Monday, October 27, 2008

The importance of a well-stocked diaper bag.

Friday night we brought Bryan's brother, Bruce, home by train for their mom's birthday.
So today we returned him to the track for his journey home.
Since the train was around 40 minutes late on Friday, we expected the same today
so Bruce called to clarify so we wouldn't be sitting at the train station for another 40 minutes.
The train was running 48 minutes late so we all slept in and left accordingly.
Turned out that once we got there the train was running an additional 50 minutes behind.
So we sat.
And waited.
Which was fine cause we got to hang out with Bruce for a little bit longer
before he was gone for another month.

Well, Amelia started farting but the poor thing had been constipated for days.
So as Bryan is holding her, and she's farting, she starts to poo.
Bryan let's me know this and that she's on the verge of a blow out.
The diaper bag was out in the car because, going in to the station,
we thought we'd be there for only a few minutes.
I went out to get it and when I returned Bryan informed me that she had had destroyed her diaper.
So, Bryan goes to stand and out comes a lot of baby pee ... and onto Bryan's pants.
Not just onto his pants but on the crotch of his pants.
Oh yes.
So, Bryan lays her down and undresses her to change her diaper.
Not only is she wet but she has liquid baby poo all over.
Her diaper is filled.
Her onsie- white- is soiled.
And the inside of her duckie outfit is covered in a nice mustard-colored layer.
To make matters worse, we only had two wipes left,
and I had forgotten to put a replacement outfit in the diaper bag.

Yes. This was our day. And yet, it was still a good day.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Let's see.. what's been going on with me...
Not much. Ha. Probably why I haven't blogged.

Amelia is doing really well. Other than her pumpkin being stolen (which I have replaced) and being quite constipated (well, not anymore because of her huge blowout last night), she is happy as a clam, growing splendidly (already in her 0-3 months) and outdoing the norms (she's becoming better at reaching her goal of turning over -whether she actually understands what she's doing or not).
She has also discovered a paci that she will take. One that is nipple-like in form and reads "precious" on the front. A little silly for me but, hey, she enjoys it. She also has a fun game that she likes to play with dad: sucking on her paci for a few minutes before spitting it out then grunting until daddy puts it back in so the game may start all over.
Her and I very much enjoy our days together and when she's not with me but upstairs with dad in her swing, I find myself missing her very much. It's funny to me because when she's downstairs with me I can't get much if anything done, but when she's upstairs allowing me time for things, such as chores or errands, I miss her. I miss her and long to hold her even it if means back to not getting anything done. How long will she stay this little anyway? Not long from the looks of her eating habits :)
What else? She is quite the talker.. er.. grunter/cooer. I guess that's talking, eh? They are the cutest little noises. I've also noticed these funny little characteristics about her that she gathered from us. For instance, she will spread her toes with the three in the middle remaining close to each other or she'll curl all but her big toe under, these both she got from dad.

As for me... well, I finished a scrapbook. The first year of Bryan's life that we'll be giving to his mom for -a- special occasion. Not sure which one, yet but we'll decide. Her birthday is on Sunday but Christmas is coming up- even though it feels like a Mother's day gift. What do you guys think?
The house seems to get messier a lot quicker. I'm sure it'll be worse when Amelia is contributing purposely. It's not like the dirty diapers or "destroyed" clothing is left on, well, everything by her. Oh well. I am now a mother and I have learned how to clean a room in 5 minutes. I've gotten very good at it.
Had a follow-up doctor's appointment today. He said I've healed really well and I'm looking good. Speaking of, they had to weigh me when I got there and I've already lost 30lbs of the baby weight! Wha-hoo. Only X amount left to go. You didn't think I was actually going to say how much I put on, did you??? Ha.
Bryan and I have decided that it's time to get my craft area up and going, so Keith has offered to help Bryan make a desk and shelves for me and all of my crafty goodness. I'm very excited. Right now I'm just trying to figure out exactly what I would like for them to make.
Last thing.. I need to go on a "spending money" diet. I've spent more than I probably should have these last couple of weeks. So back to an allowance.. boo.

Anyway, that's really all I've got. I'll try to have more exciting things to talk about next time. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More ridiculousness

Today after church, Bryan and I were relaxing at home when I heard someone step onto our porch. I told Bryan and he got up to look out the window but he didn't see anyone. So we went back to watching TV. Later on we were heading out to our friends house when I noticed that one of our three pumpkins were missing.
What the...
Someone came onto our porch and took our pumpkin. Amelia's first pumpkin. Yup, that was her first pumpkin and someone swiped it. And it wasn't cheap either.. not that that's the main factor ...but still!
Needless to say, we were pretty angry.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My baby is 1 month old today!

Amelia's a few pounds heavier,
a few inches longer,
holding her head up more,
more awake and alert,
focuses on us better,
is a really good eater
and still as sweet as can be.

She's so wonderful-
we feel blessed to have her everyday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've got to blog this ridiculousness

So, I went to Hy-Vee and I grabbed a cart next to my car so I could pick up some pumpkins on my way inside. They have these new carts that are uber huge. They're like double wide and even taller. So, I grab that and then start picking out pumpkins. As I'm doing this the cart keeps drifting toward the road. After having placed two pumpkins in the cart and working on the third the cart decides it misses the road to much, falls off the curb and lands on it's side. I am still not suppose to be lifting anything heavy, which this cart is, along with two pumpkins, which both were. So as I am trying to pick this very heavy cart off the road, oh.. roughly twenty or so people pass by me.. staring.
"Yeah, you dog-gone, good for nothings! Watch this poor woman as she struggles to lift a very large cart off the side of the road as it continues to cling to two equally large pumkins! Go on. Keep walking.. you stinkin', frinkin' frackin.. grumble, grumble, grumble." Ok I wasn't mad.. just annoyed.
So, I'm lifting, or at least attempting it and finally this redneck type guy stops and asks:
RG: Do you got that?
Me: Nope.
RG: Well at least you're honest.
He comes over and helps me lift it. While people still continue watching. Good gravy.
That's my story for the day.

have a good one!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Story time

So this morning, I had Bryan change Amelia's diaper since I was so tired from getting up to feed her in the night. I had just finished feeding her and Bryan wasn't changing her quick enough. Amelia started out by farting continuously. Laughing, Bryan reminded me that she IS my daughter. So then she started by peeing on Bryan. Then as Bryan went to get a new outfit she pooed all over her old diaper and receiving blanket. I'm sitting there laughing as Bryan walks back in to find her new presents for daddy. Then she starts peeing again. I'm rolling. Bryan's laughing although beside himself with all of the waste being expelled from this tiny person. Finally we get her changed. But not before getting her a new diaper, new outfit and new receiving blanket.
I love my little poo monster.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I have no words

This morning my mom calls me and sounds very upset. Asking what is wrong she asked that we not allow Amelia to sleep on our bed anymore. I had been bringing Amelia onto the bed at night to feed her and rest at the same time. So my mom is crying asking us not to do this anymore. Of course, I'm like, "sure.. not a problem." But I had to ask what was wrong.
Through tears she tells me that her co-worker accidentally smothered her 3 month old on the couch. Turns out she was lying on the couch with her son sleeping on her chest. She didn't mean to fall asleep but when she did her son slipped off of her into the crack between her and the couch with his head down. It had only been a few minutes because his body was still warm but she couldn't revive him.
After I got off the phone with her I went and kissed and hugged Amelia a ton of times. I feel so heart-broken for this mom. It's completely devastating, so if you all could keep her in your prayers. I don't know how she will deal with this, so if you would, pray for God to bring her comfort. Her name is Misty.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trip to the hospital

We just missed it so much we went back for a visit!
Ok, not so much.
Monday night/Tuesday morning, Amelia felt really warm. So I stripped her of her sleep blanket down to her onsie, fed her and went back to sleep. A couple of hours later I woke to her fussing for food and felt that she was still really warm. So I fed her then checked her temp. 101.7 according to our stupid slow thermometer. In to the hospital we went at five in the morning.
I figured they would think I was some over-protective mom, give us some Tylenol and send us home, but they said to bring her in if her temp was ever over 100.4. We ended up having a ton of doctors/nurses/residents take a look at Amelia and ask us the same ten questions over and over again. Finally a doctor wanted to run all the tests needed done on her. They drew blood, pricked her foot, stick an IV in her little hand, did a lumbar puncture and chest x-ray. It was awful. We had never heard her cry like she did. I think I cried about as much as she did.
We were moved to a room by 8:30. Bryan's mom came to help out, let me sleep, and so forth. Amelia had to have wires to monitor her heart, breathing and oxygen levels. By 5 my grandparents showed up and only 10 minutes after my mom and younger sister showed up as well. I ended up letting my grama hold her that night, but only her so Amelia wouldn't become sore from passing off. Most of the tests came back and they were negative but we had to wait til morning to hear about the blood cultures. They were testing for some of the more serious illnesses like menengitis.
They continued taking her temp and it went down to normal. We just needed it to stay that way. She sure did like the grape Tylenol, though. It was pretty cute. Her face would go from an "Oh, what in the world..." to a "...mmm... I think I could get used to this..."
The night was a little rough from lack of sleep and all the wires getting in the way of trying to feed her. Having to manuvre the stinkin' things around or risk the dang things beepin' annoyingly.
Wednesday morning the preliminary blood tests came back negative but we still had to wait for the final results plus they wanted to continue giving her antibiotics just to be sure. So this time grampa got to hold her and he said a blessing on her. It was sweet. They grandparents had to get going back home since they have livestock but my mom and sister stuck around. Sarah ended up staying with me last night to help with Amelia but I ended up letting her sleep instead.
So this morning all the tests came back and they were all negative, Praise the Lord, and her temp had gone down and stayed down. They don't mess around, they want to be sure with babies so young since they are really susceptible to such illnesses.
So about nine this morning we were finally discharged and are now home. It's very nice. And Amelia is doing very well.. in spite of the stinkin' cat waking her up only 30 minutes into her nap.. That did not make for a happy baby which in turn did not make for a happy mom. But nontheless it's good to be home.
Sarah is here for a night while my mom is in Dubuke for a work retreat. She'll be back tomorrow then they'll head home on Saturday. It's always nice to have family here.
Anyway, I just wanted to update. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We can't tell you how much we appreciat(ed) it.