good kids. We only had problems with the babe spitting out her paci as a fun game to keep the adults coming back into the room. It only happened once with each of us (because we didn't communicate the not-going-back-in-part) and then it was over.
They got home and we got to talk with them for a bit. Court and Keith go at it like Brother and Sister. It's quite amusing as she serves the dishes he gives... what?
Court and I got a lot of cleaning done today. Her the bathroom and kitchen, me the dining room, living room and lots of laundry. It was a chore. Tomorrow we have more. We are going to tackle the upstairs craft area so I can have an area to craft in.
Pardon me as I sit and dream a bit.

Off to bed. I'm zonked.

2months!! jeesh.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Say "Goodnight," Gracie.

Bryan and I went out to eat for the first time since Amelia was born. It was interesting. I also had to feed her in the booth. Then we went to Michael's so I could pick up some little gifts to fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. When we got home, I had every intention of making cookies but Amelia was extremely clingy so I was stuck on the couch. However, Court is still here and she stepped in.

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner tonight at church. The youth ran it and it wasn't at all too shabby. The only thing missing was a good canned shaped blob of cranberry sauce. Mm-mm. I got to hang out with Emily at the kids section seeing as how she was the only adult. I couldn't allow her to be left alone like that. A) how boring and 2) having to watch all those kids on your own when you didn't even want to in the first place?? Well, then Amelia wanted to be fed and when it's time, it's time. Thus resulting in my missing the little kids putting on a performance. I could kind of hear them but I was disappointed I didn't get to watch their little faces as they put on their little show. What can ya do?
However, I did get to talk with Emily, Jolene and Sheila. Individually and together. Such nice girls.

Afterwards, we went to Keith and Emily's. She was pulling down baby clothes to sort through and donate to.. me :) I came home with a medium box and a garbage bag full of clothes. I was very happy.

So now after watching a very dorky The Mummy's Return, I am heading to bed.

Good night Gracie.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A somewhat productive Saturday.

I actually got things done!
  • woke
  • ate breakfast
  • watched tv with Bryan
  • fell asleep on couch with Amelia
  • woke and ate lunch
  • lounged with Court
  • folded laundry
  • cleaned and vacuumed
  • made dinner
  • watched a movie
  • ate ice cream
  • heading to bed
...hey, I said *somewhat productive...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Do I gotta?

So another day.
It's been interesting to say the least. Here's some highlights:
  • My sister is still here. I don't think she ever plans on going home.
  • My daughter fussed to be held by me then snuggled into my neck and fell asleep.
  • Interesting conversations have been held.
  • I got to chat with my mom for a little bit.
  • I took a nap.
  • Court, Amelia and I went over to Emily's. We stayed until 20 til 11. She still has proof-reading.. poor girl. BUT! we had a good time.

...not so much of a productive day but it's okay. Tomorrow we'll be more productive.. maybe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday hum drum.

I need to blog.
I really have nothing to say except for:

I need a break.
I need a change.
And I need some norm.

That's all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wittyless title

I am sitting here enjoying my daughter suck her fist. She has just recently discovered it and it's many uses a) being a great substitute for her paci. She isn't a pro at it yet. Her fist making wet circles around her mouth and chin. She's also talking to it -I think. Something anyway. Maybe just herself.
She's the sweetest.
She's been awake more often. I don't mind it because it's fun to watch her. Plus she's so good I can let her lie on the couch while I do things around the house. We all know that that can last only so long before she finally learns to roll over. She's been getting up onto her side. For a few weeks now. We should have suspected it since she came out of the womb with her eyes open and holding her own head up. My crazy little over-achiever. Have I mentioned how spectacular she is??

At four I dropped off Court to take her compass test. They said an hour and a half to two. So far it's been the former. After I dropped her off I went to wally world. It's insane there and I don't enjoy it.

I need to start working out. I know how good I feel when I do, so why do I put it off? Does someone want to be my workout buddy?

I'm ready for the day to be over.

It hasn't been a horrible day. I did get to sleep to sleep in until 11, but it wasn't a wonderful sound slumber. I still had to wake up every time she needed her paci, to feed her and when she was awake to make sure she was ok. Not only that but my sinus' were getting plugged and I had to keep blowing my nose. Being sick is no fun. Especially when it lingers and you think you're getting rid of it then you get a new symptom.
Headache to sore throat,
sore throat to stuffy nose,
stuffy nose plus runny nose,
stuffy/runny nose plus cough.
It's good fun. Cause then you tack that on to doing mom things especially when you breast-feed...

Court's here. She's taking her test tomorrow. Yup, for KCC. She'll probably being staying for a day or two. It'll be nice. Even though I just saw her this last weekend and two weeks ago. And I'll see her again for Thanksgiving weekend. It's a good thing I like her.

I really need to start on Amelia's scrapbook. I haven't yet so that puts me incredibly far behind... eek! Getting started is not cheap but then again the whole thing isn't anyway. I just need to suck it up and go get it. Get'er done!

I have to go run errends here soon.. anyone want to go to wally world for me?

So, compared to yesterday, Amelia hasn't slept much today. She took a good nap in the afternoon but has catnapped ever since. Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep.

P.S. Amelia's 8 weeks today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, Monday.

I really don't know what to blog.

Christmas gifts are getting done. I have to start this early because we have a large family so it takes time to find all the gifts when you don't have yet the ideas for everyone. So far I have 5 bought for, 8 planned but not bought yet, and 5 to figure out yet. That's not including me, cause that's Bryan's job. However, I am including Bryan and our sweet girl.

I need to get on the making of Christmas cards.

I'm feeling better. Just a little cough now and again and a really running nose. But I'm not too shabby.

My sister is coming up again this week. I just don't think she can get enough of me :) We just saw her on Sunday. But she's coming up to enroll in the college here.

I cleaned the living room today. Yay. We have ordered ourselves to keep it clean so tomorrow I can work on another room rather than the same one every day of the week.

My love bug has been sleeping most of the day. She's recouperating from the weekend. Hopefully she'll be back to herself tomorrow.

Pete wrestled my gramparents big black lab and hurt his eye. He's donning the pathetic card really well. Bryan laid out a blanket for him to lay on...

Ok.. I think I'm done. I really didn't have much to talk about plus Bryan's complaining of being too warm from holding his daughter. Silly man.

...oh sure, he's got her now..

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aaaand we're back

Friday night was awful. I even thought about turning around and coming home. We were suppose to leave at 5 but didn't get out of the house until half past. Then because Bryan didn't let me know his Rx was ready and I didn't go to town to get it we had to head that way costing us another hour. Plus, needed some food so we stopped at Hardee's and they took FOR-EV-ER. Literally. We sat for almost 10 minutes at the drive-thru window waiting for them to get us our food. So by 6:30, in the snow we were heading south..

We stopped twice to feed her, once in Colona to check the tires and also to take Pete out to pee (cause he's a boob) and again on a very dark country road with twenty or so cars just passing us and only one stopping to check if we were ok. Where is the common curtesy? I also had to feed and change her in the back seat without opening the door for room. That's tough. We finally made it to grama and grampa's house by 11:22.
We finally got into bed around midnight. Our sweet girl was awake and so I didn't fall asleep til 1:30 and Bryan 2. Then at around 6, Pete started whining because he heard grama and grampa getting around. It wasn't cause he needed to go potty. No, he did that at 1. So until about 8 he relentlessly whined while we relentless shushed.

Saturday, my throat was still hurting but my headache was less severe. My mom and sisters showed up by lunch time so we finished watching Wipeout before heading to the kitchen for lunch. Grampa had something done in his right jaw a few days before and it was starting to swell into his throat. So that morning he went and got some antibiotics to help with it. After lunch, and after feeding Amelia, my mom and I went out to the dollar store and some rinkidink poor man's wally world. We found some Christmas presents and other little odds and ends. Needless to say, by the time we left I was feeling worse. My mom wasn't feeling so swift either. We got home and she ended up vomiting. I had a swollen, red throat that hurt when I would swallow. By the time it was evening I felt so horrible. I did manage to blog via Bryan's iPhone, hence the few odd words. Grampa's right side of his throat and jaw were still swollen and not getting any better.

Today, I hadn't slept well last night. My nose was terribly plugged and running. You know the one, super runny nose but you can't sniff it back in so it runs like water all down your face. Mm-mm. No one but grama went to church. I slept in til 9ish and mom til 10:30ish. So my throat isn't hurting but still a little swollen and now my voice is incredibly hoarse and funny sounding and my nose is still off/on stuffy. Grama decided she was going to take grampa into the hospital since his swelling only seemed worse so we went ahead and got ready to go.

Our sweet girl slept all through the trip, which was nice. I'm feeling a little better. Grampa got some stronger antibiotics. Mom got home and went to bed. We had a safe journey. It was nice to see everyone, in spite of illnesses. I've gotten three more gifts taken care of. And. all in all, we had a not so bad time. I can't complain because I got to see some of my fam. And they are great.

Another four hour journey in just two weeks.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'm sick

Yup it's official. My throat got worse last night. It was subtle at first bow today I have a full blown sore and swollen throat. It hurts to swallow. And I'm starting to get some body aches. Not to mention that my mom just got sick...literally. Baby girlbis feeling clingy too. It wouldn't be so bad normally but I just feel poopy. Oh well. Maybe she's my medicine.

So, I'm gonna go and focus on swallowing with minimal pain. ::sigh::

Friday, November 07, 2008

I should get moving.

I have a headache today.

We're leaving for -New Market- today... possibly.
...depending on this headache of mine.

My daughter is the cutest.
She "talks" all the time -getting more and more vocal daily.
She even fakes coughs to get our attention.
It's cute.

I have to finish packing.

I want a nap.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday already?

I'm gonna have to pack.
We're planning on heading down to my grandparents for the weekend. I'm excited because I don't think I've been down there since before Amelia was born. I miss it down there. That is if it doesn't snow.

Today I went out and bought a nice dress coat. I really needed one. Who wants to dress up really nice and then throw on a big, poofy, red snow coat? Not me. Makes me feel like I'm back in high school. Not quite sure why. I just seem to remember girls dressed up really nice for a dance or church and having a poofy coat on over it. Not so classy. And, I think I've been watching too much What Not to Wear. Good or bad? Who's to say but I did take their rules in finding a coat and I think I did a swell job. Tweed, sinches around the waist, chocolate brown. I think it's a good buy.

So having made it to Gordman's and Ulta, I get called back home to feed Amelia before I make it to Lemstone. Bryan has suggested pumping but I'm just not sure I'm ready to have her feed from a bottle rather than myself. It's a bond I'm not ready to share, I suppose.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I could.

I could kill our cat.
Last night, Chloe was starved for attention and started crawling all over Bryan and I as we were laying on the couch. Amelia was laying down next to me dozing off. Chloe kept meowing at me so I sent her over to Bryan but seeing as how that wasn't good enough for her she began crawling towards me onto Amelia. I tried picking Chloe up to throw her off the couch but she squirmed and for the second time, landing on Amelia this time scratching her forehead. She got deep enough to break the skin and Amelia woke up and starting screaming and crying. I could kill our cat.
Chloe knew she was in trouble. We kept her out of our room the entire night and this morning she would barely meow at me. I told her this is strike two. I know she didn't mean to but she hurt my baby. I know all of you mothers out there understand exactly.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted.

For Bob Barr that is. Basically like voting for McCain without the idiot sidekick, or keeping the troops in Iraq and.. he has a really cool mustache. Speaking of idiot.. I also voted to keep the constitution the same. I like the word there. It's straightforward. No bs (Baby Squirrels) about it. Plus it's just fun to have in a legal document. Why not?
That's it.. that's all my political ranting.
What else for today... Amelia has been waking up more often in the night. Plus it doesn't help that I'm really trying to get her to sleep in her bassinet. She keeps fussing when I put her in there so I have to pull her out and place her in our bed. It helps, plus I don't have to sit up and find her paci when she fusses. I just have to quickly locate it and pop it back in her mouth. However, she still seems to wake up every 15 minutes or so resulting in her cat napping which leaves me with a "tired" headache. You know the ones where it's a dull ache from the front of your forehead leading down into your tight shoulders. Mm-mm good fun.
I'm also suppose to be dieting. I haven't gone back to the Maker's Diet yet but I don't think I'm ready. It's a really hard diet that you have to be mentally prepared and willing to go into. But that means no chocolate for 4 weeks but also no, none, zero, zilch cake and or other sweets (except chocolate).
I really do like the way I look even now after having Amelia, except for my baby belly. So, I'm trying to eat right and start exercising. Hopefully that will work in itself.
Bryan finished a big project with work yesterday. Someone wasn't doing their job right and costing the company face. So Bryan took it over, got it done and made his boss proud. Not only his boss but his wife. He's so smart and such a good, hard worker.
Anyway, that's all I've got for today. So, if you haven't already, get out there and vote.

Monday, November 03, 2008

It's a Monday...

And what a sorely boring day.
I did get bills paid, however. Oh yes. Who knew babies cost so much. We have over twenty five hundred dollars to pay just for having her. And I'd do it again!
So, since nothing exciting happened today, except for getting to spend sweet, sweet time with my baby, I will talk about yesterday's bon-fire.
It was great. The first of the season and we didn't take any pictures. I got to sit around and chat with Emily and Sheila. It was fun. Especially getting to reminisce about how much weight I gained with Amelia!
We sat around, ate s'mores, sang songs and chatted with everyone. It was a really good time.
Anyway, Bryan's done with work so I'm going to go and enjoy his company. Have a great night.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

Annnnd, I've already missed a day. Let's see if that's the worst I can do.

So let's back up... Tuesday, Courtney came on up for a visit. She needed to get away for a bit. I don't blame her. Between losing her job, mom getting remarried to her ex amd him moving back in, she's under a lot of stress. Also, Amelia turned 6 weeks.
Wednesday, Court and I went shopping. She needed new clothes. Steve & Barry's is closing so we hit there first. After 3 hours of shopping we leave with her getting one shirt... I also got to feed Amelia in a changing room. Woo-hoo. Next we hit Target. Mainly because there was an office desk I was going to pick up. However, we started browsing the clothes and found a really cute blouse for Miss Thing. We got the desk and had some guys load it into the truck for us. Now, please tell me what kind of store doesn't carry come kind of twine, string, or zip ties of SOME kind to strap down a trunk?? So we drove home with the trunk flopping in the wind. Good times.
Thursday, Court and I went out again. This time to Gordman's. After some careful searching she walks away with 5 or 6 really cute tops and a rockin' new purse. I love it.. a little bit jealous. I also walked away with some really cute jeans. The FIRST jeans I've worn in MONTHS! I still have some baby weight and it will be a while before I can get into my pre-baby jeans but the ones I bought are awesome. Stacey and Clinton would be proud. After we left Gordman's we headed to Wally world for some groceries. We ran through the store since Amelia hadn't eaten in three hours, was still sleeping and was bound to wake up at any moment. She woke up a bit when we put her back in the car. Gave her her paci and out until we got home. Perfect timing. Gotta love it when that happens.
Friday, we chillaxed (haha.. that word is so dumb, I love it) at home. I got four loads of laundry done, pulled out my winter clothes and swapped them for my summer and maternity clothes. Come to find out, I'm in need of some winter tops. We waited for Bryan but he never made it down so we carved pumpkins on our own. The Pitts stopped by to show off the kid's costumes and they were soo cute. We passed out normal sized candy bars. It was fun to see the kids faces as they got to pick out a big ol' candy bar. We watched Sleepy Hallow (as scary as it gets for us) and ate lots of candy. Mm-mm.
Saturday, Courtney went home. I was sad but it was good to have her here for a bit plus I get to see her next weekend along with all the rest of my side of the family.
Today, I woke up thinking it was 9:30, rushing to get Bryan up when he reminded me of Daylight Savings.. duh. Chruch was good and soon we'll be heading over to the Pitts' for a bon fire. I'm excited. I've been needing a good fire.
So, does this make up for not posting yesterday?