Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thought I'd throw in a quick update.

Yesterday we were suppose to close on our house,
but there is one kink that we are waiting on.
The bank needs something from the courthouse,
the courthouse is closed from the flood,
we're still waiting on the "done deal."
So in other words...
we haven't closed yet :(
Our guy at the bank said that
he'd get us into the house by Saturday-
no matter what. :D
I can't wait to be in our home.
Our adorable,
all ours

I'm still fighting off this cold.
Luckily I'm winning...
I have this stupid cough but
it feels like it's at least getting junk out of my lungs.

We took Pete to the vets this morning.
He's been peeing and throwing up a lot.
We were afraid he'd have diabetes.
The Doc gave him some antibiotics
and had to draw some blood.
Turns out Pete is as bad about blood being drawn
as a human (Bryan) is.
He slept for three hours when he got home.
I guess it took a lot out of him.

I packed some more today.
I just know that people will be throwing things into boxes :(
I feel so unprepared for moving day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

And it's only gotten worse...

We finally had a dry day yesterday.
It's going to rain a little more today.
More tomorrow.
Then a few more dry days.
Hopefully it will dry up some of the flood.
Only a few houses have been saved out of many.
Bryan and I are almost surrounded by the flood.
Our church has officially closed for a while.
The sewer water leaked into the well.
Not to mention the flood is heading its way.
We also have to conserve water.
No flushing.
Washing hands.
Only drinking water.

This DQ is now underwater.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm not ready for the Chicago trip to be over.

Friday evening my family got here. We had dinner and turned on the air conditioning. The air mattress pump wasn't charged so we had to run to Wal-mart for another one. I got a foot rub from my mom before bed
-4:30am was to come early.

Saturday morning I was awake at 3:45am. I laid around til about 4:20am when I finally got up. I didn't want to get up any earlier and wake any one else but it turned out that almost all of them were already getting around.
Out the door by 5:10, we were on our way.
We all pretty much slept the drive, stopping at 9 for some Cracker Barrel. Breakfast was alright but Bryan was still pretty sick and didn't really enjoy it. Grampa didn't really enjoy his either.
After breakfast we finished our journey into Chicago and at about 10, hit the Field Museum right away. Some of the exhibits were pretty amazing. My favorites were the t-rex and whale skeletons and the elephants, the Egyptian tomb and the underground.
We said we'd meet at 4 but by 2:30 we were all pretty much beat. My sisters went to the aquarium and then the museum so we had to wait for them for a bit but they were done pretty quickly so we headed to the hotel. Plus I was incredibly swollen from all the walking on the hard floor.
It took us about an hour and a half to get there but it was worth it because the hotel was really nice. The only thing that was bad was that our rooms weren't connected so we had to keep going through the hall and knocking on each others doors.
We all were starving so Grampa ran to target and we ordered pizza, eating almost everything. We all went to bed pretty early, around 9. But all in all it was a good day.

Sunday, Grama and Grampa were up bright and early -6am. They went to the pool and walked in the water for some exercise. They are some tough grandparents. Bryan and I were up at 7:30 so at 8 we tagged along with the grandparents to IHOP. It wasn't too far so we walked, plus by the time Bryan and I figured out we were walking we didn't want to turn around. But it was worth it. Breakfast was good and so was the conversation. At the end a family sat down with two little girls who blew us kisses. The youngest one, about a year old, looked like an adorable little elf. She kept grunting at me to get my attention. I was ok with that.
We stopped at Target since it was on the walk back, and shopped around a bit. Bryan was coughing so bad that he was miserable so we left. We got back to the hotel by around 10 and my mom and sisters were just waking up. Soon Courtney, Bryan and I headed down to the pool while Sarah hit the weight room.
We swam around for a few hours before some little kids came down about 12:45. One of the kids shouted to his mom, "Hey mom! Take off your clothes and get in the pool!" It was so funny. We decided to get out and get ready for the day.
Mom, grama and grampa headed back over to Target for a food run. When they got back we hung around the room. My mom, sisters and I got bored so we decided to put on fake tattoos. It was quite entertaining but now I'm thinking of getting one inspired by one of the fake ones.
We walked over to Chili's because we were craving steak. Bryan ended up getting his meal for free because they screwed something up. However, it was really really good. I love their mashed potatoes -mmm. We thought about stopping at Coldstone but were all too full. So we stopped at Target -again. We walked around and I found a pair of maternity shorts. They are so comfy. And so much cooler than wearing capris. We headed back -exhausted- and hung around for a bit before we decided to go swimming again. This time we all went except for Sarah. It was a little chillier than earlier but it was nice.
We all got out around 9 and thought we'd order a movie but Bryan, grama and grampa headed to bed. So mom, court and I watched the end of Hairspray and then headed to bed for another long day.

Monday we got out of the hotel by 9 and started to head out. Someone gave grampa different directions to the Museum so we wouldn't have to hit the interstate. It took about 45 minutes but that was better than the 2 hours it would've taken. We missed the exit twice but got back into the Field Museum for the free day -second monday of the month.
Bryan and mom wanted to check out a couple more things so Courtney and I hit the gift shops. She didn't want to leave Chicago empty handed. So after some careful searching she found a really cool rock windchime. I found myself an amber ring and picked up grampa a wood-burned gord owl. It all was pretty dang cool. I really wanted this cute panda but it was a ridiculous gift shop price of $40. Not worth it.
We left the museum at 12:20 and headed to the Museum of Science and Industry. My legs from the knees down were killing me so I got a wheelchair and Bryan pushed me around. I wouldn't have made it otherwise.
We started checking out some of the old cars when my family spotted a guy from Project Runway. So we started to chase him down so I could see him but he was quick and obviously in a hurry to get somewhere. So we got some water and checked out the circus area. It was a lot of fun even though we are "big kids."
We found the PR guy again, he was in a side room decorating. Courtney got a couple of pictures.
We then headed to a quick 3-D show where I had to switch seats with Bryan because someone with a big head who couldn't sit still sat in front of me. We then went to see the U-505 submarine. It was incredibly cool. We even got to take a tour inside of it and in spite of how big it looks it's incredibly cramped on the inside.
We kind of jipped ourselves by not going earlier because we didn't get to see everything we wanted. At 4:30 we left and headed on out.
I fell asleep and woke up when we stopped for gas an hour later. We were stuck in traffic that whole time so we didn't get very far. We all got out and had another round of Cracker Barrel. Our waitress was terrible and it made things worse since we were all starving.
Bryan made up for it. When we were all heading to the car, Bryan had to use the restroom. When I went to get in I found a Cracker Barrel bag and tried to figure out who's it was since everyone seemed to have bought one. When I opened it I found a panda bear. I was tickled pink.
Bryan had bought it and snuck it out before the food had arrived. Then when he came out he was carrying something. Openening the door he handed me a box saying, "this is for mom, mom." It was a cast iron bird feeder -gorgeous- and it was for Mother's Day. He had had Court do some detective work in finding out if I'd like it. I really had :)
The rest of the ride was kind of long but we made it home by 11. A little squished, a little tired and poor Bryan still sick.

Tuesday morning, everyone was ready to go by 8:45. We gave grampa his gord owl for Father's Day and he really liked it. We all prayed and they headed home. I missed them immediately.

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday. I had to drink some stuff and have them draw some blood for a diabetes check. Hopefully I don't have it but we'll find out soon enough.
My doctor tried to find the hearbeat to check on the baby but the baby is a swimmer and very fidgety. My doc called -her- stubborn. At one point the baby kicked the microphone. I thought that was pretty funny.
Bryan -still sick- got checked out and they think he had bronchitis. I'm starting to feel a little dry throat but I'm fighting it and in denial. I think that's the best way to keep from getting sick.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I can't believe how hot it is.

We kept having these really cool days, everyone was wondering if it would ever warm up and now today, all of a sudden, it's in the 80's. It's really not the heat that bothers me, it's the humidity. Really, I enjoy hot days with the warm sun hitting you. Even when there's a warm breeze, it's nice. But the humidity is quite awful.
I was wearing a tank and jean capris and sweating so bad that I changed into one of my summer dresses. A nice cool, thin and breezy summer dress.
Bryan and I decided to go get some DQ. We came home turned three fans on in one room and we were still sweating. I was wanting to get some stuff done so I went downstairs to start working on the baby stuff. After 2 seconds of working on it I gave up from the heat and turned on the air.
So now while it's cooling down I still have two fans on my and pete and Bryan has a fan on himself.

Last night Emily called saying she could come over and help. If it wasn't for my laziness of yesterday I would have (and should have) had her come over to help with all the baby stuff. Instead we went over there and hung out.
Today, having to look at all the baby stuff, I should have just sucked it up and had Emily come over to help me work on it. Blah. I'll head down there in a few as soon as it gets a little cooler for working.

Tomorrow my family should be here in the afternoon. We'll drop off Pete and get ready to head off on Saturday for Chicago.

We have so much to do before they get here... -sigh-

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My top five at 5...:58

5 things under 5$ I couldn't live without:
-toilet paper

5 favorite movies:
- Legend
- Dan in Real Life
- Sleeping with the Enemy
- 50 First Dates
- Hope Floats

5 baby names I love:
- Amelia
- Micah
- Marlee
- Jenna
- Noah

5 songs I could listen to over and over again:
- Nearness of You -Norah Jones
- Nightingale -Norah Jones
- Isn't This A Lovely Day? -Ella and Louis
- They Can't Take That Away From Me -Ella and Louis
- Remedy -David Crowder

5 people who have influenced me in a positive way:
- My mom
- Grama Hargis
- Grampa Hargis
- Nancy Bowsman
- Bryan

5 things that are always in my purse:
- billfold
- chapstick
- lotion
- gum
- tissues

5 moments that have changed my life forever:
- being baptized
- saying "I do"
- moving to CR
- understanding a certain quote better- The greatest single cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians. Who acknowledge Him with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.
- getting pregnant

5 obsessions that I have at the moment:
- hyper-mileing
- getting everything packed and cleaned
- summer dresses
- organization
- warm weather

5 places I'd like to go:
- Egypt
- Italy
- Alaska
- Paris
- Ireland

5 appliances or tools I can not live without:
- pencil
- eraser
- paper
- oven
- fire

Monday, June 02, 2008

"my life as I know it"

I had my last day of pottery. I made this really sweet piece for the baby's room and I needed to get it glazed for it to be fired. It's like a candle lantern with stars and a moon that I carved out of it. So I'm really excited to see it finished.
Then we went to a graduation party. It was nice but I sat too long and became very swollen.
By 4:30 we headed over to ShawnFest. It was very bittersweet to see the last concert of Asaph's Apprentice. But I took a lot of pictures. And I'm not using the word "lot" lightly. I took 715 pictures of my sweetie's last show. All the more to choose from :)
Afterwards, Bryan and I went out to kind of celebrate and to hang out. We went to Chili's and ribs sounded good. So without thinking I ordered the baby back ribs. After two very delicious strips and Bryan trying it as well we realized it was pork. I was very bummed and nervous. Since we don't eat pork and haven't for a very long time I was scared of how sick it would make me. Luckily the baby saved me from suffering. I just hate to subject -her- to such yuckyness.

We picked up two youth and went to Pancakes at the Pitts. It was very tasty, however, I need to buy them crunchy peanut butter for when I am enjoying a tasty pancake.
Church went really well. Bryan and I were on the worship team again this week and we didn't think it went that well with lack of voice and practice. But we were told a few times how much worship was appreciated. We also had a whole row filled with youth. That was pretty cool.
Afterwards, we headed down to get some grub and chit chat. A few people told me how nice I looked, I blushed and thanked them. It's so nice to be complimented when you really just feel like a giant blimp. I also got complimented by a couple of people on my voice. I really don't think it super awesome so I appreciate when people's ears don't bleed because of it.
Bryan dropped off the kids and we both headed home. We happily took a nap. Soon our realtor was at our door with something for us to sign. She told us that she was having problems getting the other realtor to fix the water heater (something pretty vital) so she told us that if he didn't get it done that she would pay to have it up to code. I was pretty stunned. Bryan explained to me later how vital their reputation is and that they will do anything to keep it high.
After we signed the last paper before signing our lives away, we headed over to the Pitts. Emily made us taco pie and it was pretty tasty. I would add lettuce and tomatoes next time but it was still scrumptious that I had two.
Bryan and Keith took Miesh and Jamie out to a friend's pond to fish. They said that had a ton of fun. Pete also learned how to swim -very quickly from the sounds of it.
Emily, Rachel, Meg-Chlo and I went out from some very yummy ice cream. We sat around and chatted for a bit and then got the boys some ice cream. I think they probably thought we were huge pigs.
We went back to the house and soon the boys and kids were home. The kids went to bed and we sat around and talked. Emily got some of her pictures hung and even hung a few while the kids were trying to sleep. It was kind of funny. But we all sat around and talked and had ourselves a merry ol' time. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we accidently stayed a half an hour past the time we were planning on leaving.

I really didn't get much packing done last week. I felt I needed to do something so I packed up our bazillion movies -3 large boxes full. And since Bryan's office area is very scary I thought I would pack up the office in it's entirety today. So far I've got his desk cleared off which I thought would be a lot scarier than it was. So that's good.
But there's a lot that we can't deal with until the day before we move because he needs it to work.. like his computer. But the rest I'm going to deal with.
Even though packing really overwhelms me, I figured that I can't wait for all the help I can wish for but to pack and clean and accept the wonderful help when and if it comes. I just gotta suck it up and do it.
However, I do need to kick Bryan's butt into gear and get him to help. He works really hard but that's no excuse to not clean up after himself to make my packing and cleaning life a little easier.

Anywhoo, on the baby side of life:
-She- is kicking me like crazy. Our little swimmer/gymnist/dancer/karate kid. Bryan got to feel the baby for the first time a couple of weeks ago. But now we're to the point where I'm trying to get him to catch when you can see the baby kicking. I get to see it all the time and sometimes -she- catches me off guard and I'll squeal a little from the unexpected jab to liver or kidney. It's all very exciting. It happens all day every day and I should be posting about it but I think -she- sleeps through me blogging and so I forget the earlier "hiya."