Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 6, Phase 1 and a Quick update

Day 4 is always hard. Always. And I always want to give it up. I'm so hungry at that point and I want a heavy meal. Something yummy with bread and ends with chocolate. But this time I read a friend's health blog and she talked about cleansing and that's when I remembered that's what the first phase is, a cleansing.
"Oh yeah," I thought, "I can do this... I can do this with God's help."
He got me through eating sweets and He can get me through a cleansing.
And in the end, this change of eating habits does work. I've already lost a few lbs, so it is worth it.

A had her 2 year check-up on Thursday. She did pretty good. I mentioned my slight concern for her tininess but the doc said she was healthy and tall so there was nothing to worry about. Sounds good to me. But will I need to bring out her 18 month winter clothes? Or suck it up and buy those pricey jeans with the adjustable waist?

We're home this weekend. We were suppose to head to my family's for a friends wedding but we wouldn't get to see my grandparents. That would mean that it would be 3 months before we'd get to see them again for Thanksgiving. I can't not see them. And only having the funds to get down there once this month sealed the deal.
So, I'm gonna go enjoy my Saturday with my little family. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Here we go again...

Things have been a little crazy around here. My baby girl turned two, my hubby left for a Men's Retreat on friday and returned on Sunday, my awesome friend celebrated her birthday, I'm working on things for the improvement of the nursery and starting a new thing for the youth group, as well as returning to my love/hate Maker's Diet.

So to update quickly and briefly on the subjects... A'sbirthdaywasacompletehitAllthekidsenjoyedthemselvesaswellastheadultsWehadbonfirecakeandicecreampresentopeningandagoodoletimeBryanhadagreattimeattheretreatandAandIsurvivedwithouthimBarelyWeareveryhappythatheishomeIdon'tknowwhatwe'lldowhenheleavesforhisbusinesstripsoIthinkwe'llgovisitfamilyEmandIcelebratedwithsomeHuHotItwasjusttoogoodnottohaveforeverybirthdayfromhereonoutThenurseryisselfexplanitoryandthenewthingfortheyouthgroupisn'treadytoberevealedyetAndI'mbackontheMaker'sDiet.


Hello, Maker's Diet. How I've not missed you. But it seems to be the only way to lose weight. The hardest part is to get through the first 4 weeks. After that, it becomes much much easier to survive. I just always feel so hungry all the time. I need to stock up on strawberries :) And the bad thing is that the one place that I can find goat milk placed a sign that read the company will no longer be making milk products. So I am now dairy-less for four weeks. So, now what?
I don't know.
I'm also going back off sweets. I can't seem to handle it. I have a hard time saying no because I just like it so darn much. I did so much better and it was easier for me to be off of it consistently for those 6 months. So here I go again. September 20th marks day one of no sweets as well as Day 1 Phase 1 for the Maker's Diet.

Pray for me that I don't eat my foot.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To my baby on her 2nd birthday

My sweet, sweet girl, you are two today. Two. I can't believe you are already two. It has been a remarkable two years. You are so amazing in how much you've grown, have learned, have mastered, can now understand. You are awesome.
Just the other day I heard you say "love you" for the first time. My heart skipped for joy to hear those two little words.
You still speak a lot of gibberish but you are using more and more words in context. It's so much fun to hear you say what you are learning! Guess I better not use the word "crap" around you anymore.
Yesterday afternoon I really felt like a mom when I called you to the dinner table. Then you even responded with a "Kay!".
You are a rascal when it comes to changing your diaper or brushing your teeth. But it's gotta be done. No one likes a saggy bottoms-monster breath baby- No, big girl.
You still love to watch a few television shows here and there but you really love to read. And you really love to play with your baby dolls.
You have a beautiful heart that is full of compassion. You show it with a concerned "she sad" whenever a baby (or doll) cries, the dinosaurs in your book show tears, or someone in a book has been splashed. At least you care :)
You still love instruments and play like a rockstar on the guitar. You have no idea what to do with your left hand but you strum like a pro with your right.
You are infatuated with shoes! You wear momma's shoes all the time, dancing around in my fancy gold shoes with all the bead work. I fear for their lives! But you've got great moves and have improved your "slide".
You know how to shake your groove thang and have become an excellent hopper.
You are very good when it comes to praying before meals, although you tend to sneak a bite or two, and you listen when momma prays with you before bedtime.
You have become a "daddy's girl" and he finds it hard to work from home when you're too cute not to play baby doll's with.
You still have your beautiful curls and they manage to disguise how long your hair really is.
You officially do not like baths.
But you love to swim.
As long as you don't get splashed.
You're not dramatic at all...
You have a beautiful singing voice and awesome dance moves, especially in the car. I love hearing a "momma!" only to turn around to see you showing me how your groove to the song.
I love when you read out loud to yourself. And even to momma or dadda when we were trying to read to you in the first place.
You're very good at sharing... when you want to.
You're a good "momma" to your "babies".
You always seem to request one more book at night even though we've just read four. And I always seem to be suckered in.
You love to squeal and run away. Especially when we're trying to get you ready for the day.
You have a funny thing of running back and forth between the tv, landing on the couch.
You love your new bean bag chair. You even dragged it from your room to the living room.
You're a good listener. Especially when I start counting to three.
You had a naughty streak of saying "two" if I said "one" in my countdown.
You're loving, kind, and compassionate. A wonderful little girl and I hope to have 10 more just like you.

I love you so much, my sweet baby girl. You'll always be my baby, no matter how old you are.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Day six as a 26 year old.

Yes, I am officially 26 years old. Turned another year older yesterday. Now my question is:

When do you start to feel like an adult?

More to come....