Monday, January 29, 2007

Jim Gaffi-what?

This weekend my family was here.
On their way over they took a wrong turn.
An hour from Minnisota
two more from us.

They weren't lying.
A four hour drive turned six.

When they did get here
we surprised Courtney with cake
as she walked in the door.

That made her happy.

It was her birfday on the 16th.
Her party didn't get to happen
so we had a little shindig for her.

But she was having issues
with her picture being taken.
I took it anyway.

We all played Uno.

My mom won right away
the rest of the game took

We started to go a little crazy.

There was also
No one played
but we did have fun with the mask.


My mama is so pretty.

On Saturday we all went to
David's Bridal
to watch Alyssa try on her dress.
Then we went out to eat.
Mexican food.
If you've never had Carlos O'Kelly's
I HIGHLY recommend it.

Sunday after church
my family left.
But later that night
and I
went to see
Jim Gaffigan

It was so awesome.
Both him and the
opening act
we great.
If you don't know
who Jim Gaffigan is.
Find out!
Good times.
So worth $30 a piece.

My cheeks are so rosy...

Well, that's all I have to say.
So have a good rest of Monday.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Day!

Today is a good day.

My mom and sisters are
on their way to visit.
Birthday -surprise- party in store.
Healthy diets work.
It's the weekend.
Art and bridal stuff tomorrow.
I'm on the Dean's list!!!
God is good.

On the down side:
My grandparents are still sick,
I have a test next wednesday,
a paper to write
and I'm hungry.

God is still good.

That's it.
All for now.
Have a good day!!

(Whoo! Dean's list! *does a jig*)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love...

the first snow fall.
the cold.
big sweaters.

I love hot cocoa-
and hot tea.
fluffy comforters.
frosty breath.

I love cuddling with Bryan-
and watching a great movie.
hanging icicles.
soft mittens.

I love warm candles-
and Christmas lights.
fuzzy socks.

I love the crisp nights-
and the starry skies.
a roaring fire.
eskimo kisses.
snow angels.
home made goodies.

...I love winter.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Donate Your Exploding Water to the Homeless

So, if you didn't know,
I'm in California with Bryan.
Instead of the scheduled
six hours
it took us 13 hours to get here.


Our first flight out
left 2 hours after it's intended time.
But our connecting flight left on time-
An hour before we arrived.

So we had to get another flight.
It wasn't scheduled to leave for another
three hours.
So we sat and waited.
We finally made it at 12:30am
our time, 10:30 here.

Bed time-
2:30 central.

I did try to sleep on the plane-
Neck pillows SUCK.
So I used Bryan's sweatshirt instead.

But the greatest story I have for you today
started when we were going through security.

They asked if we had any liquids-
so we got into our bag and started getting them out.
The guy went through my make-up and pulled out
my 12oz moisturizer and said I couldn't take it.
We didn't have checked baggage
or someone waiting for us
so he threw it away.
Same with my face wash.

You should know how crucial these are.

Then we asked if we had to get rid of our water.
He was like-
"Yes, but you can buy some inside to take on the plane."
So Bryan said-
"But the seal isn't even broken."
So he responded-
"Yes, but that doesn't matter."
But would you like to donate it to the homeless?"

You're going to donate our exploding water
to the poor people of the world?

What a ridiculous concept.
You won't let us take this water on the plane
for fear it has exploding chemicals-
But you'll give it to the homeless...

So all in all
The government took my
my face wash
and my moisturizer!

Now the question lies-
How do I wash my face today?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I like today's date...

It's done.
I cut my own hair.
I don't think it's straight on the bottom.
So it's a good thing it's curly.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I love my mom.

School starts monday.
Payment for it is due.
I'm excited for class-
And nervous.

I'm in my next phase of
artistic classes-

First week of the new year
was pretty good.

I am now officially the
Wedding Planner
Hair stylist
for Brent and Alyssa's

Her parents suck.
We'll just leave it at that-
Except, that her mom
didn't come to see her
try on wedding dresses.

So I went with her.
And she found it.
The One.
And she looked beautiful.

I'm kind of enjoying being a
Wedding Planner.
Even if Alyssa makes it easy.
I think it might be up my alley...

I need a hair cut.
And I think I might be daring.
Any suggestions?

Monday, January 01, 2007

I started the new year off right...

With a good kiss.

Happy New Year-
It'll be a good one.

What is one thing you would like
for this year to bring?

I have one...