Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Vi is 6 months!

My sweetie V turned 6 months last Sunday! Yay! So here are some things about my girlie.

6th month Check-up
You had your check up on Monday. You weighed in at 17.5 pounds!! You are 27 inches long and a very healthy girl! You had pink eye a week ago but it's all cleared up now. A bit of cradle cap still but nothing to be bothered about. You did NOT like your shots. I don't blame you, I didn't like you getting the shots. But it's to keep you safe.

Pumpkin-lumpkin, Boogabee, Little little, Baby girl, Vi, Girlfriend, Gooberpea
*Funny story about that nickname: As we were in the car the other day I called you "gooberpea" and your daddy says "Gooberpea?" I said "Yeah, but pea, like 'pea' in a pod not 'pee' that you pee, haha." He said, "I know, 'pea' like 'snow pea' ...or 'kidney pea.'"
Haha - We had a good laugh about that one.*

Any news:
-You've only rolled over a few times since the first time you did it. Maybe 5 times from back to front and maybe twice from front to back. You don't really like to be left lying down so it's hard to get you to practice it. It doesn't help that we are on hard wood flooring as of right now.

-You are super smiley but only around people you know. Everyone else thinks you are super serious which is funny to me because you're not that way with us!

-Daddy and A can get you to laugh like nobody's business. Me? Only little giggles here and there.

-You are a momma's girl as of right now. You are super snuggly and will even bury your face into my neck. I LOVE this. Oh my word, how I love it.

-You are about to upgrade to 6-9 month clothing but I JUST found a few cute 3-6 month clothing that were stored away in the 6-9 bin so I'm trying to squeeze you into them before you really are too big.

-You really enjoy the exersaucer but you enjoy it more if we're outside on the porch. You also like the bumbo but not for too long. You'd much rather be held.

-You are chewing on everything but your favorites are my iphone (which is a no-no) and paper. Give you paper and you are happy as a clam. You even ate my grocery list today! Ok, not so much ate as DESTROYED BEYOND ANY UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT WAS ON THAT LIST! Haha, it's okay, but I did forget chicken.

-I still haven't moved you to your own bed. I'm delaying it because you're such a good snuggler. That and you'll have to share a room with your sister and I'm not quite sure how to make bed-time work between you two.

-You are a light sleeper. It's terrible. Unless you have a constant noise to drown out other noises you will wake to anything. It's horrible to try to take you anywhere because you won't just sleep. But you're doing pretty good at night, so there's that..

-You do not enjoy long car rides. This makes it really hard to drive the four hours to my family's place because after the first hour you are done. And I mean DONE.

-You love to pull your sissy's hair. In fact, it makes you giggle. And then she lets you do it some more which makes you squeal.

-You love nursing. It brings you great comfort and joy. I really like it too because I love the bond that we have because of it.

-You are getting ready to start on solids. I think you'll really like it. It's always a little sad to me because it just shows that you are getting bigger! But it's also good because it means you're getting bigger! Ahh, the joys of having kiddos.

-You respond to people talking to you, you babble along, you even mimic chewing when we eat! I also think you have finally learned your name. At least enough.

-You LOVE the water. I think you'll enjoy the kiddy pool with A once we get you out there more.

-You are such a joy that you make me want to have 5 more babies just like you. Okay, your sissy was a really good baby too but you just add so much more to it!

I love you baby V. You are such a joy and blessing to my life that you make my heart swell with happiness.
My cup runeth over.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 for Thirty

Today is my husband's 30th birthday (Happy birthday sweetie!!!) and so to celebrate I'm going to gush all about him and list 30 things that I love about him. So here we go!

1. He is a wonderful husband! He may not get everything right, or remember the things I've told him, heck, he may not always pick up after himself, BUT, he is loving, and kind to me. He's patient with me, forgives my faults, is my better half, and is a strong devoted leader. I'm thankful for him!

2. He's a great daddy. He's still trying to figure out how to be a dad to two girls but he's getting there. And they both love him with all they've got.

3. He has a very giving heart. He'll give you the shirt right off his back if you're without, his lunch if you're hungry, his coat if you're cold, his last dollar if you need it. He's super generous to a fault and I love that about him.

4. He is a hard worker. Ask him to help you with a project, he'll be there and one of the last ones to leave. He'll give you all he's got. Don't ask him to clean off his desk though. (JUST kidding. He'll do it.. eventually. Love you sweetie!)

5. He is a great provider. We need nothing and we have things to spare.

6. He is gifted musically. He excels at whatever instrument he picks up especially his bass and guitar. He decided a year and a half(?) ago that he wanted to learn the guitar. So he did. And quickly. The booger.

7. He can also whistle beautifully. B-e-a-utifully. Not fair. ha!

8. He gives people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes to a fault. And sometimes to where it drives me crazy! (Like I said, better half.)

9. He's an encourager. He loves my cooking and has made me better at it because he'd always praise me for it. He'll watch the kiddos if I want to go running just so I stick with it. He lets me purchase good quality things because he doesn't want me to get cheap-o things that will just break on me too soon (like my new Ninja blender/food processor!).

10. He loves me inspite of all my faults! And there's a lot, I'm sure!

11. He's a handsome fella and he doesn't know it. Or chooses not to know it even though I'll remind him a bazillion times.

12. He's a family man. Family is very important to him. You don't mess with family!

13. He is devoted to God and his will. Even though he loathes change, and ever time I ever brought up moving would make him panic, if God says move, he'll do it. No if's, ands, or buts.

14. He's devoted to me and our family. He works at making it all work. The "D" word isn't in our vocab so we work harder to keep our marriage strong. It's not always easy but it's easier with a spouse by your side that you know will stick by your side.

15. He trusts me to make desicions. Financially, purchases, paint colors, you name it.

16. He's a cool geek, if there ever was one. He totally rocks at the computer stuff, can fix almost anything with bytes and hard drives or whatever, but he is also into cool music, has good taste in movies and food, and plays the guitar (see #6), shoots guns, and does manly stuff!! He's cool.

17. He loves my family. Even though they are crazy, don't pass food in a clock-wise direction, and there's a lot of them, he loves them and enjoys being around them.

18. He's considerate. He'll hold open that door for the next 40 people coming towards him, let you go first, give up his seat (if you're a girl, or old, or a kid), or overtip you as our waiter/waitress. Oh wait, that last one is generous. Well still, he'll do it!

19. He cleans the bathroom for me. If you know me, you know I loathe loose hair. It grosses me out, gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't know why it does but he'll clean it up for me. I'm also a bit of a germaphobe so the toilet- ick! He's a saint.

20. He'll put his needs last. I know this kind of goes with considerate and generous, but he's such a good guy it needs to be said.

21. He has an awesome beard. He has a major baby face (well at least he did, but I haven't seen it for over 7.5 years) so I like facial hair on him and he keeps it! Even in the summer. Such a swell guy.

22. He's my protector. He's fearless! Will save me from moths and everything!!

23. He'll take A with him if ever I need a break and he's going somewhere. Like, worship practice or to the store.

24. He's good to forgive. Especially when I drive him crazy by picking on him, or when I'm easily frustrated and lash out. I try not to take advantage of this because it is good of him to do. So thank you babe.

25. He makes me laugh. Life with kiddos is way different than it was as just the two of us so we have to make time for just us. And sometimes we're tired and don't feel very laugh-friendly but we try and once we get going it's hard to get us to stop laughing.

26. He cares. This is different, promise. He cares about what happens in the world. Mainly politics. I'm a (clean) hippy, tree-loving, earth friendly kind of gal so I take care of the recycling, eco-friendly, health concious stuff and he takes care of the political side of things. I trust that he knows what he's doing.

27. He knows stuff. A lot of stuff. And if he doesn't know it, he researches it. He'll research the crap out of it until he knows it all. He's a smarty-pants. In a good way.

28. He's a book worm and wants our kids to be too. He's kind of made me into one as well. I am not opposed to a good read.

29. He's a saver. In the borderline hoarder kind of way. But not so much that he is a hoarder. I'm a get-rid-of-it-er.. I like to simplify by not having a lot of stuff. He likes to hold on to it. We compromise and seem to keep what we need to keep and get rid of what we don't. It's a nice mix.

30. He's Mister Fix-it. Not in the handy-man kind of way, although if he can he will (try at least), but in the I want to help where I can kind of way. Sometimes I will vent to him (because he's also a great listener) but then he'll want to fix the problem. Sometimes he can't and he just has to listen. This will drive him crazy. But other times he has really great advice and can bring me back down to ground level of how to deal with what's before me. He's really awesome friend in that way. (That's kind of 31, but don't tell.)

There you have it, 30 GREAT things about a really GREAT guy. Happy birthday Bryan! I love you and am so very thankful for you and your awesomeness. You pretty much rock. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm such a slacker

I didn't even do a five month update for Miss V! So here are a few things: 1. She finally rolled over for the first time about a week after to turned 5 months. 2. A was the only one who could get a giggle out of her for the longest time. Finally Bryan was able to then I was the last. Apparently I am not a good tickler so I will stick with the nurturing, loving, caring momminess that I can actually do. 3. She's getting better at grabbing at things and actually taking ahold of them. 4. She's a constant chewer. People keep trying to tell me that she's getting teeth. They've been telling me this for about 2 months now. She's just a chewer. I don't think she actually started teething until about 3 weeks ago but no sign of teeth yet! 5. She's a GREAT sleeper but a terrible napper. It seems to have always been that unless I lay with her she will only nap for about 30-45 minutes but if I lay with her she will sleep for a couple to a few hours. I don't know what to do. And don't say cry it out. I'm not going there. At least not until she's older. 6. She's still a bald beauty. Talk about slow hair growth. Jeesh! In other news: I've been going strong with the no-poo for nearly a month now. I've gotta say, my hair keeps getting better and better. I'm loving it. AND NOW!.... I've gone facewash free. Yer heard me. I am now doing a honey wash with rose and jojoba oil. My face, for the first time since I can remember, is not nearly as red in the cheeks and chin as it used to be. I cannot believe it. And since I don't wear make-up hardly ever anymore, this is super nice. To feel comfortable in my own skin, I'm loving it. ALSO!... While my sweet hubby was at a training last week in New Jersey, my mom, gramma, and aunt Kimmy came up to help me with my house. They were here from Tuesday night to Thursday morning when they had to leave and they got more accomplished in less than 48 hours than I would have in a month. My houe is clean, mostly packed for showing, and just lovely. I can't believe how happy I am with so little. I have a feeling a lot of stuff will be going bye-bye when we unpack in a new house. I'm digging the crunchy simple life. Who knew I'd become such a hippie. I dig it.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I'll Go Where You Send Me

My Aunt Kim and Uncle Jon are starting a church plant.  We've known about it since October and Bryan got more and more excited the more he talked about the church plant with K&J.
So on our way home that weekend they announced it, Bryan and I discussed the possibility of us joining them.  We didn't want to move down there if it wasn't God's will so we decided to pray on it for 30 days.  We had 4 friends join with us in prayer for God's will but didn't mention it to anyone else.  Not even family because we wanted God to work, not anyone else.
There's a story in the Bible about Gideon and the fleece.  Gideon prayed that if it was in God's will that He would soak the fleece in dew but keep the ground around it dry.  And the next morning when Gideon checked the fleece, he found it full of dew.
So we "pulled out a fleece" so to speak.  We asked God that if it was in his will that K&J would ask us specifically to join us in the church plant.  That would be our for sure sign that God would want us down there.  Like I said, we wanted to be sure that us moving would be in His will and not ours so we didn't want to go if He was closing the door.
After about 25 days we headed back down to my family's for a visit.  We were anxious to see if K&J would ask us anything but after seeing them hurry through for a quick visit and not mention anything at all, we took that as a sign as in "ok, not yet, but maybe not ever." We decided to finish out praying the 30 days and let God do his thing.
Last weekend, we headed back down for another family visit (we go down there quite often, obviously).  After hanging out with K&J on Sunday afternoon, Bryan asked how the church plant was going.  Jon started talking and asked when we were going to move down there with a few more hints about us joining them.  So Bryan asked them straight up if he was asking us to join them in the church plant.  He said "Yeah!!"
After discussing it with them for three hours, then the two of us discussing it on our way home, we have decided that we will allow God to work and move us to Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  We don't have a time frame because we will just allow God to open doors when and if He sees fit.  We're going to start by putting our house on the market and go from there.
(Anyone want a really cute 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1.5 story house?  It's darling!)
So there's our big news.  Be praying for us when you think about us because this is a huge bittersweet move for us.  My family is there but Bryan's family is here as well as our friends and our Besties.  It'll be hard to leave but if God is calling us then we will follow.