Monday, October 23, 2006

Supposidly A Quick Update...

Bryan and I went down to my mom's.
My little sister got sick with strep.
She gave it to my little cousin
and my mom.

I got to see my aunt Kimmy.
She's so beautiful.
Her and my mama both.

My grandparents looked good.
I got to run around looking for film with my grampa.
We were in search of good film.
It was so great talking with him.
He's such a wonderful man.
The best anyone can ever meet.
I married one of the few left that are like him.

My grama is so wonderful herself.
The epitome of what all women should strive to be.
And my grampa what all women deserve.
They are beautiful together.

They also got a kitty.
My grampa doesn't like cats...
However, he was caught sleeping with Simba on his chest.
Simba the kitty is so tiny.
Bryan played for two hours with him.
Bryan wore out before the cat did.
When Simba finally did he fell asleep on me.
Slept near my neck...
so tiny.
Teeny tiny...

In other news:
Bryan started his new job today.
We got to sleep in til 8:15.
He had a good day.
I hope I can be as happy as he is with his job.
He's doing what he loves.
Programming to him is what art is to me.
I'm so happy for him.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A big blanket and tea sounds awfully nice...

It's so cold out.
The wind is strong and makes it colder.
You can hear it while inside.
Sounds like people are wrestling-
on the outside of our third story apartment.

Bryan and I have a new roommate.
My brother-in-law's fiancee has moved in.
Long story but for your entertainment:
Her parents are stupid
and very manipulative.
She's fed up and said she was leaving.
So they kicked her out
and said she could only have what
she could take right then and there.
So she only has a bag of clothes
and her bedding.
That's it.
But they said she's more than welcome
to come back...

We told her we'd take care of her.
I'm sure she thinks we're angels
comparatively to her parents.
Especially since they were severely strict.
It was nuts the rules they'd enforce.
Then being happy with her one moment
and the next being disappointed because
she didn't do what they wanted.
Oh the stories I could tell
(second hand of course).

I've made another painting.
It's really cool.
Since my mom and I feed off each other
I put a twist on something she did.
It's always fun when we do that.

School is cool.
That's right,
I went there.
I'm getting A's in all my classes
except for one which may be a B or C.
Very sweet.
I'm actually nervous
that I won't keep it that way.

Photography is awesome.
We're learning to develop our film.
So now I get to figure out
how to load the stinkin' camera
and then take pictures.
I'm way more pleased with my digital
that way I can delete as I please.
Oh well,
Maybe I'll just be that more awesome at it.

I have to go to the dr.'s tomorrow.
7:30 in the morning-
That's crazy.
I didn't know the day started until eight!

We also have Capoeira tonight.
That means I have to go back out in the cold.
But it's so cold out.
The wind is strong and makes it colder.
You can hear it while inside...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Doot doo doo...

I had a good weekend.
On Sunday we realized we could have gone to see my family.
It's Mattie's birthday tomorrow is why.
(Happy Birthday sweetie.. the Big 0-5)

But we did nothing-
At all.
It was great.

I have a test on Thursday.
A BIG test.
I'm excited.

I made note cards for it-
Then I got made fun of for them-
By people my age...
I thought we were in fifth grade for a moment.
However, I knew just about everything on everything...
And I'm gonna ace the test.
So booya.

The house is a mess.
It always gets that way after the weekend.
I come home early today so I'll clean it.
Bryan works really hard so I hate to leave it.

I had my Algerbra test on Friday.
I'm hoping for a C but I may, may have a B.
Here's hopin.

Last night there was yelling outside our window.
It made me nervous.
Sometimes I wonder why we moved to this part of the city.
That would be my bad.
But the rent is way good for the apartment we have.
Can't complain too much.

I've been doing lots of thinking lately.
More than the usual anyway.
In that thinking there are a lot of realizations...
And new understandings.
Not to mention wants...
Hopes and dreams.

...Lots of thinking...