Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's really been a while...

I finished class. I'm now done until fall. Summer finally began at 2:00pm that day. I got an A- in the class and an A in my human bio.
School starts back up again Aug.21. This is my final semester. I'm very excited.

We went down to Grama and Grampa's.
After having left at 7:30pm, due to unfortunate work reasons, we didn't arrive at our destination until midnight. We were both really tired and ready for be, however, the car refuses to drive itself. Stubborn thing.
We had a really fun weekend. Played yahtzee, hung out with everyone. It was a good time.
Grampa is having surgery again at the end of August. Keep him in your prayers. Grama is retiring on the 17. She's really excited.

JoAnna and I have been working on our parts for VBS.
Note* There are many other people working very hard on their own part as well.
Almost everyday JoAnna and I have been at the church painting banners for the walls. It's a space theme and so there is a lot of black and silver. It's good fun but a lot of time.
JoAnna is the director, the main woman in charge, so she has a lot of stuff to do to get ready for this coming Monday. Because of all of that, I'm very grateful that I'm not the only one painting.
I'm in charge of the crafts. I'm very excited. I've been collecting all of the material for each activity and putting a prototype together. It's some good fun.
For the week, I get to be a gooby scientist. I'm deciding between crazy, absent-minded, "blind", or whatever else I can think of before VBS week starts.

Week four.
Yesterday was the start of the fourth week. The second week of the second phase of the Makers Diet.
I know I probably mentioned it before but I had exercised for eight weeks without any results before we did this. And because of the thyroid condition plus my anxiety medicine, I can't loose weight. However, in the first 10 days of the Makers Diet I had lost 10 pounds. I am gradually losing a little bit more each day.
Not only have both Bryan and I lost 10+ pounds each, we both feel so much better, more refreshed and more awake. I have also had a lot of redness in my face for the past 10 years that I couldn't get rid of. But since we started this it has faded. This makes me very happy so I don't have to wear make-up.
It's very lovely.

In other news:
Bryan and I are looking for another place to reside within. We need more room, and a dining room, or even a large kitchen with room for a table, would be nice. We would also like to have three bedrooms. This way we can have company and their only option wouldn't have to be the couch.

We still can't find our not cheap camera. Pray that we will.