Sunday, February 25, 2007

Black-out picture fun

So here are some pictures from the
black out last night.
We tried to amuse ourselves with the flashlight.

Bryan is handsome, even in this light.

He makes me laugh.

Bryan loves September loves Bryan.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Bryan and I were suppose to
go down to my grandparents
but we kept hearing all this stuff
of bad weather.
Needless to say we didn't go so
we didn't end up staying
longer than intended.

I shouldn't miss anymore school.

I guess that on the news
our city was mentioned by name.
Many warnings of a

We've received a lot of sleet
to which is now ice-
We have also gotten some snow
but not yet the blizzard.

The wind is blowing so hard that the
trees are almost in half,
the building we live in is creaking
and the lights have been flickering.

Those poor trees look so cold.
And I'm just waiting to loose power.

Being stuck inside has been fun, however.
We have cleaned the kitchen,
ate a whole thing of cookie dough,
made homemade bread,
made some good ol' chili with cornbread
(the corn bread wasn't so good
cause it was a mix),
took a nap,
and had ice cream.
It has all been delightful.

It's oh so nice to be trapped with someone you

Five minutes after this post we lost all power. It remained off until the middle of the night.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's made a come back

This is a post that I did back in December of 2005. Nothing has seemed to change so I thought it was proper to post it again.

Things I thoroughly dislike with a passion about drivers

I recently read in another blog the rantings about things that are hated and I thought it was a good idea to blow off steam. So since I about got out of my truck to scream at a few I thought I'd list the top 10 things I hate that people do when they are driving. (#3 happened tonight, it occured twice as I sat at a red light then green back to red and green again...)

My top 10 list

10. limit turn off
-I don't mind driving the speed limit but don't go 10 under.. even 5 under is annoying. If something is wrong for you to go slower it's fine but that's what hazard lights are for.

9. too little too ...early
-You're driving down the road and someone pulls out in front of you making you put on the brakes. Then they drive real slow when they could have waited two more seconds for you to pass and then drive as slow as they want.

8. sitting in blind spots
-i hate when people sit in others blind spots. They go fast enough only to sit where you can't see them then when you would like to get over you can't because someone is sitting there. Especially when they do it to semi's. They can't see you so if they run into you then I say ...ha. ha. ha.

7. can't talk and drive at the same time.
-faster and slower then all over the road. Can you not breathe and blink at the same time either?

6. two lane envy
-I hate when there are two lanes and one ends for some reason or another and rather than waiting in line like every other person they zoom as far as they can and expect someone to let them in. Wait your flippin turn. This also goes for people who zig zag in and out of all the other cars, speed and cut people off just to end up in the same place at the same time as everyone else that they originally cut off.

5. "what's this button for?"
-does anyone know what cruise control is? and if you don't have it learn to level your foot so your not driving like an idiot all over the road. And this way you also don't have people passing you because your slow and then you pass them because you decide to drive again, then so on and so forth...

4. driving slower in the passing lane
-there is a reason it's called the "passing lane" and not the "drive as slow as you want this way no one can go around your lazy butt" lane.

3. intersections and red lights
-whether the light is green or turning red I hate it when people continuing going through an intersection when the lane is full of stopped cars and it's starting to back up into the intersection. Then nonchalantly sit there while the light is green for the opposite direction to go.

2. four way stops.
-people have forgotten how to 1. stop at a stop sign and 2. go when it's their turn. The yeild sign is for you not to fully stop but a stop sign means put on the brakes and come to a hault to look both ways before proceeding.

And the number one thing I hate:
1. blinkerphobia
-I absolutely hate it when people don't use their blinker. Because then you're wondering, "why the heck are you slowing down for no apparent- ...oh your turning... gee, I wish there was a way I could have known that you were going to turn- oh wait!! There is! It's called your flippin BLINKER!!!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Freezing Point

So this morning
I fell on the ice.

First falling forward onto
the wet, muddy
snow covered ground.
Landing on my right hip and hand.

Then after seriously debating
on going back upstairs and
straight to bed,
I got back up and
and hit ice again.

This time with my feet
going out from underneath me
landing me on my butt.
Thankfully I had on my back-pack.
Otherwise I would have hit my head.

All this in under one minute.

I'm such a clutz.
But it really did hurt...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

I wish I would have
known this before
I drove an hour in the
slick as snot snow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Today's Story Time- (brought to you by the letter S)

So I have a couple of stories for you.
Even though they are from yesterday...

So first off-
Did you hear about the death of
Anna Nicole Smith?
Yesterday at 2ish.
They are doing an autopsy today-
So we'll see what exactly happened-
in spite of all the rumors going around.

Moving on...
But be forewarned-
This is a vent.

So last Sunday
Bryan and I went house hunting.
We found this house for sale but
it didn't have a sign.
I asked Bryan to look into it.

I looked online and fell
with this house.
and a Steal.

So Wednesday when Bryan
called the realtor they told us it
it had sold just
twenty minutes before.

I cried.
I'm still praying that it isn't.

So yesterday I was on
my way to school.
Driving in town in the left lane
of two lane street,
there was a car in front of me
who was a little
brake happy.

So there she was
Ms. Brake Happy
tap-tap-tapping away-
Who wasn't happy if she wasn't going
exactly the speed limit.
I wasn't sure what was going on
so I slowed down as well.
Until she slammed on her brakes.

I saw there was a white car
coming the opposing direction
wanting to turn.
I came within inches
of hitting
Ms. Brake Happy.
So I laid on my horn.
(not at Ms. Brake Happy
but at the idiot sitting in oncoming traffic)

People can not drive here.

So my brothers-in-law are
driving me mad.
The one getting married
won't help pay for anything
"he has no money."

But yet they manage to
scrounge up money
to go out to eat
spending $40 on dinner
$150 on comedians
or they go out and spend
$6 on a pint of ice cream.


It doesn't help that they
get the most expensive things
because they don't
have any bills to pay-

Then both of the brothers will
come over
and eat all of our food!

For example:
I made two large loaves of
-chocolate chip banana bread-
on Wednesday.
They came over last night
and this morning (Friday)
it was almost gone.
Not to mention uncovered so
whatever was left was
drying out.

And yet it's such a task to pick
up a gallon of milk
or share the food they've bought
for themselves.

poopy, stinky, lame, poopy boys-
I fart in your general dIrection!

Yeah that's right.
I went there

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New news... not really... well kind of.

So I'm bored with this semester...
I feel bad about it.
But I think my painting class is
A Joke.
My art history class is
but it's

I am ready for my
algebra class
to be over.
It's not hard
it's just old.

I do like my Sociology class.
We have this really
interesting assignment.
It's a little hard to explain
but basically I'm going out and
hugging strangers.

I'm a little nervous.

But it's better than doing
something rude.
I just couldn't handle the thought of
being mean to someone.