Friday, May 30, 2008


We had the
End of the Year Youth Group Party
to go to.
Bryan spent most of the day preparing the equipment. I got so tired of hearing pete whine and bark that I asked Bryan if I could go wit him -even though I would ultimately be bored. And I was. But it was better than listening to pete. At five we picked up two youth kids and headed over to Ray's.
They all got the equipment set up and I watched as Brit jumped into the lake. As he swam around the mucky goo I sat with Emily and chatted about her work. I also got some really cute pictures of her and Meg-Chlo.
The party got started. We had some burgers, hotdogs, chips and sweets. Some of the kids went down to the lake. Some swam and some got in the boats and paddled around.
I got to give all the w;nk kids the bracelets I made for them. Only two thanked me for them which made me kind of sad for the rest of those kids. But those two thank you's were the sweetest. They made it worth the while.
Then the youth gathered around the fire pit and Keith passed around plaques for all the guys that went on Survivor Man. Then he had a youth pass around flower pots for the sponsors that were filled with candy and a thank you signed by all the youth. I thought that was really thoughtful and appreciative of all the sponsors that put in so much time just for that satisfaction of being with and helping the youth.
Afterwards Bryan and the band played their second to last concert. They did really well. I'm so proud of them.
When it was time to go everyone helped pick up Ray's place so we didn't leave a trace of ourselves for Ray to find.
Before we even left the premises Bruce decided to lick my cheek. I moved to say something to him and his licked finger went into my eyeball! I could feel my eyelid flip. It was quite painful.
All in all, it was a good party.

It was cold and rainy and made for a yucky day to do nothing. I really hate those kind of days.

I went grocery shopping and it's nice and warm. I will work on getting the office packed up -at least as much as I can without hindering Bryan working.

I have a pottery class to help out at. It will probably be the last time I get to.
Then we have ShawnFest in the afternoon. It will be the last show of Asaph's Apprentice. They might do one more for the final ShawnFest next year just to finish off a nice four years it's been running. It's kind of sad that it's coming to a close but it's been a good run. And now Bryan and I are having a baby and Bruce is going off to college. The drummer, Noel, is in another band that are actually trying to go somewhere with it. So all in all, they're all growing up and moving on.

I get to go out with Rachel and Emily to coldstone. Such a yummy ice cream place :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This week at the Forbes:

Practice went well and quick. But afterwards, Bryan and I didn't want to go home quite yet so we called up Emily and asked if we could come over. She was a little taken back but welcomed us on over.
We were afraid that it would be a cranky/grumpy/tired night but we still love them and wanted to hang out. So much to our surprise everyone was in a wonderful mood and we enjoyed an hour and some with them and then headed off so they could hit the hay.

....I really don't remember....
I think I might have cleaned and packed some more...

I thought I had a pottery class but after I had gotten there and it was empty I figured out pretty quick that it wasn't happening because of memorial weekend.. this is my duh moment.
So I headed on home and Bryan and I hung out until 4 where we went over to Bryan's parents house for dinner and then Bruce's graduation ceremony. Because of a couple of things I ended up crying. But at least I had gotten to vent to my mom and then to Bryan.
I had a hard time sitting through the ceremony because the chairs were hurting my back and I was just really uncomfortable. But it wasn't too long which was nice.
Before heading home we had to stop at the in-law's to get Pete.. we almost forgot his kennel which would have made for a long night but luckily Bryan remembered.

Bryan and I were on worship team so Bryan was there early -7am. I came later on at 8 and was obviously a few minutes late because they had already started. However, I had a good excuse because Pete decided he needed to go outside right as I was getting ready to head out the door. I made sure he was out and back in very quickly.
After practice we went over to Pancakes at the Pitts. It was very tasty. A good amount of people had shown up and we sat around and discussed a few verses in the Book of James. Chloe happily kept plopping herself into Bryan's lap. I think we have officially been accepted.
Church went well. Although I did have a hard time paying attention. It was just because I was tired so nothing against Mike.
Bryan and I had talked about going camping that night since having Monday off but since it was going to thunder storm we thought better of it.
So instead Bryan suggested going over to the Pitts for the 4th time since Tuesday. I just didn't want those good folks to tire of us too quickly so I told Bryan to tell Emily not to feel obligated to have us over but she was quick to have us.
So I took a nap and then at 4:30 we headed over. Bryan picked up steaks and potatoes and bomb pops. At 5:30 Keith was home and we all went outside while he grilled. Dinner was AWESOME.. it has to be my favorite meal. Chloe was a gem and happily ran between Bryan and I.
Soon the kids went to bed and us adults enjoyed hot fresh cookies with ice cream... mmm. Then we headed down stairs for a viewing of AVP (the second one) and it sucked. But it was still fun hanging out with them -well- Keith cause Emily didn't want to watch it and went upstairs (sorry Em -we'll watch something else another time).
We finally headed home at 11 which was just in time because a tornado siren went off. So we had to stay up until 11:30 when it went off.. and by "we" I mean me cause Bryan fell asleep in the chair.

We didn't do a dang thing. I was kind of frustrated that we had this whole day and didn't do anything. But at 3 we went to Petsmart and Michaels. Pete had chewed and/or broke a few of his things -car harness, tie-out- and we had to get a strap of some sort to help him focus and not tug when we walk him.
Then I had to get some items at Michaels to make gifts for the w;nk kids for wednesday night. It's the end of the year party so I wanted to give them something to remind them of all they've learned and all they've created at w;nk.
Then we went over to the in-laws for band practice. Alyssa (Brother-n-law's fiancee) made us dinner, which was really nice of her, but we didn't eat until almost 7:30 which wasn't good for me. I get so hungry and bloated. But it was ok.. I survived :D
Since the boys were still practicing I took Pete for a walk. I needed to get out and also exersice a bit. It wasn't much but I'm working my way into it.
By 8:30 we went ahead and took off so we could spend at least a little time together before our day off was over.

I've done nothing. :)
I took a nap which kind of worries me because it was an hour after I woke up. I did this yesterday too. I'm thinking that I may not be on top of my thyroid medicine like I thought.
I did finish the gifts for the w;nk kids which makes me happy. Now I just need to wrap them. If only I could find any of my craft stuff to make tags (it's all in boxes -not complaining :)
Bryan and I are sitting here listening to Rob Bell. He is an amazing speaker. He's a pastor up in Michigan at Mars Hill. You can find his teachings online.. I highly recommend it. We've already listened to at least 3 sermons in a row. You just can't grow tired of what he has to say. It's very enlightening.
I really need to get the kitchen cleaned and pack up the decorations that are up around the cupboards. Plus I'm hungry. I mmMmm love broccoli so I finished that off and now I'm working on a banana.. however. Another hot fresh cookie with ice cream sounds really good.