Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy (four days late) Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving was very good.
Yummy pie-
Tasty turkey-
and wonderful family.

It was a long Holiday though.
Thursday until Sunday.
We're happy to be home.
Ah.. Home.
Comfy, sweet comfy bed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The beginning of something great...

So my brother-in-law and his fiancee
asked me to be their florist.
I'm so excited to make them pretty bouquets
to walk down the isle with.
The beautiful arch that they all walk under.

They didn't have a wedding planning book.
So I made them one.
It's so beautiful,
Not because I made it,
it just is.

Then, since they like my pictures,
they've asked me to be their photographer.
For their wedding! pressure...

So today we went out
and I took pictures of them
in the park,
and on the playground,
and frolicking in the green,
green grass.

I think the pictures will turn out well.
I'm really excited for them-
I don't know if I am more than they are...

So I'm developing them tomorrow
because I can't stand it.
I want to see them.

In other news:
Last week my brother-in-law and his fiancee
borrowed our car for an in-town conference.
And Friday night they said it was acting strange
as well as smelling it.

So on Saturday,
after they left,
we got a call and it was them.
The car died as soon as they pulled
into the parking space.

To make a long story short-
The belt shredded itself-
It had to be towed.
It's now going to cost $400

Not to mention that it was
only the immediate stuff that they fixed.

We still need to take it back in
in a month for the tune-up.
That should be another $300.
Hopefully not.

I'm so excited for the pictures!...

Saturday, November 11, 2006


This has been a really cool weekend.
First off my mom and sisters came up to see us.
Although we were happy to see them-
Chloe was happy to see them go.

It was nice and relaxing.
And I'm so glad both my sisters came.
I love them so much.

And wonderful Sarah, bless her heart,
got so bored she did our dishes.
Thanks babe.

But hopefully we didn't pick on Court too much.
We all love you.
You're just so dang cute!

Fyi, Nacho Libre is really funny.

I have a canker sore.
It hurts.
And a big fat zit that won't go away.
That's just good fun information.

After my mom and sisters left-
Bryan took me out for some new clothes.
I needed more pants-
I was kind of lacking in that dept,
Considering I was wearing Bryan's every so often.
It doesn't help that they're so comfy.

So I have three new pairs of pants
and a skirt for next summer that I got on sale-
Or for now if I don't mind freezing my bum off.
I guess I could go buy something for my legs.

I need a scarf.

I also got two new shirts.
They're really pretty.
Bryan likes them-
that's all that matters.

Bryan also took me out on a date.
It was great.
He's my mate.
We had food on a plate...
Ok I'm done with that.

...even if it was really great...

Yay for the best family ever!

Things learned this weekend:
-It is no longer Barbeque but bar-ber-grill.
-Anti-social cats are not to be reckoned with.
-Courtney needs a trampoline.
-As well as hiding the computer and ds from her while here.
-Delivered pizza takes extra long when your really hungry.
-You can have a happy weekend without many pieces of chocolate. Even if it's not as much fun.
-And finally, squeeze your butt when trying to reach high notes while singing.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photography and I have a love/hate relationship

I took four rolls of film before I even developed them.
Thus far three have turned out out overexposed.
So I really only have one usable picture for sure
And maybe three or four more that I can salvage.
It was my fault, not the camera's...
I think.
But I'm pretty sure that the aperture was opened too far.
So far I don't have anything I can really turn into a picture.

Therefore, I redid my first assignment.

I will have to go in to school early tomorrow to get this all done.
These pictures are due on Friday so I'm freaking out a bit.
Just a bit.
Because I have to go out-
Take pictures-
Go to the school-
Develop them myself-
IF they turn out-
I have to figure out the picture maker thingy-
Then make a contact sheet-
And lastly a picture.
So I'm a little nervous to get this done.

Pray my pictures turn out please and thank you.

My pictures turned out!
Well, some at least.
But that's better than nothing.
This way I'll have something to turn in tomorrow.