Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So... it's been a while.

I can't believe it's a new year.
A whole new year.
I'm excited to see what this year will hold.

Because it's leap year,
Bryan and I will celebrate our first anniversary of our engagement.
We've been celebrating it anyway,
(we do this rather than Valentines Day),
but it's the first time on the actual day.
February 29.

Come August is our 4 year.
That's pretty cool.
It still seems like we're newlyweds.

I do have a couple of resolutions.
I try not to do stupid ones that I'll never stick with
but ones that need to happen.
So, because we did the Makers Diet
and stuck with it we lost a lot of weight.
However over the holidays we gained a small amount back.
Just like 3 pounds each but it feels like 20!
So starting tomorrow I am going back to phase one for a week.
It's a rough phase and will make for a rough week
but I will do it.
I feel so much better on it
and I realize how much worse I feel eating all the food
that everyone else is eating.
1. Back on the Makers Diet and stick to it the entire year.

I feel like I keep saying "one more semester left to go!"
with three more after that.
But this is it.
2. Graduate college Spring of 2008.

Both Bryan and I have a really bad habit of procrastination
and yet I would love for my house to be completely clean and organized.
3. Get the house clean, organized and rid of anything we don't need, use or just can't let go of.

Something we keep saying is that we want to travel.
I would like for this year to be it.
4. Take a trip to Germany, Egypt, Rome, Alaska or New Zealand.

I've been, or at least I feel I've been, putting off my art.
Everything seems to come first.
God, Bryan, Family and Friends should,
but my art is getting shoved in there.
5. Finish pieces I've been putting off and create pieces to sell for others.

I really want to read and study the Bible intently.
Not just read and ponder on it.
But understand why it was written,
who for,
why it says what it says,
the deeper meanings within it.
Fully comprehending
(to the best of my human capability),
the Word that is given to us.
6. Dive into the Word.

And last but certainly not least,
save our money.
Someday we want a house.
We want to build a house,
a home,
of our own.
Plus I'm so bad about deals,
bargains and the like.
I need to not nickel and dime.
7. Save money and no nickel and dimeing it.

So there's my list.
It will happen.
It's a conceivable list.
By the way,
Christmas was wonderful.
Bryan and I made out like bandits,
(as well as everyone else around us.)
But truly with gifts, I love giving rather than receiving.
It is fun.

This year,
my incredible Grama,
had the idea of going around the circle
and saying something that you love about the person on your left.
I was the first to cry when my Aunt Kimmy started talking about me.
Then I continued as I spoke about my sister Sarah
and then even more when you spoke about Bryan.
Everyone's words to each other were beautiful.
A moment and memory that will happily haunt my mind.
I say happily haunt because it makes me tear up when I think about it.

Anyway, I am blessed.
Blessed with the family I was born into,
blessed with the family I married into,
and blessed with the man who is my family.

What a wonderful way to end one year and begin another.
I hope everyone can honestly say the same