Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turtle pie, 6 missed phone calls and an 18 car pile-up.

I mentioned that for Lent Bryan and I decided to give up sweets and that on Tuesday night we had lots of goodies. Well, come yesterday, we still had half of the turtle pie left. Bryan and our friend, Jolene, had a conversation over it resulting in Bryan and I wanting to take it on over to her. Especially since she is massively pregnant. I know how that goes.
Bryan and I had to send a letter out to this Warranty Service place so they wouldn't charge us because they were crazy and wouldn't let up. So, they got Bryan to agree with a $1 down payment but were planning on charging us a whopping $400 a month for 6 months. Well, we didn't need it nor could afford it so Bryan called to cancel it and they wanted a signed letter saying we didn't want it. I had been on Bryan for 3 weeks trying to get him to write a three sentence letter but he kept putting it off. On Tuesday night I sat down with Bryan and said, "We are writing this stinkin letter."
So yesterday I hollered at Bryan telling him I was going to run to the post office, because the warranty people were not going to make it easy on me to just send a letter but also wanting back all the info that they sent to us wouldn't fit into a regular envelope.
Off I went, not forgetting to grab the pie to take to Jolene's. I got the letter sent off resulting in it costing us $3.95 to tell them we didn't want the stuff and then I made my way over to Jolene's. I didn't plan on staying long but enough to offer her half a gift (the half pie) and to chat and see how she was doing. Well, of course I thoroughly enjoy Jolene and, also of course, I left my purse out in the car, and we got to talking. Since I left Amelia with Bryan I figured that if he needed me that he would remember I was running over to Jolene's and he would call me there.
At 6, an hour or so later, I decided I needed to get home so Bryan and I could ready to leave for Emily's and youth group. I get in the car and hear my phone ringing. By the time I got to the stinkin' thing it had stopped ringing. I look to see that I have 6 missed calls (from Bryan) and have to call Bryan back. He answers, panicked, wondering where I'm at. I ask if he remembered that I was going to take the pie to Jolene. He tells me that, no, he forgot and thought I was injured in an 18 car pile-up, lying on the side of the road.
I repeatedly apologize because I had no intention on freaking him out. When I got home he was still in a frenzy, breathing hard, stressed. Poor guy. We had to laugh about later, well, at least I did.

Lesson learned. Take my phone with me everywhere and make sure Bryan is looking directly at me while I tell him exactly where I am going.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Unscripted

I'm not sure what to blog, so I'll just start typing and see where this goes...

Today, I did manage to get some things done. I did all the laundry, cleaned up the living room, made homemade pizza, gave Amelia a bath, and wrote a 7 page letter to an old friend.
I also got to see my roommate from college new baby girl. Just born on the 20th. Her baby is so cute and sweet with those super chubby cheeks. Ah. Makes me want another one. In a few years.

For lent, Bryan and I decided to give up sweets. All. Sweets. It'll be good for us. So, tonight, with our homemade pizza, we had rootbeer and then after dinner, we had turtle pie. It was very tasty. Now, starting tomorrow. No more sweets.

I've really got nothing. Maybe tomorrow I will be more enlightened.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I want to flick NatGeo right in the forehead.

A few weeks ago National Geographic kept calling and calling and calling. Well, silly me, I answered the phone and they wanted to send me a video that I didn't have to buy unless I wanted to. I told them I didn't want it but they wouldn't take no for an answer. So, I gave in and said fine thinking I could send it back without a problem.
Well, I got it in the mail and there was no info on how to return it. So, I frustratingly called them and (as nicely as I could) gave them a piece of my mind. So my conversation with National Geographic customer service went something like this:

Me: Hi, I received the video in the mail and I was told I could return it but I can't find a way to do so.
NG: I can give you an address for you to return it to.
Me: I didn't want this video in the first place but the lady wouldn't let me off the phone until I finally agreed, and now I have to send back on my own dime?
NG: Well, we can go ahead and cancel your payments and you can donate the video to a school or library.
Me: So, that's all I have to do and I won't be charged for it?
NG: Yes.
Me: (Sigh of frustration) Alright, well thank you.

I do feel bad for the lady because it wasn't her that originally talked me into allowing them to send me the video in the first place, but I was seriously frustrated because the lady never said that I would have to pay to send it back. Grr. And I didn't want the stinkin thing in the first place! Have I already said that? Well allow me to say it one more time.... I didn't want it! At all! In the first place!!

Ok, I'm done.

I'm going to watch Iron Man with my hubby now.

Have a good night.

Even the poor lady that I frustratingly vented to at National Geographic Customer Service.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Now I understand why my mom hid in the bathroom.

When I was younger I would follow my mom around like a little puppy dog every where she went. I loved my mom (still do.. a lot :) and so I wanted to be with her all the time.
I'm sure mom's and children can understand what I am saying here.
So when I realized my mom wasn't around I would go and search her out. I'd go to knock on the door and I would hear a, "yes?" That's when I would respond with a, "whachya doing?" Quickly, it turned into this conversation:
me (knocking on the door): "Mom?"
my mom: "Mom's not here."

I can fully understand and appreciate what she was doing, now. My refuge is the bathroom. It's an escape where I can be alone, relax in the tub, be away from the animals, the noise and constant attention to all four of the family members living in this house. Yes, our cat would sit, pawing and crying at the other side of the door but I could just place the headphones to my iPod gently in my ears, being lullabyed by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, and drift into another world where no one needs me. Even if it's only for a short time. It's still a great escape.
However, now in the winter months, our door has shrunk from the weather and it no longer latches. So now when I'm in the bathroom, our cat will open the door by pawing at it to be able to sit at my feet and meow at me. Bryan recently taught our dog to open doors with his nose, so that is what Pete will do to try to find the cat since she commonly resides in the bathroom. Bryan himself is kind and generally won't bother me, however, as he's watching Amelia I can hear her fuss for me.
It's still my escape. A towel in front of the door generally helps until the door swells again from the summer heat.

So now, whenever my mom resides in the bathroom, I will still bother her because I am her daughter and that's what I do.

Does this mean I need to get a lock on the bathroom door for when Amelia can open doors?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I think we did it backwards.

We've been having some difficulty with our animals. Each week I have Bryan empty out Chloe's litter box. Well these last few weeks Bryan has found hardly anything in them...
Pete had a pillow in his kennel but had peed all over it one night a long while back, so Bryan took it out side to air dry a bit before he cleaned it. Well, knowing my husband, he forgot all about it and so it sat outside for a few days.. then a few weeks and then a couple of months. He finally brought it in after it was frozen solid from snow and low temperatures. He threw it down in the basement to defrost and, again, forgot about it. (He has more on his mind than pee pillows.)
So, going back to the hardly full litter box... Chloe has been peeing on it. Bryan said when he went down there and found hardly anything in the litter box once again that he checked around because she has been known to get angry with us and pee on our things. Turned out that he found a sopping wet pillow. He had to hose down part of the basement and throw the pee pillow into the sink to drip dry before we throw it away. Ridiculousness.
The reason why we think she's been doing this, well the reason for her being angry, is because I kicked her out of our bedroom where she has been since we've brought her home. She had been vomiting on our bed whenever I wouldn't pay my attention to her but to Amelia. So out went the cat.
I will admit that I did spoil Chloe way too much. She was my lap cat, slept in our bed next to my side, cuddled with her.. blah blah blah. So now that there is a new baby in town.. er, house, she's very upset with me and peeing and vomiting on our things. Great joy.
So, what's probably true for us is that we did it backwards. We should of had the baby first, then gotten a dog (so we could have paid more mind to him and trained him correctly) and then gotten the cat so she wouldn't have come to hate us for bringing in her arch rival and then a new baby.

I offered her the door tonight. She wouldn't take it and cried at me like I didn't know what I was doing. Oh, I so knew what I was doing.

Monday, February 09, 2009

my List of 10

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To Ten Different People Right Now (in no specific order)
1. I hope to have a relationship with my children as you do us.
2. You are honest and frank and you do it beautifully.
3. Thank you for being my everything.
4. You are such a great friend. More than I could have asked for.
5. You're my favorite and you make me laugh.
6. Hind sight is 20/20. You'll be sad when you see what I see now.
7. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
8. I miss our coffee talks.
9. You're so fake and I want to flick you.
10. You are the most incredible father fill-in.

Nine Things About Myself
1. I wish I could have beautiful, dark, shiny, long hair.
2. I feel sexy in high heels.
3. I have to get sleepy on my right side and then roll over to fall asleep on my left.
4. When I was younger I always wanted to grow up to be a ballerina.
5. I have an amazing family on my mom side and
6. I don't talk to the other side because my sisters and I have been disowned.
7. I have hypothyroid.
8. I'm a tomboy at heart. Give me a tree to climb any day.
9. I think feet tell a lot about a person.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart
1. Look at me with those sweet eyes, finger in the toothless mouth and drool running all down your front side.
2. Be passionate when talking about Christ.
3. Don't just talk about living like Christ but do it as well.
4. Spoil me with love... and gifts don't hurt.
5. Smirk when I change your poopy diaper.
6. Dance with me.
7. Reach for my hand.
8. Worship God with all your heart.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind A Lot
1. the needs of my daughter
2. when will we be back on our feet again
3. the fear of losing people
4. the fear of dying
5. starting the Maker's Diet back up
6. my family (the good and the dumb)
7. my friends

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep
1. wake up.
2. play with my daughter.
3. get ready at some point in the day.
4. eat occasionally.
5. hang and talk with Bryan.
6. roll from my right to my left side.

Five People Who Mean A Lot.......
1. Bryan
2. Amelia
3. my Mom
4. the rest of my family (including my parental in-laws)
5. Emily and Keith

Four Things You're Wearing Right Now
1. Bryan's pj shorts ( cause I was too lazy to find mine in the suitcase in the dark).
2. a sarcastic t-shirt.
3. my wedding ring.
4. make-up from yesterday.

Three Songs You Listen To Often
1. Surely We Can Change
2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
3. Isn't this a lovely day

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Travel outside the country.
2. Raise my children in Christ.

One Confession: I can too easily speak my mind.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

What to blog.. what to blog..

I don't really have a lot going on.

In Amelia world: She has officially turned over! She rolled from her back to her front on Jan 23rd but we missed it. Completely. I was trying to nap on the couch while Bryan was sitting at my feet watching TV. Amelia was playing on floor at Bryan's feet when he felt her playing with his big toe. He thought she was just lying there on her back playing with his toe. But no. She was on her BELLY playing with his toe. Bryan had looked down to check on her and he hollered at me saying that she had rolled over.
Well, needless to say, she did roll over again with us watching this time! but not for a week and a day later. However, I did capture both moments on film... er.. digitally. She also found her other foot.. her right foot, on the same day we missed her rolling over. I also caught that on fil- digitally. Big day for her.
Right now she has a diaper rash, so I have taken my friend, Keith's, advice and laid her naked on a pee-proof pad to let her air dry. She is thoroughly enjoying it. I don't think she's ever enjoyed her toys so much as when she was dressed. I may have created a monster.

Anyway, my daughter is grunting her frustration to me. I should probably dress her naked booty.

Monday, February 02, 2009

7:38am Wake Up Call

I am not a morning person. I don't like to sleep in too late but I do like not waking up before eight in the morning. Lately, Amelia has been waking up at 7. Roughly 7:14. So this morning when she was awake and trying to wake me up right along with her, I thought to myself that it had to be approximately 7:14. It wasn't. It was 6:48. AM. However, she did let me sleep until 7:38. Mostly because I wouldn't wake up and there's really nothing she can do about it. Ha.
I must now become a morning person. It really only gets worse for me from here on out. Soon she'll be able to yell, "Mama!" to get me out of bed. And if I don't, there will only be chaos. I'm sure of it. It's a good thing she's cute.