Friday, December 17, 2010

I think I just lost two days...

Christmas is 6 days away. For real, I know. Crazy.
I am thankful that I had all but one gift bought. This last gift has been a doozy getting, though I must say. I didn't know what to get this one person. Said person gave me an idea but it wasn't soon enough to get said persons gift here on time. They may not have a gift on Christmas morning. Aaah! I feel bad. And then to top it off, cause not having it on Christmas isn't bad enough, I accidentally hit standard shipping instead of overnight. So they probably wouldn't get it until the New Year. Ack. Insane.
So, now after an hour on hold waiting for Customer Service, I think I may have the first half of this problem figured out. (I'm still on hold to do the second half of my figuring out while I write this. Shouldn't let this time go to waste!) They still may not having it for Christmas but they may have it the day or two after. That would be nice. Goodness. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to order something.
I'm just that awesome.

So much is going on.. This month has just been crazy. I really can't remember much of it. Trust me, I'm trying, but it's such a blur. I think it always is because of the holidays and two birthdays thrown into two months.

So here's what I have to look forward to, how 'bout that?

Sunday is Mrs. Kringle's Bakery. I'm frosting and baking cookies to help with the sale. There are always such yummy treats there. Our church members are rock stars in the kitchen.
And then we are practicing for the Christmas Eve service. Bryan and I are singing in it. I'm excited albeit a little nervous since we haven't practiced it much and neither of us know it very well.
Sunday evening we are celebrating our "Family" Christmas with the Pitts! Now having done this for a couple years and working out the kinks (especially in the food department) we have decided to order Chinese food. This way no one has to cook and we can all just relax and enjoy.

Bryan only has to work through until Wednesday then he's off til the end of the year. We'll have our little family's Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. I'm excited to set up A's playhouse and for her to see it. I feel kind of bad because she only gets to open one gift and her stocking. The rest can't be wrapped because it would just be silly. But I hope she enjoys them still!
Then later that day we'll head over to church for the Christmas Eve service and then to Bryan's parents to spend Christmas. We'll stay through til Saturday night but then have to head home because Bryan is on Worship that morning. We'd love to stay longer but it's just too much to try to squeeze everything in.

To spend Christmas with my family, we haven't decided if we'll leave Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday night there's a concert in DM of one of Bryan's favorite bands. They're on their final tour before they break up.
If he decides not to go then we'll leave Thursday evening and wait for my baby sister to drive behind us. She can't leave until she finishes work that day.
(still on hold)
Then we'll stay through til the end of the year.
(Yay! It's been taken care of!)

So if I don't get on here again before then, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a brand new and beautiful New Year!