Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. Bryan is twenty four today. Happy -HAPPY- birthday.
I love you.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It is awesome. And my feet are completely sore today having started practice last night. Sorry to say that Bryan is completely sore all over. He had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Thankfully I've been working out for the last umpteen weeks. But there is nothing I can do to prevent the blisters on my big toes.
Yes. The First picture I post on here is of my feet. But you just had to see these wicked blisters of mine. It goes almost all the way down my toe. And, yes, I do have one on each toe. Not to mention that the balls of my feet hurt to even walk on them.
So yeah, it's awesome. What was even more crazy is that the place was so dang humid we were starting to sweat before it even started. So by the time we were half way done with the class we were dripping sweat and soaked when it was finally over. During the warm ups the instructor asked if I was ok because I was already sweating. But it wasn't from anything but the dang water in the air.

Note to self: Next time bring water and a big towel.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I can't help but do nothing when it rains

It's a perfect rain today.
I hope it rains all day.
I think these are the best days to curl up and watch a movie with your movie-watching partner. In my case, Bryan.

California was wonderful. We didn't want to leave. No humidity. I'll post pictures once we put them on the computer. The water was too cold but we did put our feet in it and gathered a few shells on the way. I even got Bryan to skip down the beach as I got a picture. I have officially seen both sides of the states as well as both oceans having at least touched them.
Although the ocean was too cold we did get to go swimming in the hotel pool. A little chilly but once you got in and swam for a bit you forgot about it. Bryan got fried because he wanted some sun while I lathered on the sunblock and maintained my lilly white skin.
Bryan had fun at his conference (geekfest) which is the whole reason we got to go to ca. His other job is out in ca and so we got to meet his boss and some of the guys he works with. FYI Real Mexican food is not always Good Mexican food. I ordered something and it came with two burritos and some strange toppings. One smelled like horse feed while it the taste was horrifying. But they were nice enough to get me a new dish. It wasn't great either but at least I could stomach it.
All in all it was great but I did miss good ol' muggy Iowa. Well.. not really. However, I am glad to be home.

Have you heard the new ringtone for teenagers?? It's really annoying and it hurts my ears.

So my sister was extremely upset when she found out that we couldn't come down to meet her dear boyfriend nor did we make it a definite plan. This emotion of hers did include pouting ...and she's nineteen. So now we have to make a special trip to see this boy which I doubt is going to happen anyway because we really don't have the money to drive a two or four hour drive, nor the patience. Obviously we're the selfish ones because we can't appear to her every whim of an event and our lives don't revolve around her and her boyfriend.
Did I mention this is an internet boyfriend who she's only known for five months and at four they were talking about getting married??


BTW, it stopped raining.