Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Yesterday

I just wanted to say Happy happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandma who is now 62 yesterday.
62 years young
Love you Grandma, who probably won't read this but we love you anyway.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

the dream of a dreamer

I have found a job. Well I should say that it has more so found me. It's funny how things always work out. Especially when you think there is no way and you're at the end of the rope. God will provide more than you could have hoped for.
A couple friends of our just had a baby and the mom, Erin, had two weeks left before she had to go back to work part-time. They started looking for a nanny and one day, just out of the blue, she made an off hand remark about me watching him. As soon as Bryan came home he told me that and I called them that night. A week ago last Thursday I went over to hang out for the day and all went well. So this last Thursday I started and everything was good. We now have enough money to get by and still have a little extra to start building our savings back up.
I'm also getting paid to do some drawings. It's interesting to do something specific that someone asks of you... and get paid for it. We'll be having a silent auction for the drawings I did during church so hopefully that will get more view (and clients) of what I can do.
This is my dream:
to get my art out there, creating pieces for people one after another after another.
Someday my art is going to fill a room in a gallery and people will walk around stopping at each one they pass, even going back to some to ponder it a little more.
I want my art to move people.
Moving them in a way that makes them tear up at the sense of peace it brings them or simply leave them speechless.
I hope to bring them hope, dreams of their own.
I know that this is not only my dream but what I have been created to do.
This is not a dream that will one day happen but a dream that is happening today.
A dream that has been in progress since I was first able to pick up a drawing utensil.
A dream that started before my conception.
And a dream that will continue to inspire myself and, my hope, others.

Monday, January 09, 2006

another day, another dollar...less.

Friday I had that interview and it went fine but I soon got that phone call that everyone hates. No, not the one where they hire someone else but the one. You know, the one where they tell you that they have decided not to fill the position at this point in time...
Well then why in the world did we bother to come in, get drilled with a billion questions, wait in anticipation just to have you tell us that you're not going to fill it?
The reason they gave me is that the place to train people on the computer isn't training right now. Well, then they needed to specify that.
good grief.
So I'm still in search of a job.
Right now anything'll do, even a part-time job.
Shoot, I'll scrub floors if I have to.
Just something to bring in money so we aren't hurting so bad. We have completely depleted our savings except a few cents, down to nothing in our checking and Bryan doesn't get paid til next Monday. To make matters worse his boss still isn't paying overtime even though everything is back up to par. I don't think he gets that it's killing us. Bryan works his butt off and it feels like he doesn't recognized for his efforts. It frustrates me to the point that I'm ready to go in there myself and ask for his time and a half back.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Looking Mean and Stone Faced 101

I had a job interview this morning and I am convinced that Interviewers are highly trained to make themselves look very insensitive, uncaring, and mean. I'm certain there is a class on this.
Surely they can't be so unkind after the "In or Out" phone call... Or are they?
Well, either way, I am hoping for this job. At $13.65 and hour I could deal with just about anything. Because in Iowa that's a lot for not yet having a degree. Plus we need this job very much.

We also have a new car to replace the loss of our truck. It's quite nice. An '05 and never been owned. Lot's of gadgets and gizmos.
As for the truck I watched them tow it away on Wednesday morning at 9:00. It was a sad experience. But at least it provided safe rides and many memories.