Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where there is death, there is life

This weekend was pretty good.

Hung out with my mom and sisters.

Spent the day with my fam.
Mom, Sarah, Court, Lee-
grama and grampa,
Kim, Jon, Mattie, and Malachi.
Got some pretty rockin' gifts.
Played some Dance, Dance Revolution
and Wii.
Saw my little sis' new apartment-
real cute.
Met Bryan's friend, Chris,
his wife and family.
Whole lotta animals...

I wasn't feeling too well-
so Bryan and I stayed home while
the fam went to church.
Chris' beagle, Copper,
aggravated the dog itch in Bryan.
Went to a pet store to look around.
Found Pete.
9 week old beagle runt.
I never thought that we would have
found a beagle.
No such thing as coincidence.
We've found our Pete.

The family's baby,
Chance Michael,
a twelve y/o cocker spaniel
golden retriever mix,
has a tumor.
It's gotten progressively worse,
he has a hard time walking
and sitting,
and his eyes are starting to cloud over.
My grandparents have waited as long as they can-
they won't allow him to suffer.

We love you baby Chance.
You've been an incredible dog and friend.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birthday regrets...

I have none!!

I'm 23 years old.
I can't believe it.

Monday, Bryan set up a
birthday party for me.
Lots of friends present,
a few with unavoidable happenings,
and two MIA...
But it was great!

We had a campfire which means:
roasted hot dogs and s'mores.
Bryan also made homemade ice cream!
We're still snacking on it.
I did eat way too much though.
1 bowl of ice cream and 4(?) s'mores!
Ah.. but it was tasty...

Right now I'm blogging while I should be
in Lit class,
but recently I've been fighting off a
and Bryan hasn't been sleeping well,
so this morning we never heard the alarm.
Oh well,
Happy Birthday to me!
I got to sleep in a bit!

I will have to work tonight
But it's all good,
the Lord has blessed me with
legs to walk
and arms to stock!

I've received a lot of
birthday wishes
on facebook, already.
Very cool and thoughtful.
My baby sis even sent me a message
on my phone with the written version of
Happy Birthday.

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My birthday month begins!

20 years ago

  1. I was a mere age of three.
  2. I became a big sister.
  3. I still live in Nebraska, Grand Island to be exact.

10 years ago

  1. I will have become a teenager.
  2. Had only my mom and two little sisters.
  3. Started eighth grade year home-schooled.

5 years ago

  1. I started college.
  2. Got my drivers license.
  3. Bought my first car.

3 years ago

  1. Married my best friend.
  2. Moved to a whole new place, way far away from all my family.
  3. Lived in my first apartment with the best roommate a gal could have.
  4. Got a wonderful kitty, Chloe, who we've gotten to watch grow from the day she was born.
  5. Spent a semester at a school for the deaf and learned more of a language that I loved and now refuse to do.

1 year ago

  1. Gave up on a church and loved a Baptist church.
  2. Got to work as a nanny for a single itty bitty baby.
  3. Started college back up.

So far this year

  1. I've lost 22 pounds.
  2. Made wonderful friends.
  3. Did the crafts for VBS.
  4. Went to my first baseball game and loved it!


  1. Worked til my legs fell off.
  2. Went to school.
  3. Fell asleep and slept like a rock.


  1. Slept til ten.
  2. Worked til my legs fell off...again.
  3. Watched Dirty Jobs.


  1. Enjoy the day at Adventure Land with Bryan!
  2. Ride a whole lot of roller coasters.
  3. Try not to get sick in any way.

In the next year

  1. I will continue to grow closer to God.
  2. Be closer to having a house.
  3. Have some prayers answered... hopefully.

This week has totally kicked my butt.
Work and school-
Next week I work everyday.
Then Friday we'll head down to my mom's.
Monday Bryan planned a birthday party for me.
We'll get together with a bunch of friends
at a friends house
and have a cookout with hotdogs and smores.
I'm super excited.
Bryan's great.
Speaking of..
I'm gonna spend some time with him now...

(It's almost my birthday!)