Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This past weekend, Bryan, Amelia and I went on a vacation with his parents, his brother and his wife, and met up with his other brother that's going to school in Chicago.
Here's a run-down of what went on...

  • Took off from Iowa at 9 in the morning.
  • Stopped at Ghetto-Stop. World famous for being.. well.. ghetto.
  • Got to Chicago at 2.
  • Were honked at by many taxis because people were clogging up the drop-off at the hotel.
  • Sat around waiting for the other two of our three rooms for two hours.
  • Stayed on the top floor (15).
  • The Picasso Floor.
  • Left to go get some grub at Bennigan's.
  • Went to the Museum of Art (across the street).
  • Saw some really cool things (ie., Monet, Degas, Seurat, Polluck, and so forth)
  • Got some DQ.
  • Early to bed for a busy Friday.
  • Saw some naked people in their bathrooms across the street in their H!lton room where they thought they were invisible because they were located 20 yards from us and behind a slightly fogged piece of glass.
  • Got to the bus stop at 9:05.
  • Missed the first bus at 9:10 because we didn't know we had to jump into the street to flag them down.
  • Got on the next bus at 9:20.
  • Spent the day at Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Saw some pretty nifty things.
  • Had cafeteria food (not so nifty.. or cheap).
  • Made it to the second floor this time.
  • Went to D'Gorno's for dinner.
  • It was gooood.
  • Amelia fell asleep on our way home and slept from 7pm-8am the next morning (with feedings intermixed in there).
  • I fell asleep at 9pm.
  • That was gooood too.
  • Got up and saw another naked person (equaling 4 very white bottoms).
  • Headed out to the Field Museum (this time we walked).
  • Saw some more pretty nifty things.
  • Pirate exhibit was pretty awesome.
  • Ate some good food while we were there.
  • (The brownies were divine.)
  • We all tired out pretty quickly so
  • we headed on back to our hotel to freshen up and then
  • we took a bus to the mall.
  • Not your ordinary mall. More of a building but it was cool.
  • Watched Michael Jackson music videos play on the big screens while we waited for the men to finish shopping around the Lego Store.
  • Walked to a Thai restaurant.
  • It looked pretty shady from the outside and we thought we were going to die.
  • Completely the opposite on the inside and really good food.
  • Walked to ColdStone.
  • Mmm-mmm.
  • Got back on the bus to head home. I rode it while standing.. THAT was an experience. Chicago bus drivers sure like their brake pedals.
  • Went swimming on the roof of the fourth floor for about 15 minutes because it was too cold.
  • Watched fireworks while we swam.
  • Crashed into bed.
  • Said bye to Bruce :(
  • Headed home.
  • Stopped at DQ for hamburgers but
  • they only had hotdogs and BBQ pork :(
  • Got one last ice cream of the trip
  • it was disgusting.
  • Got back to Iowa and hung out with his parents and my sister for the evening.
It was good. I'm still sad that it seemed like it flew by way too fast. And even though I wore comfortable sneakers for our excursions, next time I'm bringing pillows to wear under my feet. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 months today

I always feel that if I have the chance to get on a computer that I should blog. But then I sit down to begin a new post and I don't know where to start... Oh!
Amelia is now a stair climber! Yes, it freaks me out, but don't worry. I keep a close eye on her. And whenever she starts to ascend the stairs, I am right behind her. The first time is the only time that she kind of lost her balance and kind of tipped backwards but I was right there. However, that does not mean that I will be letting her climb the stairs on her own any time soon.
She's also now crawling like a monkey. Up on her hands and feet rather than her hands and knees. I think it may have started when she would wear things that her little legs would get swallowed up in -pants, dresses and the like, her knees would get so far into the outfit and then she couldn't move very well anymore. So now she is up on her hands and feet.
She so wants to walk. She pulls herself up onto things and lets them (the couch) guide her path along.
She devours mango.
Crawls over things instead of going around them, even if that would be easier.
And Amelia is 10 months old today. It's going by so fast. I have to start planning her birthday party because it will be here soon enough.

That's kind of my life. I do get to occasionally hang out with friends, Courtney, and sometimes I'll see Bryan. He's been working so much lately that I find myself missing him.
I have been doing the Maker's Diet on and off again. I'm only 10 lbs away from my pre-baby weight!

Anyway, I think that's all I've got for now.. I really ought to get on here more often.