Friday, December 23, 2005

an ode to our truck.

So last night Bryan and I found out that our truck is "totaled" according to the insurance company although we still drive it. We are both very sad because we really like this truck. Bryan's had it for almost 5 years and it's my dream truck. It's sad but they are giving us almost 11k for it. Even though, we both were pretty distraught about it.
Well I started thinking about it and this morning (even though we still want the truck) we figured it was a good thing. It's one less thing that we'll be dependent on his parents for. The truck is a company truck but it's his dad so of course he'd let us keep the truck. He's even paying it off still. But with this 11k we'll take 2k and finish off the truck payment then use the rest for a new vehicle.
And although Bryan is having to get rid of his truck he's letting me (if I want) get a new vehicle. I have a Taurus and it's a very nice car so he'll take it if I want something new. But really, what his is mine and mine is his. So it won't really matter in the end.
He's such a sweetheart.
There's also a job opportunity that I'm looking into that will pay $13 an hour. My mom-in-law found out about it and let me know on Monday... I think. But I didn't look into it until Thursday. The thing is the job isn't a known opening. I only found out because the two higher ups both go to our church. I didn't call til Thursday because I was out and about Christmas shopping Tuesday and Wednesday coming home both days completely wiped. Well my dad-in-law called me three times yesterday after telling me to call about the job on Wednesday while I was there for laundry. I had already planned on calling on Thursday anyway before the calls because I had time.
Bryan told his dad that he was frustrating the crap out of me after asking him if I had called (which I did, thank you very much). Then his mom asked if I called and I think he was fed up after that. Can't blame him, he's in the same boat I am.
I guess they were frustrated that I didn't call right away because they're becoming strapped from helping us. But we don't like being broke any more than they do. I can, though, understand but I wasn't going to NOT call... crazy. I would be anyway if I passed up a $13 an hour job. But to hound me with calls when I said I was planning on calling.. good grief.
I love my in-laws, don't get me wrong. But this certainly proves my grandpa's point in saying, "Don't live too close to either family."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

crazy Christmas shoppers

So I've been doing some last minute Christmas shopping that I don't normally do. And all I have to say is ...people are crazy, greedy, pushy, self-absorbed, careless people this time of year, or at least more so. OK, not all. I did have a run in with a sweet older lady today helping her find the original Jumaji in Target.

But people are going crazy over a parking space. They'll sit there for five minutes waiting for someone to get in their car and back out while the line is becoming longer behind them. I just wanna yell, "walk a little.. it'll do you good." And what about the younger people fighting their way to the closest space with older people.

Younger people = younger muscles = get off your butt and be courteous to older folks who have done more for you to live easier in this day than you'll ever be able to understand.

I wouldn't be out shopping this time of year except for necessities but we just now have enough money to buy gifts for the family. I didn't realize $10 per person would actually work. Considering how much family we have we could only do $10-$15 each. It works.
I'm almost done, thankfully. I think like 3 more gifts to get.

My sister is coming back up with us to stay for the week. She's six years younger than me. We get along better than my sister who is only three years younger than me. I don't know if I'll be able to stand her for a whole week though ...or her me. It should be fun. I hope.

Oh, update on the citations. I had to go to court to prove it.. That was nerve racking. But all was dropped like we were told that it would be. Made me feel a little grown up...
And the mail key... I found it the same day our locks were changed for us. It was in my purse the whole time... side pocket, where I don't put anything nor did I bother to look.

Monday, December 12, 2005

so very extremely what is now over but still quite a tired

long week...
it has been such a long week with everything from the sound booth built then torn down in the church within three days to not having chairs because the semi is stuck on a median, then fourteen hundred dollars worth of work on my car to my brother in law destroying his car in the accident yesterday. If it's not one thing it's another. This is where having faith knowing He's got it all worked out comes in. When it rains it pours but at least we know He's got it. good grief.. at least someone does.
We also can't find our mail key to get our mail. Bryan thinks we lost it in the truck when I got hit but I'm not sure where it could be. And we were waiting to get our insurance cards to come in so we could prove it and the 14oo dollar citations would be dropped. We haven't checked our mail in over a week and I'm starting to freak out because of bills needing to be paid. We asked for a spare from our landlord so we could make a copy but so far no key...

Friday, December 02, 2005

today. what a day.

Today I got into two car accidents and found out an old friend had died. First accident I hit someone. There was ice on the road with a hidden stop sign, I couldn't stop. She was nice about it all but the cop sucked. He was a jerk and half treating me like a dumb broad who didn't know how to drive. Considering that was my first accident ever I should have gotten a little more slack. With that one my husband met me to make sure all was well and since I was in the truck most all of the damage was done to the one I hit.
After all that was said and done we were on our way back home. My mistake was jokingly saying, "I'll follow you so that way if we get into another accident at least I'll hit you and not someone else."
Yeah, I'm an idiot.
There was a train that held up the 5 o'clock traffic for about 15 minutes. At this time I was talking to my mom and sister and right I answered that I was doing all right to my sister the guy behind me slammed into me. He was so frustrated by the train he wasn't paying attention and basically I was his brakes. He hit me hard and slammed my knee into part of the truck. I also hit my husband. By this point I was yelling into the phone that I had just got hit and had to go, I hung up the phone. But after I did I just started bawling. I had had enough.
Thank God that there was no damage to the car and the truck isn't destroyed. A dented bender and bent bed with a crack in some plastic. The man's car, however, was in pretty bad shape.
After all this we got home but I had called my mom back and heard some more bad news. An old friend of mine, who was only 18, died Monday in a car accident. I cried and cried...

Just the way to end the day.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Things I thoroughly dislike with a passion about drivers

I recently read in another blog the rantings about things that are hated and I thought it was a good idea to blow off steam. So since I about got out of my truck to scream at a few I thought I'd list the top 10 things I hate that people do when they are driving. (#3 happened tonight, it occured twice as I sat at a red light then green back to red and green again...)

My top 10 list

10. limit turn off
-I don't mind driving the speed limit but don't go 10 under.. even 5 under is annoying. If something is wrong for you to go slower it's fine but that's what hazard lights are for.

9. too little too ...early
-You're driving down the road and someone pulls out in front of you making you put on the brakes. Then they drive real slow when they could have waited two more seconds for you to pass and then drive as slow as they want.

8. sitting in blind spots
-i hate when people sit in others blind spots. They go fast enough only to sit where you can't see them then when you would like to get over you can't because someone is sitting there. Especially when they do it to semi's. They can't see you so if they run into you then I say ...ha. ha. ha.

7. can't talk and drive at the same time.
-faster and slower then all over the road. Can you not breathe and blink at the same time either?

6. two lane envy
-I hate when there are two lanes and one ends for some reason or another and rather than waiting in line like every other person they zoom as far as they can and expect someone to let them in. Wait your flippin turn.

5. "what's this button for?"
-does anyone know what cruise control is? and if you don't have it learn to level your foot so your not driving like an idiot all over the road. And this way you also don't have people passing you because your slow and then you pass them because you decide to drive again, then so on and so forth...

4. driving slower in the passing lane
-there is a reason it's called the "passing lane" and not the "drive as slow as you want this way no one can go around your lazy butt" lane.

3. intersections and red lights
-whether the light is green or turning red I hate it when people continuing going through an intersection when the lane is full of stopped cars and it's starting to back up into the intersection. Then nonchalantly sit there while the light is green for the opposite direction to go.

2. four way stops.
-people have forgotten how to 1. stop at a stop sign and 2. go when it's their turn. The yeild sign is for you not to fully stop but a stop sign means put on the brakes and come to a hault to look both ways before proceeding.

And the number one thing I hate:
1. blinkerphobia
-I absolutely hate it when people don't use their blinker. Because then you're wondering, "why the heck are you slowing down for no apparent- ...oh your turning... gee, I wish there was a way I could have known that you were going to turn- oh wait!! There is! It's called your flippin BLINKER!!!"