Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who knew potatoes could become liquid...?

Ok so we're not lazy but we are forgetful.
Bryan went to take the trash out because it needed to be done. He remembered that we had a bag of old potatoes that were in desperate need of being pitched and went to go get them. When he opened the cupboard it smelled like the old potatoes then more so as he pulled them out.
As he was recovering from the odor only I noticed the brown liquid dripping from the bag. He noticed my yelling and quickly tried to stop it with his hand. That turned out to be a terrible mistake because then his hand reeked of the potato liquid.
We finally made it into the garbage bag and while he took it to the dumpster I had to mop it up. I thought a small price to pay for him doing all the dirty work. So as I continued to cook hamburger for the chili he graciously mopped up the liquid in the cupboard with paper towels and sprayed a few cleaners on the once pool of brown goo to get rid of the smell.
Truthfully the smell isn't completely gone but needless to say we probably won't be buying potatoes by the bag again.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How Bizzare...

I heard this story last night from a capoeira buddy while waiting for our Thai food.

After the train left North Quincy, while crossing the Neponset River around 7:20 a.m., passengers reported hearing a muffled groan. [Joyce] Judge, dressed in a pink velour top and matching skirt, stood in the middle of the fourth car. Suddenly, her water broke.

“At first I thought someone spilled coffee, but it kept dripping,” said Chin, 32. “But she stood staring out the window . . . I started doubting what I saw.”

About 90 seconds later, Chin said, “I saw a head, then full baby fall out from her skirt, hit the floor sideways and slide the length of the doorway, stopping when he bumped up against the next row of seats. Still she stared out the window. Either she didn’t know it happened or didn’t want to acknowledge it.”

Judge bent down, picked up the baby and wrapped it in her scarf, Chin said.

As passengers slowly realized what had happened, witnesses said, the train rallied around the new mother.

People offered sweaters and implored her to sit or lie down. Still, Judge refused.

“I’m fine,” she repeated throughout the trip. “I’m fine.”

With the JFK-UMass stop still three minutes away, passengers, some of whom vomited in the wake of the bloody birth, inundated State Police with cell phone calls.

Dispatchers told passengers to ask Judge if she had passed the placenta. Passengers yelled back that she had not.

Dispatchers asked if the baby was breathing. Others yelled back that they weren’t sure.

At one point, Judge took some nearby newspapers and placed them on the floor to soak up the blood. Some witnesses heard Judge apologize for the mess.

After leaving the train and heading for the stairs up to the station’s main lobby, witnesses said, the placenta fell to the platform. Judge turned around, grabbed the afterbirth, put it in her shoulder bag, and headed upstairs.

“She just literally picked it up with her hand and put it in some kind of bag she was carrying, and this was in mid-stride . . . It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Robert Busby, of Weymouth.

If you want the link this is what I found.
I didn't know if this story was well shared but I had to whether or not.
It's just so... bizzare.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A not so celebrated fourth

So three years running now Bryan and I have one way or another missed a fireworks show for the fourth of July. It's not on purpose but seems to be a standing tradition each year. This year we thought we were going to watch a show with the in-laws but supper came and left and so did ten o'clock with the display. We did, however, catch the tail end as we drove home ready for bed. What lazy slackers we are.

In other news: Capoeira is kicking my butt. Or at least my feet. With old blisters broken open and new ones forming it seems the skin on my feet is keeping up. Having discovered athletic tape has worked it's magical charm, keeping my feet from becoming all the more painful as well as developing new blisters and sores. Seeing the more experienced feet has made me feel nervous about wrecking their prettiness.
My elbows have been wreaking havoc as well. For some reason or another they became very painful whenever I went to do a handstand or an au. I toughed it out on Monday but when Tuesday came I almost cried from attempting a handstand that looked nothing like one when I didn't even get my feet off of the ground.
Come Wednesday it was "hands-off" for me. Anything that required putting weight on my elbows made me want to cry out. I felt like such a wuss so I did everything else that I could so I wouldn't look like a quitter. The last thing I want is to look like a baby.
So rest and a little TLC should get me back out there like a champ. -Hopefully.

Oh, and Bryan had a good birthday. He says thanks to you, Alice, for wishing him one.