Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today is the day

We are leaving for Ecuador in less than four hours. Technically we're heading for Chicago first. Then we'll fly to Houston. Enjoy a nine hour layover, then fly to panama. Sit for another enjoyable 8 hour layover then finally fly to Quito (somewhere in) Ecuador.
I'm not nervous to fly. What I am nervous about is leaving my sweet 2 year old. She'll be in good hands with her grandma and grandpa, it's just the fact of being separated from her for more than a weekend. Then it's only 1 full day of not seeing her, this time 7 full days. I'm gonna cry. I know I'll be homesick for her.
I've been doing a lot of praying this week trying to prepare both our hearts. For her, that she'll stay busy, have lots and lots of fun, and stay safe. For me, that I'll stay focused on the project at hand, and enjoy myself with my hubby and good friends.

So please keep us in your prayers. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories and faces to share once we return.

Much love.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy next few days.

Wow. God is good. We are only $300 from our entire goal for our trip to Ecuador!!

Tomorrow I have my 2nd doctor's appointment for the new babe.

I was suppose to get my tooth fixed aft the doc but I decided to put it off until after we get back because it'll be fragile. And I don't want to break it in another country. That would stink.

Tomorrow night we finalize our itinerary for our trip.

Friday is cleaning. Then showing our house sitter around the house.

Saturday we pack, A gets picked up by her grandparents, I bawl like a baby, then we leave to catch a plane.

...I'm nervous.
Please be praying for us.

*Edit* just checked on my girl and she's running a temp. Please be in prayers for her because I don't want to go on a trip with her at home sick :(

Friday, June 10, 2011

I hope to not see those people again. No offense.

Yesterday morning I needed to go back into the dentist. On Tuesday I noticed that my tooth had turned a slight gray especially near the gum line. Made me a little nervous so on our way to the pool I called the office. They asked that I came in right away to look at it just to make sure it was alright.
Sweet A was such a sport. Although she was so excited to go swimming, she was good to let me go to the dentist right quick. She even wanted to sit in the chair and have the nurse look at her teeth too! Guess it's passed time to get her in to see one.
So, yesterday I went back in unsure of what they were going to do exactly, nervous I'd have to go through those shots again. Turns out I did. My dentist wanted to go back into it and make sure there was nothing causing the graying.
They left the topical cream on longer to try to help numb my gum a little better. It did help. No tears this time. The dentist reopened it, took out all the filling and cleaned my tooth a little better. She rechecked it and didn't find anything which is good.
She refilled it, closed it up, and the nurse took an x-ray. It turns out she did a better job this time in filling it so it's a good thing I went back in. I guess ;)
Now, in a year we'll know the results. Praying for good results. Then, if it's all good, I'll get a crown on my tooth and it'll look all pretty. But for now I'll settle for a brand new, nicer and more matching filling.


A week from Friday we leave for Ecuador. We are still $700 short of being able to go on the trip and another $1000 to give to the orphanages. We're all a little behind on our goals, unfortunately.

Please be praying that we reach our goal. My heart really wants to go visit these children.

Monday, June 06, 2011

All caught up.

So we've announced our pregnancy and we are 11.5 weeks, 12 on Thursday. Time is going faster than I thought it would. I guess it's because I wanted to get to the second trimester quickly. Don't get me wrong, this time around the first trimester has been way easier than it was with A. With her, i was nauseated for the first four months until Bryan and I had a bout of food poisoning. Then that was that.

This last weekend we went down to the farm. It always feels like home when we're there. I'd love to be closer to them and the slow calmness of it all. Maybe someday.
Poor A and I were suffering from allergies the entire time. What a way to spend the weekend! But she had so much fun with her aunts and gramma and great grandparents.
Great grampa took A for lots of rides on the four wheeler and re hen the lawn mower. She LOVED that. Her aunts and gramma took her out to see the horses and walked around. and great gramma took her out to see the baby chickens. Her daddy and I try to relax when we're there so we're thankful for family who loves our baby.

Today I had a root canal on my front tooth. When I was about 8 or 9 I slipped and fell face first on some ice and broke a good chunk of of it. A couple months ago I had to get the other top wisdom tooth pulled and when I did the dentist asked about my tooth. I told him about it, he took an x-ray and said I needed a root canal. Then after I fit the root canal he could put a brand new filling on it to make it look much nicer. Woot!
Scheduled appointment with the dentist two weeks later, I missed it. I rescheduled. Two weeks later I met the dentist. She took a look at it and decided it was worth a try but the outcome was uncertain. Scheduled for two weeks later, I found out we're pregnant so we have to push it back another 4 weeks so that I'm closer to the second trimester. Then today being thee day.
I tell you what, those shots hurt like a of a gun. Worst part ever. But I made it through with minimal tears. The canal had died at such young age that the canal was left huge so the end wasn't tapered like a normal tooth. They had to do a lot to fill it AND the filling went past my tooth and int my gums. I sure felt that.
After they were all done they took an x-ray to make sure it all looked good. The doc saw that my tooth looked like it fractured when I first initially broke it. She said that when that happened it should have split and caused an abcess and more than likely just fallen out. But what did happen is that it fractured but didn't separate so it simply healed. Thank you Jesus.
She was afraid the filling might have leaked through the fracture and if that happened then the chances were slim of saving the tooth. But the x-ray came back great. Woot! So now I've scheduled an appointment to have the filling fixed a week from this Thursday. Woo-hoo! Only 18 years after I initially broke it but there's a reason for everything and God is good.
So even though my tooth is throbbing I seem to be doing pretty well. Now we just hope and pray that the root canal takes then all will be well!

Monday, May 23

Today I had my first ob appointment. I've been waiting nearly three weeks for this because I'm anxious for more confirmation and for all the baby stuff to start.
It does seem that I am right on target at 9.5 weeks and will be due Dec 22. This poor child will be a Christmas baby. That's all right. My uncle Jon survived and now so will this one. Except for birthday parties. Darn. Oh well, we'll figure it out. :)
My doc did search for the heartbeat today but she said it would be unlikely since I'm only 9 weeks. She was right but we'll try again in another 4 weeks.
I also had to do the dreaded blood work. 5 viles worth. When I was pregnant with A I got really sick when they did this. I even had the trash can on my lap because I really thought I was going to get sick. However this time the needles just hurt. She tried my left arm and couldn't get the blood to flow so then she had to do my right. Owie. And she's normally so good too!
After my appointment was all said and done I headed on back to my mom-n-law's. I dropped A off before my app so I needed to go get her ;) Plus she wanted to work on her dad's photo album using Snapfish. However, after deciding that we should wait for everyone's pictures, we decided to go and eat instead. Good idea! I was starving :)

And then tonight I had my d-group. We decided Red Robin would be a good way to end our meetings for the summer. I did suggest we meet once a month just to hang out and catch up and they all liked that idea. I do too. I'll be sad not to see those girls up to 3x a week but once.
I had been debating telling my girls (not thinking tonight was really the last night of our meetings) but then Holly asked if anyone had any exciting news. She was a little hyped up on her coke (she had 2 before our food even got there) and said she didn't care what just anything exciting. So I said, "Well, I'm pregnant" and they all became very excited and started asking all the questions people always ask when they here someone's pregnant. They were all so darling.

So now that those closest to us know first, I think we're gonna start announcing it to everyone. Now, how will we do it is the question...
After dinner they all wanted to go to Best Buy to take pictures of themselves on the computers. Since we has a bit of time I agreed. They were all so goofy. I just love those girls.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Friday, May 13

Yesterday morning I finally got to my TMM group! I was dying to tell them the first morning I found out and then had group. Then again each time I saw them, which is quite frequent since we all go to church together including Wednesday night. But I wasn't going to tell them with everyone else around!
So I waited.
We got together, watched our video, did the questions, then started prayer requests. And of course I'm last. Ha. Started out with requests like our new dog. Oh yes, did I mention we got a new dog? Yes, we're crazy. New dog and new baby. I'm still deciding on what I think about the former. She's sweet and all, it's just all the changes and.. Uh. I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.
Anyway, so after my requests I said that I do have a praise, that new baby (our last name) should be here in December. From them I got screams and laughter!
I do find it strange how people react differently to the second baby than they did to the first. So many questions with the first and not so much with the second. I guess it's because it's all new to the new mom and people want to know what she thinks, feels, worries, is deciding, etc. With the second, it's not as new although still exciting.

So, how am I feeling? Well, bloated, morning sickness in the evening, the headaches have finally subsided, but I am still tired. I've been so bleh lately that I haven't gotten much of anything done but today I did manage to fold the huge amount of laundry that's been laying around AND make lunch and supper! Go me!
I believe I'm 8 weeks along yesterday. Still waiting to have my first doctor appointment. I'm hoping they'll schedule an ultrasound just so we can be sure of the exact date but we won't know that until the 23rd.

Anyway, few more people to tell before we announce it to everyone. Who's next...