Monday, February 27, 2006

Leap Day anniversary

Tomorrow is Bryan and my anniversary of our engagement. Well technically it's not because he proposed on leap day. Now really people don't always celebrate it which is fine cause I wouldn't think to and the only reason I do is because last year Bryan bought me this gorgeous easel. Truthfully he didn't really do anything for Valentines day but flowers so he made up for it. I know I probably shouldn't hope for anything but it's kind of hard to after first thee most romantic proposal in 04 and an amazing easel in 05.
So what's in store for September? I don't know. Really I don't know if at all but he sure does have a lot to top.

Poor guy.

I promise he won't be in trouble if there isn't anything. Cause I know he still loves me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

another day but at least it's friday

I'm so glad it's friday. Praise Jesus, I need the weekend. I also need to paint our apartment. A smoker was in here pre-us and the walls are darker than they should be. But painting is prohibited. So we have to convince our landlord that we only want to paint it white and nothing more. White is way better than smokers yellowish cream. Especially when we're not smokers. Oh, it's thick too. I think we just notice it more. I had changed the plate on a light switch and the paint underneath was way lighter than it is now. The maintenance man was suppose to plaster and paint before we moved in, as with every available apartment.
I'm actually just tired of our living room look. I don't like clutter and that's exactly what has happened.

Watching the baby I nanny has it's good days like today. It reminds me that I do like babies, children in general. But then there are days like yesterday that keep me in check and remind me why I don't want kids yet. For the life of me I couldn't get him to stop crying. I think he was just tired so I put him down on the couch and let him scream for a few minutes. I figured he'd tire himself out and fall asleep. Which is what happened only after I held him. A nice long 3.5 hour nap.
I think I'm becoming unsociable from hanging out with a toothless, speachless, bald and needy 3 month old. I'm thinking I should maybe get another part-time job just so I don't start only hanging out with people that haven't learned to speak or can't hold their head on their own yet.


There's so much more going on, but it's too much and I'm too tired.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

boring happenings

What a crazy, lazy weekend. I think the most Bryan and I got done was cleaning our apartment. It really needed it plus we had company over tonight. Well I guess that's not the most cause I did make some awesome homemade potato soup and strawberry pie. Talking to my mom she asked if I was becoming Suzie Homemaker. I don't think I am, I just like good homemade cookin'. Plus it's way healthier when you make it from scratch rather than buy premade stuff to throw in the oven... even if it does take way longer in front of the oven. And granted not everyone has the will nor time to do that but it is good even if just every so often. Truthfully I don't have the time all the time either.
This morning I was ready to go back to our nice warm comfy bed after only a half an hour of leaving it. And yesterday I fell asleep during the day. Bryan slept for 12 hours on Saturday but he certainly needed it. The weekends are catch-up-on-sleep days.
Valentines Day was good. I didn't get flowers but I did get two cards. Yes, two. I like receiving cards but Bryan isn't good at giving them. Blame it on his anti-card giving family. And I started to tear up because it I thought it was so sweet of him.
It's also been freezing here. The last couple of days it has been 0° with a windchill of 25° below. I know it's reached minus 30° in the night. Frost has been covering the edges of our windows which isn't unusual but it doesn't help trying to keep it warm. And not every man would stand out in that kind of cold scraping the window for you while your inside the car warming.