Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Week

Let's start with the rough:

Sunday.. no, let's back up, Friday night we went over to Bryan's brother and sister-in-law's for dinner and ended up staying until 11. We had a really good time, however, we also had A with us and her bedtime is 8:30.
She's a lot like me and doesn't just fall asleep with so much going on. I wish she was, but she's not, so she was up til 11 right along with us. That made for a hard Saturday.
Saturday, we got up and picked up the Pitts', because they're just cool, and we all headed west and south to a pumpkin patch.
There we did a corn maze, jumped hay bales (those large round ones are still called "bales", correct?), pet a cow (well, I did), and picked out some rockin' pumpkins. Ours has warts. Lots of warts. And I got some gourds and made a pretty display on our dining room table.
Later Saturday night, Bryan and I were finally able to see his brother's band in concert. They weren't too shabby. Okay, they were pretty good. I dug 'em.
Out again late, and Sunday we had church, them off to take Bryan to the airport. For NC. For a week.
I was able to occupy my mind that night by hanging with Em. But Monday was hard. Really hard. It was a crappy day. In fact, it just sucked. But I was able to write three letters for three really awesome people who celebrated their birthday's that night. And I got to give it to them. The end.
Tuesday was the start of a much better week with A and I getting along, me having the patience to be mom without the support and loving breaks my husband so graciously gives to me. And we had a pretty good rest of the week. We got to do dinner with my favorite 80 y/o, some Youth Group, Bible Study, lunch with a sweet girl, and helping a friend get her dresses finished to sell.
My momma and gramma even came up a day early to help me out. It's so nice. I'm typing this in quiet...
Tonight I get to pick up Bryan but before then there will be painting of the kitchen, a photo shoot with a dear sweet friend and her very nice hubby, hanging with my kin folk, and, more than likely, cleaning.
Next week will be another long week but I won't be thinking about that until Monday. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the next three days.

Monday, October 04, 2010

2 more days

We just got back from a really nice weekend with my family. We just spent the Saturday hanging out and around but Sunday was busy. Good but busy.
It was my cousin Mattie's 9th birthday on Sunday. She also wanted to get baptized the same day. So we headed to their church to watch her born again. Praise God for her faith. She is the sweetest kindest little girl. She has a heart of gold and a personality to boot. Plus she's beautiful. Inside and out. Love her.
I did get to see one of my best friends from college. It had been since him and his wife got married. In between our last visit my hubby and I had a kiddo, and him and his wife had a son followed by a set of twin boys. And how handsome they are. Well, I only got to see one twin, but he said that "If you've seen one, you've seen them both." Heh :)
After church, my aunt and uncle had a little party for her rebirth. We had pizza and cake, then wrote our memories of our own baptism day. It was a very good (and large) celebration.
My mom and sister Courtney, A and I soon left to head back to my mom's where we met up with the rest of the family to celebrate Miss Mattie's birthday. She got to open gifts, then we just hung out and around the house. My family plus Courtney left for home around 6.
We didn't get home til 11 and I felt sick with exhaustion. I slept through til 9:30 this morning not even hearing our kiddo wake.
Bryan and I also have to do 2 more days of Phase 1 to make up for the weekend. We tried to stick with the MD but it's really hard when you're away from home. We have all of the foods we need for phase one but can't expect everyone to have the same. So, we went off of the MD knowing we'd have to make up 2 days for it.
We had pizza twice in two days and it felt so heavy. We haven't had grains for nearly two weeks by that point and it just felt like too much.
We also had some sweets. So I did not feel well by last night and was happy to start healthy again this morning. So today and tomorrow, we'll finish the first phase, then move on to phase 2. It'll be nice to add in lots of fresh fruit to our eating habits. We're restricted to berries, cherries and grapefruit in P1. I've never been more excited to have my choice in fruit!