Tuesday, November 29, 2005

post-thanksgiving pre-christmas

Thanksgiving day has come and gone and I am glad it's over. The food was good as was seeing all the family but the drive is always exasperating. Two hours on Thursday, three on Friday and four on Sunday. I'm sure there were others who drove more but driving more than just a couple hours for a weekend certainly takes a toll on you.

We are finally moved in to our new place. It is wonderful and twice the size of our last place. We are finishing unpacking the last of the boxes and getting the paintings up on the wall. We even got our Christmas tree up last night and decorated. Bryan helped which I thought was sweet because decorating the tree wasn't a family event when he lived at his parents. But for my family it is an event and for us a big deal.
I had to give my mom a hard time this last weekend about how we would always decorate the tree. Color coordination and certain ornaments for a theme each year but we had so many decorations we had to do that. Bryan laughed at me when I told him all this and said that it takes all the fun out of it. But it was fun for us girls, since that's all there was after my dad left. It was my mom, my two sisters and me. I guess it would take all the fun out for a boy since it's an orderly kind of tradition.
What will happen if we have boys...
We still have boxes all over the floor. This is probably the only real annoying part of decorating because you don't know what to do after you have emptied them. If you discard them you don't have anything to place all the stuff in after it's all said and done. But until it is you have empty boxes and storage containers that you have to figure out where to put and what to do with.

I also have the rest of unpacking and cleaning to do which I'd rather have done before Bryan gets home so he'll have a clean place to relax in. No mess to have to look at while he sits in comfort knowing there are things that could be getting done. My good man who works all day at least deserves to have a clean place of comfort. Maybe I should bake him some of my cookies too...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Youth of America

Recently, I had the privilege of reading an arrogant comment made about Mother Teresa. To start the whole thing a comment about Mother Teresa was made by Sharon Osborne and posted to share. This started insults toward the Blogger and in turn the ignorant remark on Mother Teresa:

" Even so - with that said - you've all missed the real point, and that is kind of what was said - why put down
someone's Grandma who only helped people?"

She then continues to say:
"WHichever, or whoever you are doesn't matter either - what we do and say about other people shows our true colors. You don't have to be a grown up or even a mom to understand this. Now if only more of us did stuff like she did that helped people - what a world this would be."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is our future America.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

moving on up to the (south) east side

This Tuesday my husband Bryan and I are moving. It's quite the spur of the moment and totally unexpected. We had talked about looking at a two bedroom apartment because our one bedroom has become too small with all the stuff we've accumulated. We just weren't expecting to move so soon. It's all very exciting. Now it's just a matter of getting all packed up so we can get out of here.
On a different note, watched Trading Spouses again last night. It was the second half of the nut job from last week. She was once again just as crazy as before. The PW (poor woman) was being so kind to the other family and in the end had divided up the money in such a loving way. The NJ, however, was quite unkind to the PW's daughter. She had given both boys 3 grand each for anything they wanted and then for the girl only gave her 1800.- but not even to her but for her mom to decide. And the way the NJ was screaming and over reacting about everything.. it was just crazy. Even her husband was rolling his eyes and said, "that's bullsh*t" to all she was saying. We even taped it so I may have to watch the ending of the NJ screaming a few more times just to have a good laugh.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trading Spouses for Nut Jobs

Bryan and I just finised watching an episode of Trading Spouses. This weeks crazy was a Louisiana woman who felt everything she didn't do was of "the dark-side". After walking into her new home for the next two weeks she saw gargoyles, buddahs and stars. This she felt was all "dark-sided". Personally I don't feel there is anything wrong with gargoyles. They sit at the house for protection. I don't necessarily believe they really do protect the house but that they are cool looking. And the stars... they were only stars. They weren't witchcraft, satanic, or dark-sided, just stars. The family even claryfied that.
Meanwhile, at the crazy's house the "dark-sided" wife was beaten down and bombarded with question after question about her religious beliefs by the crazy's close friend. This poor woman said she believed in God but even still was attacked with accusations of not being a Christian. From what I saw I don't think she is a Christian but she isn't from the devil either. Poor woman.
The crazy woman went onto the the families talk radio show and was having fun until a psycic unexpectedly showed up to do the show and the crazy freaked out. Casting spirits out in God's name after throwing out a few swear words. If she would had just heard the man out she would have learned that he grew up religious and still had God in his life. But she thought this was all, yet again, "dark-sided".
Ever hear of Spiritual Gifts you "fiercely religious woman". Maybe God just forgot to get that memo to you.
Obviously these people only heard as much as they wanted to about Christianity and took it to the extreme.
Back to the crazy woman's friend attack. This nut of a lady who honestly attacked the poor woman at a luncheon was asking about her background with church. The PW said that she was Catholic until the age of 8 then the family started going to Unitarian. She said right out that they believe that everyone is equal. That's when the nut forcefully asked if that meant we were equal to terrorists and rapists.
Um yeah. We are all sinners therfore we are all equal. Someone needs to actually read the Bible.