Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So it's been a while.

Not that my life is boring it's just some things are too frustrating to post about. But I guess I need to otherwise I'll never catch up.
After my last post my sister wrote me a letter in which saying everything was my fault when, in truth, it goes both ways. So before this last weekend that we went to my mom's I printed out her letter and wrote some notes down. I wanted to sit down with her and explain some things and point some more out to her. I told my mom about my plan and she told me that my sister isn't mature enough for me to talk with her about such a serious subject. This made me laugh. Because I know that sitting down with her all that would have happened would be her getting defensive, putting on an, "I'm getting it" front and then complaining to my mom or other sister after we parted ways. The reason it makes me laugh is because she is talking about getting married to a guy she met over the internet only 4 months ago. She's met him in person and even introduced him to most of the family. Everyone seems to like him just fine. But how can she handle a very serious commitment when she can't even own up to her own faults and make peace with her flesh and blood? We all know that in getting married there are times when you're right and times when your wrong. Really wrong. But she can't even own up to the fact that she hasn't tried making peace with me. I, personally, had to learn to own up that I'm am wrong at times. I know it. I learn from it. But I also learned it before I was the same age as she is now.
Anyway, so the talk never happened and I didn't really change how I was acting toward her but she thought I was because she now decided to see it.
On other notes. I went to a good friends wedding on Saturday. She was part of what kept me sane while at college. So I must retract what I had said in my post Once a Bride, never a bridesmaid, sometimes invited because she was suppose to get married in October and I never heard from her. But for certain reasons they moved the wedding til last Saturday. Anyway, just want to send my congrats again to the lovely Tenn and her new hubby. Take care and God bless.
And last of what I will post today is another Happy Birthday to my terrific mom. 42 isn't a year older it's just another year to make the most of. Love you, love you, love you.