Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day.

Bryan left for California/Oregon
at 2 this afternoon.
I only cried 3 times.
Almost cried 11ty billion...
Pray for his safety and trip.

I had my 1st day of school today.
It wasn't too bad.
Stupid sandals gave me a blister.
I'm kicking them out the door.
Pun intended.

I have the Friends Fiesta tonight.
I made homemade cookies for the 3 girls.
Emily is having Keith make homemade
salsa for me to eat... mmm.

Grampa's surgery went well.
He had a polup that they had to remove.
But, praise God, no cancer.
His surgery for his hip is now moved
to the 17th of September.

My mom will be on her way to me
tomorrow morning at 8.
I love my mama.
She knows me far too well.

Tomorrow's school day will be busy.
I have three classes that are far apart
with only 10 minutes to get there.
-2 words:
speed. walk.

I miss Bryan.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So I got a job a Michael's.
I will be on the floor doing stock and such.
I go in today to sign the papers.
I'm only slightly excited because it's a job.
However, it's a job.
I think it's probably for the best though
for specific reasons and all.

Bryan leaves for California on Tuesday.
I start school that day as well.
Then I have a Friends Fiesta
with some gal pals.
Gal pals...
what a funny phrase.

My mom may come up the next day
and stay through Friday.
I miss her
and my grandparents
and my sisters.
Then I'll get to hang out with Bruce...
but that's not until next week.
A bunch of highs but a really big low.

I bought my books for school.
I'm really very excited about throwing clay.
I'm still sad that I won't get to take photography.
I don't feel like I have enough art classes
but there's not a whole heck of a lot I can do about that.

A dear sweet elderly lady,
has cancer in her knee.
Pray for her.

Bryan and I are still looking for a house to rent.
There's places all over for sale
but we don't think we're gonna live here for
more than two years.
We're too far from my side of the family.

We still can't find our camera.
I think we've given up.

The Bible is a really good read.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Michaels Craft Store -Event Coordinator

I had a job interview this morning at Michael's
(It's a craft store).
She started talking to me about hiring me for
but then realized that I'm into art,
so she talked to me about being a coordinator
for the crafting department.
That sounds awesome.
Pray for God's will with this job!

P.S. Still haven't found our camera... :(

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm shrinking!!

So for our anniversary
Bryan got a hotel room-
an Executive Suite.
It was awesome.
Living room, eat-in area,
small kitchen, king sized bed,
ginormous bathroom...
It had a shower, two sinks
and a jacuzzi!
It was great.

Yesterday, Keith came over
and helped Bryan with our white car.
It has been sitting in the parking lot
since November.
It needed work done on it but we
could only afford what had to be done
The rest had to wait until we could
afford for it to be done.
About $300 worth.

Since we had let it sit for so long
the battery was dead,
the gas was bad
and something else wasn't looking so hot.

So yesterday they worked on the car
and two hours and $30 later it was fixed.
Imagine that.

However, Bryan didn't walk away without
getting bit by a hornet.
There was a hornets nest behind
the drivers side mirror.
I saw two-
Then warned.
Bryan swatted-
Then ran.
The hornet attacked-
then bit... hard.
Poor Bryan.

Last night we had a meeting for
the discussion of VBS.
It went really well and I'm now
excited for next years!

So far...
I have lost eighteen pounds.
So on Saturday I got to go shopping
because my clothes are getting to big!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

What a week!!!

This week was nuts.
Monday-Friday we had VBS and I
was Professor Clutz the crafting scientist.
Although it was a little crazy, stressful and hectic
at times,
it was a lot of fun.
Last night was the craziest of the complete
three weeks.

I had to go in at 3:30 to
get all of the crafts set up for collection,
clean up from the previous night,
finish any crafts that were left unfinished
due to lack of time,
and set up for the nights crafts.
Bryan and I didn't get there til 4:00,
then Bryan only got to help for so long because
Keith needed help picking up a root beer keg.
So I was on my own.
I got some extra help from Miss Ashleigh
(she helped me a lot this week. Thanks Ash).
We had just beat the clock and made it in time.

During the first craft I had to use a hot glue gun
and I burnt myself.
On the tip of my middle finger.
It seriously hurt for three hours.
Throbbing, burning pain all the way
up my arm.
I had to keep my finger
dipped in ice water.
A ton of people helped me out
and took good care of me.
I now have a giant blister
and my finger is numb.
It'll heal.

After it was all said and done
we cleaned the whole church.
So many people helped out and pitched in
it got done in about an hour.
And the place was spic and span.

Afterwards, when everyone had gone home,
we went to leave and
found an anniversary card
on our windshield.
It was a beautifully handmade
and signed by a lot of wonderful people.
Bryan and I are still really touched
by the beautiful sentiment.
We feel truly blessed
having such wonderful people in our lives.

So all in all
Bryan and I had a wonderful week
at VBS
and a wonderful third anniversary.