Thursday, March 06, 2008

So, this week...

...didn't start out so great.
Monday night we must of had some bad eggs
because come 5 o'clock Tuesday morning
both Bryan and I were puking up our lungs.
First him, then I.
It wasn't a pretty site.
I slept as long as I could because
every time I would move I would get sick.
So needless to say Bryan and I were sick
the entire morning when we broke down...
we wanted our mommies.
So we called the angel that bore my husband,
brought us medicines, soups and ginger ale.
Oh the beautiful medicines.
One for the nausea and one for the diarrhea.
But we won't talk about that one.
Everything lasted throughout Tuesday
and the diarrhea continued on through til Wednesday.
I do not wish food poisoning on anyone.

And then today.
Today, what a happy day.
So, we're done with blowing glass
and have moved on to flat glass.
My four pieces turned out pretty dang cool.
I also have a cool idea for my next project
that I can't wait to get started on.

But the coolest thing of all...
our new camera came today.
If you know about our last one..
I lost it.
But we won't focus on that.
We now have (drum roll please)
a Nikon SLR d-40...
those of you who know your cameras
may now wipe off the drool that is dripping down
your chins.
Bryan was cool enough to also get the
regular lens,
a zoom lens,
four filters,
and a camera bag.

This is some pretty rockin stuff right there.

And tomorrow we get to go see my family.
I'm really excited about that.

Good ending to the week.
Thank the Lord.