Friday, September 22, 2006

Once Upon A Time...

So, I stole this entry from Karadyan's site. So, making sure to give her credit, it's a very good entry and I feel the exact same way with a few moderations.. Sorry Karadyan but I didn't have asthma.

I miss being a little girl. Everything was so much easier then. The only boys that hurt me were bullies that didn't want to admit they liked girls. My hospital visits were because of checkups, not depression. Money wasn't an issue, and no meant no. Mom's opinions were all that mattered, And the only person I needed watching over me was Jesus. Walking around barefoot was less dangerous, and splinters were the only daily drama. Selling lemonade on the corner made me enough money to last and we played barbies instead of gossipping. Playing with people meant playing actual games, and you could only cheat on a test. "Best friend" was more than just a title, friends forever didn't seem so impossible, and laughing wasn't a chore. Curfew was when it was dark, all my friends lived within walking distance and the neighbors didn't care if we played in their yards. Walking to McDonalds or the pool was exciting for us because we got to cross the railroad tracks. I cried over scraped knees and elbows, not broken hearts. We were more concerned with each other's well being than the newest zit on our own face. Pinky promises actually meant something and "getting away" meant going to the treehouse next door. It wasn't so hard to love each other and we didn't notice each other's imperfections. Yes, I miss being a little girl.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Everything is well.
I'm still getting over the last of my cold from what seems forever ago.
I just hope I'm not getting sick again.
That would suck.
School is going well.
I have a test on Thursday in Biology.
A possible quiz today in Algerbra... or friday -She's trying to be tricky.
But on a good note I'm getting lots of exercise from walking on this dang large campus.
So that's nice.
Bryan and I are trying to save money so we can pay off our loans and the credit card.
Because it's our gas card we're having a hard time getting it down.
That means limiting our driving especially down to play Capoeira.
It uses a quarter of a tank everytime we go to play.
It's crazy.
Target called and wants to interview me for the bakery dept.
I don't know if it'll work anyway because they may want me to work from 4am til noon.
That's just crazy.
I like my sleep and really I don't do well before 7:30ish but 8 is better.
A nap sounds good...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I can tell you love me...

This morning I took my wonderful husband to work. And as we said our good-byes for the day he said to me, "I can tell you love me by the way you look at me." I asked him how I looked at him and he responded, "Like the way you looked when I first told you 'I love you.'"

I love my Bryan. He's my prince.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick Days for Adults

Yesterday I thought I had allergies.
So Bryan and I went to go buy claritin and benadryl.
Then last night I slept horribly.
I woke up at one.
Then again at 2:30 from a sneezing fit and couldn't fall back asleep.
Although it hadn't been 12 hours from when I took the claritin I took benadryl cause I thought it wasn't working and I needed some relief.
And sleep.
So I waited a half an hour then went back to bed.
About 3:30 the fire alarm was going off at the school across the street.
Bryan was already awake from it and came when he heard me wake up.
He ended up calling 911 and was told someone else had called as well.
I fell back asleep, if you can call it that, then woke up when I heard the fire truck arrive.
The alarms were turned off and I asked Bryan if I had dreamt it.
I didn't.
I slightly woke up again twice before I heard Bryan showering.
He told me I needed to get up-
I had an eight o'clock class to go to.
I felt crummy getting around.
Still kind of felt like allergies but I soon started feeling the symptoms more intense.
Bryan said he thought I might have a cold because he has allergies too and he wasn't feeling anything.
So I zombied my way through class.
Ran out of tissues.
Slept for an hour in my car before my next class.
Woke up sweating from the my cold and the heat.
Realized I do have a cold.
Grabbed more tissues and almost skipped algerbra-
But it's college and there are things to turn in and homework to receive.
Zombied my way home.
Slept for two hours.
Ate cereal.
Zombied my way over to the computer to type this little note.
Stopped after three sentences and went and stood under a hot shower for a while.
Came back and zombied my way through this blog.
Hope you didn't zombie yourself by reading this.

On a happier note:
My birthday was tuesday.
It was a happy birthday.
I love all my family.
They are thee most excellent people ever.
Bryan is wonderful.
Courtney is so fun.
I'm working things out with Sarah.
My grandparents looked good but the drive is long.
Malachi is huge, walks has lots of teeth and is so adorable.
Mathia broke her leg playing gymnastics in her room.
Everyone signed her cast-
My mom even decorated it with gems and pretty stickers.
I got to see my uncle Jon for the first time in nine months.
And Kimmie's hair is so long.
Oh and my mom is beautiful-
As always.

I'll see the in-laws on Sunday for my birthday.
But Brent is so great, he sent me a texted Happy Birthday on my way to class.

Thank you again, Courtney, for having a ceramic pot made for me.
And thank you again, Mom, for the incredible and lovely scrapbook.