Thursday, August 11, 2011

And after all of that...

A few months ago we decided to switch things around in our house. The upstairs, the "Master Bedroom" (which is not so much and you'll soon see why), was home to the office, the play area, and my craft area. It was hardly ever used. Bryan preferred to be downstairs with us, A never went upstairs because no one else was up there, and I never got the time to go up there to do any crafts. Because, well, by the time I got up there and got started on something, A would need me and I'd have to come all the way back down. So it was never really fully utilized.
We do have two bedrooms downstairs, Bryan and I have one room and A had the other. So, to fully use the entire house I figured we could move A upstairs, with her toys already up there, and there'd be plenty of room for the next kiddo. Then we'd change A's room downstairs into the office/craft area so Bryan and I would both have a work space nearby.
It worked! Ta-da!
That is, until I felt like A was too far away from us. And she, nor I, liked it. She wasn't sleeping well at night, she'd crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night. It just wasn't working.
So after much deliberation, Bryan and I decided to move our bed upstairs. We'd section off the room a little bit, she'd have her space, we'd have ours, it was perfect.
Until yesterday.
That's when we tried to move our Full size mattress up the stairwell. Our house is old. The stairwell is small. It wasn't meant for anything larger than a Twin to be moved up those stairs.
So now we're stuck.
I'm disappointed and frustrated. And, now what? Her old room has been transformed. We can't move up to her new room. A Queen size bed and co-sleeping? Buy a new house? Tear down some walls??
I'm bummed. And stuck. And out of ideas...

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Change

After however many years here on blogger, with the same simple white template, I've decided to change it up a little and give it a new look.

What do you think?
I sure like it :)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

On Friday afternoon, Bryan and I took off for Des Moines to celebrate our 7th anniversary.  We left our kiddo at Gramma and Pocka's house and away we went.  Bryan had a work thing, so I hung out at the hotel for the evening.  
Got myself some hotel food: personal pizza, chips and salsa, and a very large piece of blueberry lemon bar -$20.  Yeah.  But it was worth it.  Sorta.  Bryan took off about 20 til 7 and I hopped in the shower.  
I was wanting to take a long leisurely bath but we got the last room in the hotel which happened to be the handicap accessible room.  Still, very nice.  And a huge room! I'm pretty sure it was almost the size of our first apartment.  
So after my 40 minute, uninterrupted, quiet shower, I got out, put some pajama's on and crawled into our very comfy king size bed.  It. Was. Awesome.  And then I proceeded to watch whatever the heck I wanted on the tv for the next three hours.  And none of it included Yo Gabba Gabba or The Pink Panther.  
I fell asleep way before Bryan returned but I figured that would happen.  It was all good. 
On Saturday morning, we slept until 9.  NINE O'CLOCK!  AM!!   We casually got up to get breakfast, ate slowly, chatted and just enjoyed each other's company.  Then we proceeded to just hang out in the hotel room and watched TV until we had to check out at noon.  
Since Gramma and Pocka were wanting to watch A for the whole weekend, we took advantage and our time in DM.  Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, hung out at the mall (Bryan got to "shop" around at the Apple store), got some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, then got caught by a lady selling flat irons.  
She had me sit down and proceeded to do my hair.  She was very nice but I kept waiting for her to only do half of my hair.  I figured she would offer to do the other half if I would buy a flat iron, but she finished it off (curling it with the flat iron to show its diversity) and it looked very nice.  She kept asking, "Do you like it or do you love it??" It's a professional flat iron by Herstyler so it's about $200 but it was on sale for $165 and today it was even more so for $139.  I still wasn't sold. She kept making me a deal and going lower and lower (can you say PRESSURE!), also throwing in a free conditioner.  She went down to $89 (pressurepressurepressurepressure) knowing that I was seriously a hard sale.  So, I got it, well Bryan did, for my birthday (I straightened it this morning and it looks phenomenal, just sayin').
Leaving the mall, we decided to head on home.  But it was such a nice, relaxing drive home.  Bryan and I got to talk the entire way without any interruptions.  And we had grown-up talk!!  It was awesome.  
When we got home we decided to watch a movie.  Not being able to decide between two we watched them both!  Because we could!!  
Awesome anniversary but I am glad to have A back at home.  I love that girl.  Thank you Gramma and Pocka!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

We decided to find out after all.

We went round and round about finding out or not, and although I like the idea of not finding out, Bryan and I just felt so at ease with knowing. So, here's hoping the ultrasound tech guessed correctly...
It's a Girl!!
So, even though we found out the gender AND announced it, we will be keeping the name a secret until she is born. DUH duh dummmmmmm.
The suspense!
Anyway, she's good and healthy, a wiggle worm, healthy, squirmy as all get out, on target, and healthy. Because really, that's all I'm really concerned about.
And now, we prepare. We're doing the Bradley method this time around. I'm already enjoying it. I think I'll even fully enjoy the class to prepare even more. But I want to be ready. If I have to have another c-section, then I'm okay with it, but if I can do a vbac with me and the baby safe and healthy, I want to do it.
So, here's to another healthy 20 more weeks before we meet our baby girl #2!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

20 weeks tomorrow!

Before I do part three of Ecuador, I thought I'd give an update on baby #2.

Things are going well, so far so good. I started feeling baby move around a couple weeks ago. At first it was kind of here and there, and kind of like a "oh! I think that was the baby..." but now there is no doubt. This kiddo is a squirmer but that doesn't surprise me since A was as well. In truth, most babies in utero probably are but I'm glad this kiddo is one of them. Bryan almost got to feel baby the other night! But as soon as he came over, this kiddo stopped, even after wiggling for 10 minutes straight. A goober already.
Tomorrow we have an ultrasound. We have been going back and forth about whether to find out the gender or not. It sounds fun not to know but it's fun to know as well. So, no idea. I guess we'll find out if we'll find out.

(And today, Bryan and I celebrate 7 years of marriage! It's been a wonderful ride thus far. Thank you for making me your wife, Bryan. I love you!)