Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here's the low down, the scoop.

We're not moving.
Yes, you read that right.
Le'me 'splain.  No.  There's too much.  Le'me sum up.
(name that movie!)
Anyway, here's what happened the last couple of months:

Our house was not selling.  We maybe had a total of 8 people interested in our house in the 11 months our house has been on the market.  No bids.  No offers.  Nothin.
So, I started praying.  It all seemed just too weird to me that nothing was happening with our house.  I started wondering if maybe we weren't suppose to move.  I asked God that if we weren't suppose to move that He would protect us by not letting our house sell.  We really couldn't afford to move, the launch for the church plant had come and gone, the pieces just weren't falling into place for us to go anywhere.
I prayed that if we weren't suppose to move that He would not only protect our house from selling but that He would also put it on my husband's heart to stay here since he was the one who felt the call to move in the first place.
Then, in the last two weeks I decided to spruce up the house to make it homier for showings.  I bought new throw pillows for the couches and bought plants for the front porch.  I worked really hard one day on the porch, planting plants, moving furniture around, and decorating the outside to make it purdy.
So as we're all sitting outside on our newly decorated porch as a family I said to Bryan, "You know what's gonna happen?  We're gonna make this house all nice and homey and just the way we want it and then someone is gonna come along and wanna buy it."  And he said. "Yeah, I want to talk to you about that..."
At first I thought, "Oh no, he doesn't want to move any more."  But then relief washed over me and a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  And it's not that I don't want to be out that way but it just didn't feel like the timing was right.
After the girls went to bed, we talked that night over everything and decided that we felt God was telling us not to move but to stay here and do the things here that we were wanting to do there.  We've already started an outreach group for events to reach out to the community surrounding our church.  We've met more of our neighbors and we're hoping to connect with them.  We've even met some other fellow Christians outside of our church that we're hoping to connect with them as a small group or even just to fellowship.  And something I've really been praying for has been another little girl for A to play with within our own block, and lo and behold, we met another little girl just her age that same day we decided not to move.
God is answering our prayers just in a different way than we imagined.  It's so cool how He works.
And when I told our (Christian) realtor that we wanted to pull our house off the market and why, she agreed that it's the best decision financially and that we should definitely do it if that's what we feel God's telling us to do.  She also said that this last year has been weird because she had been watching all the houses around us sell for the same price but it was like we were in our own little bubble!  So there it is.  God has been protecting us this entire time from moving and we didn't understand it all until now.

So, we're here to stay.  At least for now.  :)