Friday, February 29, 2008

Four years ago on this very day...

It was Sunday and Mom and I had gone out to eat to spend some time together.
We got back when it started getting dark and went through the back door.
I went in after mom and so I saw her and my sisters in the kitchen with roses.
I knew they were from Bryan because he sent me flowers all the time.
It was really cool because it made me all the more excited to see him the next weekend.
My sisters had a goofy grin on each of their faces which I thought was a little odd but not much else.
After smelling the gorgeous roses they told me that I had another surprise in the living room.
I thought maybe Bryan had sent a giant teddy bear or something big and goofy like that.
I anxiously walked toward the darkened living room and I saw lit candles.
I proceeded to turn the corner and there was Bryan.
I could not have been more excited.
Bryan drove four hours just to see me on a Sunday night when I was going to get to see him the next weekend.
It was hard living without him.
He was all dressed up and spiffy looking, I couldn't stop hugging him in all my excitement.
I kept asking him what he was doing there but I don't think I cared too much of the reason why.
I was hugging my boyfriend -the love of my life.
Then in all the blurryness of it all Bryan got down on one knee.
He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.
Then he asked those four wonderful words-
"Will you marry me?"
I squealed a yes and hugged him with no intention of letting go.
He placed a gorgeous ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed.
Then my mom and sisters come squealing giddily into the living room.
We danced around in excitement and then my stepdad and grandparents come down from upstairs.
That's when I lost it and started to cry.
It was a fantastic evening.

Now we're married and expecting our first baby.
I am incredibly blessed to have found Bryan -the love of my life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"So I wonder if church is cancelled?"

A week ago Thursday we had our first ultrasound.
8 weeks 6 days (give or take a week).
Our baby looked like a panda which was funny to us
but what was really cool was that we got to see the
heart beating.
It raced at a healthy 160 bpm.

So as of yesterday we are now 10 weeks along
and our baby is said to start looking like a baby
and not a panda.
However, since we don't know the sex yet,
we call it Panda.

I'm not growing much,
except for water weight,
and my clothes are becoming nice and tight,
except for good ol' reliable t-shirts.

My body did this whole switcharoo on me
and made it so I don't like all the foods I used to love
and eat foods that I haven't eaten in forever.
And now meat gags me.

Valentines day was fun.
However, Bryan was helpful and found his gift a day early.
Oh well, he didn't know about the rest until the next morning.
"Oh well" now but it wasn't so on Wednesday.
I was mad at myself for not thinking about it.
And I cried... of course.
And Bryan got me flowers and a teddy bear.
That made my day.
And he tricked me, too.

My sister Courtney is here since Friday until tomorrow.
It's nice to hang out with her.
She's fun and entertaining.
Plus she wears out our dog.

Court and I got to hang out with my friends Emily and Rachel
yesterday for a girls afternoon out.
We went and saw Juno and ate at Applebee's.
Juno was good,
Applebee's was not.
And it was good fun hanging out with Emily and Rachel.
Then we went back to Emily's and hung out with Bryan and Keith.
We even go to prank call Keith with Courtney's phone.
Needless to say we had/have/having a good time.