Monday, April 11, 2011

Craziness, hence not knowing where to start.

Uh.. My fingers are blue. And purple, and I think green.
My d-group tie-dyed shirts tonight for our fun night. We also gave up on our gloves because they were just getting in the way. It was fun.
This past weekend, A went to her gramma (my mom's) house for the weekend. First weekend that she's gotten to take her ever. I feel bad that A is 2.5 y/o and my mom just now got to take her. I'm selfish. What can I say but that I like my kid.
Bryan and I were able to get things done, however. Friday afternoon/evening I made paper purses for table gifts for the women's brunch the next morning. It was exhausting and I went to bed at nine. Plus it was after I had driven four hours to do the A exchange. So, long day, to say the least.
Saturday we had our woman's brunch at church and it was lovely. Emily and I did a Fashion Segment which was more of a talk-about-what's-in-style-for-Spring-and-our-favorite-things-and-places-to-shop. She did buy three new dresses to showcase and ended up locking her stuff in the stairwell that she was changing in. It was craziness. I'm just glad she was fully dressed before she shut that locked door!
The speaker was wonderful! I truly enjoyed everything that she had to say. Loved it. If she were to write a book, I'd read it. Fo sho.
Food was delish, the company was great, I need to read the list of books people suggested because I could use a new read.
Then Em and I took her three kiddos with us to Sonic for lunch and then Target. It was crazy but they were good. And then Saturday night, Bryan and I spent the evening painting part of A's room the same yellow that was in her nursery. It's so sweet but I really need to sleep less and work more. Like, sleep, 4 hours a night and then just clean and organize because that is the only way I feel I will ever be able to get anything done!
Sunday, I was in the nursery which was a joy. Even though A wasn't in there, I got to hang out with the other kiddos and they were just dolls. I was even able to go through the toys and purge the ones that are broken, had small pieces, are originally from McD's, or are from the 70's. I'm making room for a soon to be had Toy Drive! Yay :)
Soon after church, Bryan and I headed out to go get A. We were ready and really missing her. I think when I finally got her back I just held her for 10 minutes straight. I love that girl. It sounded like she had fun but that she was also ready to be home. I think my mom was feeling the same way! Ha!
Then after we returned home, an hour later we headed over to our friends, The Lloyd's, to watch another episode of Lost. As always, we got to talking way too much and only got to watch one episode. But that's a good thing!
This morning, my lovely friend JoAnna helped me start the soon to be Nursing Mother's Room at our church. There's a wallpaper boarder that we started on and it sure did take longer than we anticipated. And we're still not done! Goodness. But I'm excited for things to come. It's nice to finally have the NMR finally underway. Tomorrow I'll have TWO ladies helping me!

Oh, to update on things of A:
  • Today she got her first Barbie doll- a Snow White from her "uncle" Keith. Ha! How special :)
  • The last couple of nights she's been saying how the shadows are scary. I wonder where kids learn that sort of thing. So we moved Pete, our dog, upstairs to sleep next to her bed, hoping that helps.
  • Tonight, she tried to do some acrobatic move in the bath tub and ended up splitting her top lip.
  • She is my girly girl through and through. She does have a tomboyness to her but she loves her dresses and "neckies," twirling, shoes that make noise and curtsying
  • She is sassy, but polite. How did I do that? Oh right, she's my kid.
  • She loves purple and green and pink.
  • She loves suckers. Especially if it's a puple sucka.
I love her. She rocks. Even if she is a sassy, girly tomboy who can't get enough of pink dresses and purple suckers.