Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We would have called him Pete.

I got my Human Bio test back today.
I can't tell you how relieved I am.
She put the average on the bored
and it was a C+
so here I am thinking,
"oh no. Please don't let me have
less than a B."
But lo and behold.
A minus ladies and gentlemen.

-More good news-
Recently Bryan's employers have been
talking about giving him a raise
for all the amazing work he's been doing.
They're so impressed that they gave him a bonus
PLUS a raise!!
I'm so proud of him.

It's totally a God thing because we
are in need of some extra cash flow
ever since the government took us to the cleaners.

Both of our cars need a special touch,
we have school bills,
medical bills
and miscellaneous things that just seem to
get placed on the back burner.
Not to mention that we want to save
some money for a house
and my wedding dress STILL needs cleaned.
Can you imagine? three years later??

God is good.

Bryan and I saw a dog last night.
We were leaving wal-mart and this man
was standing at the end of the parking lot
with a dog who was laying on the grass
trying to stay cool.
He had a little vest on the read, "Adopt Me."

We so wanted to.
Honestly if we could have large dogs
and the money to buy all the things needed
and Chloe wouldn't disown us
we would have taken him in a heart beat.
But, alas, we couldn't.
I hope he goes to a good home.
Poor Pete.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Four hard days of labor later...

Two very sore legs from butt to toes.
Three giant bruises.
Five cracks to the shins from a shovel.
Eleventy billion bonks to the head.
Cold, windy, rainy.
Blistering heat.
Lots of water and sunblock.
Many redoes
from thousands of nuts and bolts on a swirly slide
to large upright 4×4×8.
The playground is finally finished.
And it was all worth it.

...Now to see their tiny happy faces on their new playstation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playground Fury

For the past two days
Bryan and I helped work
on the churches new playground.
It's ginormous.
We got today off but we go
back tomorrow to try to
get it done.
I'm actually excited to finish it.

I have scraps and splinter marks
as well as bruises galore.
Not to mention the
massive muscles
I'm gaining!

Got tickets to the Gun Show??