Monday, January 26, 2009

3 shots, a cold and a 5 hour nap

This morning I woke up feeling miserable. I officially have a cold. All the telling myself that I wasn't sick didn't pay off and I feel like someone sat on my face. I have plugged sinuses, a scratchy throat, stuffy/runny nose and fuzz in my head.
In spite of all that, Amelia had an appointment this morning. She didn't gain much, close to 2 pounds. That's good though cause she's healthy and growing like a weed but I need her as light as possible since I still carry her around. So she's now 15.8 lbs.
I'm trying to recall how much to grew but I think I'll have to edit that in later because I'm sick and in bed and I don't feel like moving. That's my prerogative.
She also got three more shots. Technically four but one was oral, so she didn't mind it so really it doesn't count. The other three she did mind, however. Not good. It didn't help that we had been waiting for 45 minutes and it was nap time.
She took it, cried for a minute or so and still managed to smile at the nurse while I was holding her. She's so sweet and kind. I hope that it's permanent.
We finally got home about noon. I crawled in to bed and slept til 20 til 2 when Bryan came down with a fussy baby. He had a deadline at 2 so he apologized and gave her to me. I fed her, gave her some more tylenol and then we fell asleep until 5. Well, I woke up at 5. Amelia slept a bit longer.. 5:30ish.
I was suppose to give Miesh some drawing lessons today at 4 so I went upstairs to ask Bryan if he heard fro Keith. Since I didn't mean to sleep past 4 I hadn't called Keith to cancel. But he called and Bryan let him know that I was sick.
For the rest of the evening I did manage to bathe Amelia, shower myself, finish the valentines cards for my Grama (another story) and put the babe to bed at a quarter til 8 with minimal fuss. Woot.

I'm just hoping we didn't get the Buchheit's sick. Well, we would have contributed if anything. Mr. Jamie is the sickness instigator. So we'll just blame the sweet faced, green eyed, hunk of a four year old.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This last week at the Forbes'

This last week was somewhat un-exciting... to say the least. Since it was so cold out (windchill hitting lower than -40), Bryan works from home and I had nowhere to go, we stayed in. Nice and in.
Bryan did go and get us some groceries on Friday. We were bare. Old Mother Hubbard bare.
Well, he's cute. I sent him out for a few necessities and he also came home with donuts, soda, crackers, summer sausage... I quickly forgave him, though, because he said he wanted to make dinner. And it was tasty.
Saturday, Bryan's parents came by to hang out for a bit (mostly to see Amelia). That's quite all right. They're good people and we enjoyed sitting and talking with them for a couple of hours.
At 4:50 we were out the door heading out tooshies to the Pitts'. Back in September Rachel, Jacob, Bryan and I went in on their birthday gifts getting them two gift cards. One for dinner and the other for a movie. And yes, we just got to fufill it. We waited for Jacob to be in town to do it and I'm glad we did. He was very entertaining... and good with the kids. That's always good.
We all had a good time. It was fun hanging out with Rach and Jacob, the kids were good and only got one swat to the booty, and we were happy to give Emily and Keith a night out with each other. They enjoyed it (and needed it so much) Bryan and I decided we're going to try to do that for them more often. Give them a night out, that is, but not pay for it each time. I think we'd go broke. However, I'm sure they'd just be happy to get out.
Church was good and fun. Keith preached and had a good message, Andy did well leading worship and it was good to see JoAnna and Emily up there again. Afterwards, we got to sit around for cake and coffee. I passed up on both but enjoyed the company of many of the good ladies.
Amelia was more than ready to go home and to sleep but Jolene managed to get her to take a nap. She wanted to take her home but I think she'd quickly regret that when her own arrives. Two kids under the age of 6 months.. can you imagine?

Speaking of Amelia and her sweet little four month old self: Although I already reported in my headache confusion, she is reaching for her toes now. Well only on her left foot. She hasn't put them in her mouth yet and it seems to be the only thing. Everything has been going into her mouth. She's drooling and chewing a lot. I'm not sure there are teeth coming in quite yet cause I'm not feeling anything. However, I understand that it's fast approaching and I'm very sad. She's just so cute as a gummy baby.
She hasn't quite rolled over yet. She can't seem to manage the top leg over her bottom leg and the arm underneath gets in the way.
She will also squat and stand on her own (if you hold her upright). Bryan is so very proud of his daughter. He'll show anyone who will watch. I, on the other hand, will make her walk towards me. She's been doing this since Christmas. It's crazy how she will actually take steps rather than drag and or not put her feet into a walking motion but a stepping in place motion.
She is super super super. And I love her.
We are down to eating twice a night, which is good. But it's slow going napping in her crib. There's always something where I want her to nap well and it's not in the crib. She did nap 4 out of 7 days last week in her crib. They may have only last 45 minutes to an hour. I'll try more this week.
However, we do have bed time down for the most part. She'll fall asleep with me, I'll put her in our room and if she wakes up, we just soothe her back to sleep. I won't bring her back out. It's a habit I could easily fall into because I want to so I won't let myself do it. And it's ok because with that determination she is going to sleep on her own more and more. And at 8 o'clock! Woot.

Friday, January 16, 2009

She's grabbin' her toes!

Oh yes. It's amazing.
They haven't made their way into her mouth... yet., but I'm sure it's fast approaching.
Miss Amelia is four months today. She's great. And beautiful.
We're working on her sleeping in her crib. It's slow coming but I'm trying.

Anyway, I really don't have much to say. I have a very yucky headache and so I'm not thinking/seeing/hearing very clearly. I may post later but I just wanted to say how my baby girl is now 4 months old.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I AM ... a follower of God, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, an artist.
I WANT ... to be the best of what I'm meant to be.
I HAVE ... an incredible husband.
I KEEP ... reminding myself that I worth it.
I WISH I COULD ... keep my house clean.
I HATE ... when I feel like I don't have enough time in the day.
I FEAR ... losing the people that I hold close.
I HEAR ... my daughter sleeping.
I DON'T THINK ... I'm as beautiful as my husband says I am.
I REGRET ... pushing certain people away.
I LOVE ... that there is more to this life.
I AM NOT ... always as confident as I appear to be.
I DANCE ... to the sound of my own music.
I BELIEVE ... in the consumption of sweets with no result of weight gain.
I NEVER ... say never.
I RARELY ... get out anymore.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... a mom meeting her child for the first time.
I AM NOT ALWAYS ... loving.
I HATE THAT ... I can't constantly cuddle with my daughter.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... when to put my baby in her crib.
I NEED ... to exercise for energy and health.
I SHOULD ... learn self-control with my spending.
I WANT ... to hang out with friends more often.
I THINK ... I need to spend more time with my husband.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

My daughter likes MacGuyver

Oh, yes. It's true.
At almost a week before she turns four months she sits and watches, yes watches, MacGuyver with her dad and me. Who knew that she'd be a fan of something that's as old as I am?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 Resolutions

Before I post my 2009 resolutions, here are my resolutions from 2008.. let's see if I stuck with any of them.

So, because we did the Makers Diet

and stuck with it we lost a lot of weight.
However over the holidays we gained a small amount back.
Just like 3 pounds each but it feels like 20!
So starting tomorrow I am going back to phase one for a week.
It's a rough phase and will make for a rough week
but I will do it.
I feel so much better on it
and I realize how much worse I feel eating all the food
that everyone else is eating.
1. Back on the Makers Diet and stick to it the entire year.
I didn't get back onto the Maker's Diet. I tried but with the pregnancy the food started to make my stomach turn so I ate whatever I could that Amelia would let me. So, rather than losing the 3 pounds I gained, oh boy did I gain. But it was for a good reason ;)

I feel like I keep saying "one more semester left to go!"
with three more after that.
But this is it.
2. Graduate college Spring of 2008.
I did it. I graduated. I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper that says I'm smart. An Associates in Arts.

Both Bryan and I have a really bad habit of procrastination
and yet I would love for my house to be completely clean and organized.
3. Get the house clean, organized and rid of anything we don't need, use or just can't let go of.
We did a little... Considering we moved, things did get somewhat organized and I did get rid of 4+ boxes of things giving them to Goodwill. I still have some more to do since this house is a little smaller but I'll get there... someday.

Something we keep saying is that we want to travel.
I would like for this year to be it.
4. Take a trip to Germany, Egypt, Rome, Alaska or New Zealand.
We did travel.. to either side of Iowa. Oh, and once to Chicago. See? We did...

I've been, or at least I feel I've been, putting off my art.
Everything seems to come first.
God, Bryan, Family and Friends should,
but my art is getting shoved in there.
5. Finish pieces I've been putting off and create pieces to sell for others.
Ok, so some pieces got finished, others didn't BUT whatever I did start this last year did get finished.

I really want to read and study the Bible intently.
Not just read and ponder on it.
But understand why it was written,
who for,
why it says what it says,
the deeper meanings within it.
Fully comprehending
(to the best of my human capability),
the Word that is given to us.
6. Dive into the Word.
I didn't do at all well at this as I would have hoped. But I did listen to many podcasts by Rob Bell which are alway humorous, chalk full of information and very interesting. If you have the chance to listen to some, I highly recommend it.

And last but certainly not least,
save our money.
Someday we want a house.
We want to build a house,
a home,
of our own.
Plus I'm so bad about deals,
bargains and the like.
I need to not nickel and dime.
7. Save money and no nickel and dimeing it.

We weren't able to save our money because of the many hospital bills that keep coming in because someone who was in the delivery room watched the levels bleep on the doohickey and would like $300 for it ;) BUT we did get our house. What you don't know is that #8 would have been to have a baby but I didn't want to get my hopes up about it just to be sad if it didn't happen. But wahat I didn't know is that while contemplating to put that on my very visible list, I was a few weeks along with our very loved bundle of joy.
I may not have done everything on my list as I would have liked but I am blessed. So very blessed. With a great God, amazing husband, sweet baby, beautiful family, and fantastic friends.

Stay tuned for resolutions for 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

She's sick

Amelia caught Bryan's cold :(
She has snot bubbles coming out of her nose, she's coughing on her boogers going down her throat and her eyes are red. Thankfully though, she doesn't feel warm AND she's over three months old. So we're keeping up on her tylenol and well rested.
And now she squats as she poops.
She has discovered her hands. She'll reach out her arm, stare at her fist and then place it into her mouth. She's also discovered her fingers. She can now place her two first fingers in her mouth and sufficiently suck on them as replacement for her pacifier.
We are working on her rolling over. Yesterday, I placed her on her Star Bright mat and she actually enjoyed it. She could reach up and play with some of the dangling things. And while she was lying there we worked on rolling over. I showed her how to roll onto her side and then she would do tummy time.
We're also working on going to bed on her own. Last night was a little tough but tonight's looking promising. I think it's also working because she's not feeling very well.

In other news:
Today, it took us 3 circles around the block, 6 tries up the road after reversing down, sideways shuffle back down the road, and after 25ish minutes, a swirly attempt into our driveway. It was madness, frightening, and funny. Thank you CR for properly deicing our streets.
So, therefore, Courtney didn't make it home today. And I'm very glad we didn't attempt it cause it sounds like a lot of people went into a ditch or got into a car accident. Truthfully, I wouldn't have gone to church if I hadn't already left the driveway, couldn't get back up our street and almost didn't make it to the main road. I nearly walked back up the street to our house.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Recap of 2008

Found out we were pregnant :)

Saw our baby "panda" for the first time on ultrasound
Celebrated the anniversary of our engagement on the actual day - the 29th

Got food poisoning for the first (and, hopefully, the last time)but
Ended my fight with nausea :)
Pete got neutered
Pulled out the remainder of my umbilical cord
Found a realtor

Got my first bike in 17 years
Felt our baby "panda" kick for the first time
Got to see one of the final shows of Rent

Found a house that we fell in love with and decided to buy
Saved on gas with a few tricks
Woke up early to a car horn.. twice
Found out we were having a girl
Bryan felt our baby girl kick for the first time
Graduated college

Went to Chicago with the family
Returned to a major flooding
Became home owners

Evaded another Fourth of July
Had a beautiful baby shower thrown for me
Felt our baby girl hiccup for the first time

Celebrated our 4th anniversary
Had a babymoon
Bryan's brother got married
Was VERY pregnant

Turned 24
Went into labor
Found out how amazing an epidural really is
Had a major surgery for the first time in my life but
Was blessed with a beautiful baby girl -- Amelia Sue

Had Amelia's first Halloween and
Dressed her as a Pumpkin
My bike got stolen :(

Had a scrapnight with the girls and ended up leaving with loot instead
Amelia's first Thanksgiving

Lost a good man but
Went to a beautiful celebration of His life
Amelia's first Christmas
Brought in the New Year with my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter and some fantastic friends.

Christmas of 2008

Christmas was great.
This year was the year of the Forbes so we headed over there Christmas morning. Everyone got wonderful thoughtful gifts including a Cuddlebug for myself, a gaming chair for Bryan and some new toys for Miss Amelia.
I made a scrapbook of Bryan's first year and got to give that to his mama. She cried many happy tears. I always chalk that up to a great gift. It doesn't matter how much you spent on it- money or time, but how happy it makes them. Even his dad teared up a bit. I was a little sad to part with it because Bryan was such a cute baby and I enjoyed looking at his pictures but I am so glad that his mom enjoyed it, so all is well in my book.
Really, the overall day was wonderful. Everyone hung out in the tv room.. all day. It was wonderful. We watched movies, put the anual Christmas puzzle together and talked. It was great that everyone was there and we managed to stay in the same room rather than wandering off to our own little corners.
Amelia even had a good day. I made her take a good nap after two quicker ones and also slept in relatives arms for a time. We have some very cute pictures of her in the Santa hat that I believe has become a new tradition as well as new pj's every year. Maybe I'll actually be able to manage some pictures...

Friday we headed down to my side of the family. We weren't planning on it but we opened gifts that night. Bryan and I walked away with a new bed spread that was cross-stitched by my great grandma and quilted together by my grama.
Saturday we played games. All day. Literally. We had such a good time hanging out. There was also a bad ice/snow storm so we really didn't have anything else to do or anywhere else to go.
Sunday, there were two other babies at church. One being a mere week old. He was so tiny and his fingers were so long. Cute, cute.
Monday, we headed home.. with Courtney. She is helping me out. I really want to get things done and organized but need help with some things including watching Amelia. We are almost finished painting Amelia's room. Bryan is finishing up the ceiling trim then I will pain 4' tulips on the walls. It looks sweet already.
Now it's time to take down the tree and put away all the Christmas stuff. I can no longer handle the clutter. In fact, along with the Christmas stuff I will be decluttering miscellanious items as I go. I think this means that I need to buy more totes...