Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving is coming REALLY soon!!!

I thought I owed it to the blog to update it.
I felt kind of bad.

So in recent:
I have discovered a fantastic sugar cookie recipe.
I will not disclose -so don't ask. ;)
I'm still thinking about becoming a baker.

College algebra is kicking my butt.
I can't figure out if it's me or the teacher
but I'm assuming it's me and I'm taking responsibility.
I don't want to have to take it again.

Pottery has been really fun.
I've quite enjoyed the kick wheel.
Bryan may have to buy me one
then help me make a kiln.
This is the last week for wet clay
so on Thursday we finish up our pieces
and then start firing.
It's all very exciting.
I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the money
for the next class.
I've ended up with some really nice pieces.
I can't wait til they are all finished.

Work still sucks. bleh.

We are getting settled into our house.
It's so cute and becoming really lovely and cozy.
The living room and office are finished.
Our bedroom and the dining room are almost finished.
I'm organizing the remaining boxes that are
residing within the spare bedroom.
Pitching, sorting, storing what needs it and or needs to go.

Pete (our dog) drives me crazy.
He still piddles all over whenever he decides he's too tired
or the carpet doesn't smell quite like pee yet.
He's getting better though.
However, two words:
Shock Collar.

Bryan is getting a nice raise that starts with the next paycheck.
And a very nice bonus.
We've pretty much spent it already
-only within our minds, of course.

Grampa is doing well.
His hip is healing and he has moved on from
the walker
and onto the cane.
He hates to be babied.
He's ready for the hard labor to begin.
Such a manly man.

I'm also getting into card making.
It's really cool.
And Ms. Em gave me a little kit
which is really very cool.

There was a bake sale at church on Sunday.
What I really liked were Rachel's.
They looked very scary
but they were quite the opposite.

I'm excited for the holidays.
Mmm... turkey.
Bah -Late Christmas shoppers...

Ah anyway.
I could probably go on,
but this is long enough and I need sleep.
(I've been really bad about remembering to take my medicine
and the affect is sleepyness.)

Have a good night.
Hopefully I'll find more time to do this more often.
God bless