Wednesday, November 07, 2012

10 months (although late)

I completely missed an update for Miss V turning 10 months!!

She is amazing!  She's crawling like a fiend! She's getting faster and faster everyday.  A lot of practicing.  Getting into the dog's water bowl in the kitchen, playing with the toilet with the bathroom, pulling clothes out of the laundry baskets in the bedrooms, oh yes, lots of practice!

She growls, and babbles, "talking" like crazy!

She also gives kisses now.  They're opened mouthed and slobbery but it's still sweet.

She's in a biting faze.. that is not so sweet.

She sits on her her knees now which is adorable.  And she's trying to figure out standing but that's coming along a little slower.  I'm okay with that, don't want to rush growing up to quickly.

She's still very serious towards strangers but is a little more generous with a smile.

Her laugh is so contagious.  She's ticklish and will burst with laughter!

Her toes are so animated that they are only still when she sleeps.  They're usually curled with her big toe stretched out and up.  It's weird, and yet charming, and it's exactly the same thing that Bryan will do.

She's still bald but now with a little tuft of hair on the top.  It isn't much but it's so very cute.

Oh, and she has a lovey.  It's a crocheted giraffe that we've affectionately named Maggie after the lady who made it.  She adores this thing.  She'll snuggle it by it's neck, hugging it whenever we hand it to her.  She loves this thing.  I'm so glad I found it and bought it for her.