Monday, June 11, 2007

In recent news...

So lately...
let's see...

My grampa had his surgery and is doing better. He had kidney failure because of the anestesia. I guess that happened last time and so when it happened this time my grama new what was going on and said something but the doctors didn't listen and ended up having them come back in when the pill didn't work for a catheter.
So that's a nice bill for two e-room visits. He's doing better now and just needs to rest up. He will be having another surgery for another problem here in a month (I think).

What else...?

Last Thursday I got my second test back from Human Bio and I received a 99%. That
would be an A+ but my school doesn't recognize the plus with the A's. That makes the A sad and lonely.
I also have two papers due on Monday that are 3-5 pages in length. Both, of which, are research papers. It wouldn't be so bad if I had the weekend to work on them as well but we are going down to my grandparents on Thursday so I will have to have everything together so I can work on typing it. If I can manage that then it won't be so bad.


We also had Shawn Fest on June 2. Asaph's Apprentice was by far the best. However, I may be bias but they did bring the house down.
Joanna, Michael and Miss Hannah came to watch. Hannah (who is almost 4) and I head banged. Joanna and I got wet. Michael was definately having a good time rocking the casbah.
It was very impressive.
There is also a benefit concert coming up on June 30 called Legacy. If you are going to be anywhere around you should come. It will be awesome.

Oh yes...

Yesterday we had a BBQ after church and surprisingly a lot of people showed. We sat around chatting and getting to know people better. Aquaintances have turned into friends. And friends have turned into better friends. It was a who-ha of a good time.

I made cake and there was none left to bring home. That was fine by me however delicious it was. If it came home we would have devoured it. That wouldn't be good.

After we had all eaten Bryan suggested frisbee so I said I would play. I didn't expect but maybe one or two people to play with us but we had a truck load of people come and play for over an hour. It was a huge circle and a whole lot of fun. Except Michael who was a frisbee thief. I think he was just showing off for the lovely Joanna. But that should be the case.

Anything else...

Bryan and I are going on The Makers Diet on Monday (not today but the next). We have to wait for the oils, aromatherapy and vitamins to come in. I'm really excited.
If you know me then you probably know that I have a thyroid condition that made me gain weight and makes it really hard to lose it. I have been working out and eating right for eight weeks now and I haven't lost a pound. So to do this in a healthy way we are starting the Makers Diet.

The guy who wrote the book had a lot of health conditions and incurable diseases. He didn't think he was going to make it to see his 21st birthday. After studying the Bible and following the original diet that God had set up he is now healthy, married and has a kid!

Now that I feel like I'm trying to sell this I'm really just talking about it cause I'm so dang excited. My thyroid condition is a lifetime thing but the book talks about how this diet is meant to make everything work the way God intended it. Now I'm not getting my hopes up by expecting a change but I think it would be awesome for my body to work the way it was meant to!
So, come Monday I will maintain the diary I started to keep track and let everyone know how it goes. This certainly is no man-made fad with pills and laxatives to get you down to a size triple 0 but God's way to get and keep you healthy. So I do expect it to work.

I will let you know.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Put grampa back together again

Today my grampa is going into surgery for his knee. Pray that it goes well and for the surgeon's hands. They're not replacing it but putting some new "cartilage" where the natural has deteriorated. I wish we could be down there with
my grama and grampa.

We love love love them.