Monday, March 21, 2011

As a numbed-up chipmunk

This past week I could feel my wisdom tooth coming back up (again) and it grew more painful with each day. We don't have insurance but a discount plan so I was putting off getting my wisdom tooth taken out as long as possible. However, come Friday I was hurting pretty badly and couldn't take it any longer.
About this time last year, my top left wisdom tooth was doing the same thing. I had to go into a dentist that I didn't know but that our discount plan approved of and have them extract it. I was grateful for my friend, Lisa, who worked there at the time but still he wasn't very nice and I didn't want to return to him, so I put it off.
Saturday we tried finding a dentist off the list that would be open. There was one out of the 16. We went in and then found out they weren't sure if they even accepted our plan. They said we could go ahead and be reimbursed if they did accept it ...OR... pay out the nose if they don't. We decided to wait.
Come Sunday morning I could feel serious pain in my cheek. For neither tooth was it the tooth that hurt but the pain it caused my cheek. Ugh.
Well, someone in church recommended whiskey. Whiskey! A couple others confirmed it. Off I went to the grocery store to purchase this terribly awful gross stuff. I was desperate. I just got a shot and was explaining to the manager what it was for. He didn't believe me. I told him that if it worked I would let him know the next time I saw him.
Now, if you know me, you know that I do not drink. I think alcohol is gross, disgusting and not remotely worth the time. But, the JD worked. Believe it or not. I just swished and spit. Yup, spit it right back out. All that I needed was the alcohol on my cheek and gums and then I was finished with it. But it was oh so gross.
Sunday night we had a youth group event. I opted out because of the pain but said Bryan could go if he found someone to watch A for us. He did, they left, I stayed home with movies, 4 advil every four hours, extra strength ambesol, a pack of ice, and the Jack Daniels. I still hurt but not nearly as bad as I would have if I had been without those things.
This morning my wonderful hubby called into a new dentist that was recommended to us by a good friend and they got us in right away. They were so nice and accommodating. The first dentist numbed me up so I wouldn't be in pain waiting for the next dentist who specialized in tooth extraction. I did have to wait an hour or so but that isn't bad considering they got me in that day with other people to see as well. I was happy to wait.
He did talk with me about my front tooth. He x-rayed it and found that it was a dead tooth and was very surprised it wasn't hurting me. I've had it for 17 years and it hasn't once bothered me. We talked about a root canal and replacing the filling to make it look better. I've wanted to replace it for ever now and was so happy to hear how little it would cost. A root canal is not as cheap but I'm doing a consult in a couple weeks so we'll see. No idea how we'll pay for it all but God will provide!
The second dentist was just as nice and got me in and out quickly but not rushed. She had said to me, "You've nearly gnawed your way through your cheek, darlin'!" No wonder I was in so much pain!
What's funny is how much pain I was in before hand and not at all now. You would think I'd be in pain from having the tooth removed and the novacain having worn off, but nope. I'm happy as a clam.
So now that my monday has felt like a Saturday, I can now begin my week. Yay. Lots of cleaning ahead of me since my momma and baby sis are coming this weekend. Excitement that you can now read on my face since my numbed-up chipmunk look has worn off.

Friday, March 18, 2011

When I have too many things to posts as status updates...

...then I know it's time to blog.

-I love busy days when I'm running around like crazy. It's fun. I enjoy it. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

-Got to chat with my momma today. I love her.

-I didn't get to hang out with Alyssa and baby Vera today but when I stopped at the Dr's to get a prescription there they were! But instead of saying hi to the parents, I just attacked the baby. And when I say attacked, I mean smothered with my aunt awesomeness. And when I say smothered I mean I talked to her through the car seat cover.

-On my way back into town I saw a dog on the road. She seemed really scared and was getting too close to the cars. So I stopped and backed up to help her. The owners found her and stopped too. I got ready to leave but they couldn't seem to convince her so I came to the rescue. Who did she come to? Me :) They were grateful towards me but annoyed by her. Made me want to take her home myself.

-Stopped at HV to pick up bread. Saw Linda walking in so I cat-called her. Then when inside and chatted with her for an hour. I like that lady.

-Chatted with the girl in the floral center. Remembered her from a couple months ago and that she was engaged. I asked if she was married yet and found that they broke it off. She's 7 months pregnant and he cheated on her. I told her she was better off and the right guy was worth waiting for. She was touched that I had remembered her.

-Tonight I get to watch two of my d-group girls perform in the musical Bye-Bye Birdie. I got them flowers cause I'm so darn proud :)

-My mouth hurts because I need my wisdom teeth out. They're revolting against me. It's not nice.

-We rented Despicable Me. I had to keep it for three days because A liked it so much. Good thing it's a darling movie because we watched it nearly 100 times. I think we'll need to buy it.

All for now...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March thus far

(I'm typing from the iPad! First time I've gotten it to work for my blog. It's a Christmas miracle!)
So much is going on already, but first, it's getting closer to spring! I don't like daylight savings Spring Forward because it throws me off so bad. However, I sure do like the more sunlight!
On the third, my bro-in-law and his wife had their baby, Miss Vera Lynn! And that makes me an aunt for the very first time!
Two Saturday's ago I got to go on a date with my bff (Emily, that's you!). We went and saw a double feature at the cheap theater. But the first movie, Black Swan, was sooo bad we walked out and went to Kohl's instead. Then we went and saw the Fighter. Pretty good but how much they used the F-word was horrible. I started to count but gave up after 10 in the first 2 minutes. Oh well, I love hanging out with that girl so it was a good evening out.
This last weekend we went down to my grandparents for a visit. It was a good weekend. My mom even made me pose for a photoshoot.
We're getting the change of the bedrooms finished. Having the office on the first floor makes life so much easier. I still panic a bit when it comes to A being upstairs with the steep stairs that we have. I suppose as her mom I probably won't ever stop worrying about something.
Anyway, I have been taking photos of the transformations so maybe this'll be the time that I actually remember to post them. We'll see ;)
Yesterday A and I got out of the house. went to the bank, then the pharmacy, lost my keys, found them in my purse, was reminded that I'm severly absent minded, went to the grocery store, ran into another awesome friend (Sheila, that's you!!), home and took a nap, went for a walk around the block three times with A, and even ate out on the porch. Pretty good day.
Well, since it's almost 10 I better get to gettin'. And now that this has worked I'll be able to blog more often. Hopefully it'll work again.
Have an awesome Tuesday!

P.S. Yesterday was so nice that I got to sit on the porch glider for the first time this year. Another reminder of why I'm thankful for awesome friends! (Cynthia, that's you!!)