Monday, August 30, 2010

(I apologize in advance for all the exclamation points)

Good morning!!
I am up and at 'em this morning and I like it! I hate to say that I am not a morning person and I often wish I were. I seem to be tired all the time with a thyroid condition and it's easier to stay awake than to wake up. But this morning is different and it's a nice change!

I haven't blogged in a while because it feels like nothing exciting has happened since then. I have been busy with things but nothing blog worthy... until now!

First, the last two Wednesdays we have been preparing to start up Youth Group. I'm excited!! We have a lot of sponsors, which is good because that means lots of ideas. I'm so ready to get to know these kids and help them to grow in Christ. I pray I can bring things to the group, lift them up, and encourage and not hinder in any way. I've wanted to be a part of this for a long while now but I had to wait for God to call me into it. I think I'm ready. I hope I'm ready.

Secondly, we had a Youth water park trip as an end-of-summer celebration/let's-get-this-school-year-started-off-right celebration. It was so much fun. The place was big enough for grown ups to play and have fun.
Most of the time when you go to things with your kids, the place is too small and adults have to squeeze through to be able to play with their children. Kind of a like an unspoken Adults Not Welcome So Go Chit Chat With Other Adults sign. So, we squeeze through tunnels and passageways with our little ones who are too little and timid to go by themselves until we're too tired of maneuvering our way around and tag our spouses to take over.
But not this time! This time there was all sorts of running around (and by running I mean walking really fast because the ground is wet and we don't want to get a whistle blown at us from a nearby lifeguard cause, geesh, that'd be embarrassing with your youth kids there), going down slides multiple times, standing under the giant bucket waiting for it to sound the alarm that it was about to dump on you. Ahh, it was a good time.
But. But, my poor hubby. He wasn't feeling very well and our daughter only wanted Daddy that day. She wasn't able to take a nap anywhere and was so hungry that she didn't know what she wanted. I kept asking her if she was hungry and she just kept saying, "Nooo," and start whimpering. So Bryan held her for hours. I told him that after we eat I'd take her so he could have an hour of so of doing whatever he wanted.
She was much better after we ate and perked right up. She didn't mind hanging with me on the lazy river for a while but it was right next to the water basketball area and that's where daddy was. She wouldn't let me do anything else but stay close to daddy.
He finally held her as he played some b-ball and eventually he went to the lazy river. They floated around in a double raft where she finally found contentment. Then we had to leave. She wasn't very happy. Poor baby.
When we got out to the car, she settled right in and played a little with our friends kid, M, who was also in our car. But 1oish minutes into the car ride and our kiddo was out. At 7:30. You'd think that'd be a problem for the rest of the night but it wasn't at all.
Home at 8:30 and stopped to let M out to go with her parents, not a peep from our kiddo. We even stopped at DQ and got an ice cream. She didn't wake until we stopped at home and I took her out of her car seat. Even then she just rested her head on my shoulder, then curled up in her crib when I put her down. Didn't even ask for milk so I know she was beat. Slept through til morning at around 8. I even had to drag myself out of bed but it was well worth it. Such a fun day.

And finally, us girls had our annual birthday celebration for one of us again. It starts in September and goes right on through. Except we have more girls now, so more birthdays. Fun!! Ate too much food, had good laughs, and a funny movie to boot. Next is my birthday!

Youth groups starts on Wednesday, we get to see family this weekend, and what a long weekend it will be, and my birthday on Sunday! Yay!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raptor Center

This week has been crazy but yesterday, on a whim, I decided to take A and Emily's M and J to the Raptor center. My sis, Courtney got to tag along with us. She's an animal nut and wouldn't have been missed it.
Well, there's two Raptor center's around here and I meant to take them to the closest one but I didn't. At all. I got directions for the place and didn't bother to check them and wound up passing the closest one by 20 some minutes to the next location.
However!, it was gorgeous out there! I told my hubby that
we have to take a family day to spend
the entire day out there walking the trails, seeing the sites, boating, fishing. It was just so gorgeous.
We got out there and I told the kids that we were asked to keep our voices down so we wouldn't scare the birds... they didn't do too bad. They had thee cutest owls. Some where so little and the kids asked if they were babies. They weren't, they were just little. We also saw a bald eagle, which was magnificent, a vulture which was so weird looking, and a hawk eat, or rather, tear into a mouse.
They checked out their wing span compared to that of an eagle's 7 ft. They fell a little short ;)
We found a trail at the end of the cages and decided to walk it down. We ended up close to the water but I wouldn't let the kiddos get any closer. Don't need someone falling in. So we just stayed our distance. But it sure was gorgeous.
At the end, on our way back, we went through a butterfly garden and saw mostly bees with only a couple butterflies, but still way cool. On our way into the place a butterfly landed on my hand. I tried to get the kids to see it but J kept looking around me when the little guy was right there on my hand. And on our way out of the center a butterfly was chasing J around in circles. Then he decided to run with his eyes close. We'll just have to take his word since he was running away from us.
All in all, it was fun. Definitely going again.

Tomorrow I'm painting another room. Stay tuned...

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Here I am, sitting at the computer, exhausted, sleepy yet not, yearning for my bed yet not in it, and eating chocolate graham crackers because my hunger has just now caught up with me.
I was in bed at nine. Just, so ready for bed. But then when I curled up to fall asleep, I couldn't. So I thought I would recap. Recaps are fun.

I love the exhausting busyness of the last couple days but, my oh my, am I tired.

Yesterday, my mom-in-law came over to keep my kiddo company. And God bless her because I got a ton done. I cleaned so fast and til I could clean no more.
It's amazing how a person gets to a point where their house is picked up and it seems clean because you have a little person running around who terrorizes your couch, your movies, dragging their toys to the living room, crying, tantrum throwing, hungry cute little beast making you crazy!.. (whew)
But yesterday I got it really picked up. So much to the point where all I had left was the deep cleaning instead of only the top layer picked up with three more underneath that before you can see the floor again. Toys, stuff, everywhere!
I shall throw it all away and start anew!! Maybe tomorrow.

Well, after I finished cleaning and it was time for A's nap, my sister and I had to head over to clean some more. Our new pastor and his family were on their way into town from the Big Apple. Their new house was bought yet not quite ready to move in. The previous owner was still in it!
My hubby found this out when him and two other people (friends{Walters}), from our church, went over to set up a large fenced kennel for the incoming dogs. They met the guy. He happily showed them the place. They were baffled with how much he still had left to pack.
Bryan was going to go back over with Walters to help him pack up so he could get out of there. I offered to go since A was sleeping and Bryan had to get back to work. I got there an hour after Walters and was surprised with what I saw. However, I was told it was an improvement from when Walters had seen it that morning with Bryan and after they greatly encouraged him to get going.
Anywho, after two hours, and lots of encouragement we got his stuff out of there. The Fosters (new pastor and fam) showed up as we were loading the last of it. The previous owner had a few things left, and really wanted to take a break because of the rain, but the four of us continued on to get him out of there so the Fosters could take over.
Fortunately there wasn't a lot of cleaning to do. He kept a pretty clean house. Just not so hot at the moving part. Can't really blame him. His wife was in DM waiting on him while he stayed behind to sell the house. Two years he's been apart from her and longer than that, been in that house. Maybe he had a hard time letting go.
We all understood, so we were kind and loving and helped him in any way we could.

Afterwards, we got back home, had dinner and set out to work on the yard. Bryan mowing and I trimming the bushes with an owner operated clippers. We worked til we were working til street light.
Second time I was dripping with sweat that day. First time without the rain beating on me as I was trying to work. Not complaining. It actually felt really nice.

Today, we went back over to the Foster's new house but this time to move things in. After about a half hour of being there I get a call from my sister. Inside a noisy house with people trying to move things does not a heard phone call make.
All I could hear was my sister asking me to meet her. Me asking where. Her crying and trying to tell me what happened beneath the noise. Me panicking. My sister Courtney does not cry. Rarely. So I knew it was serious. I had no idea what happened. Just that she was working at her vet job and she was now heading to Mercy Care.
I get there and, thankfully, she's doing fine. A dog bit her while she was trying to give him his meds. Only a little broken skin in between her index and middle finger but her thumb was swollen stiff from the bite. She still can't use it very well but the doc put her on antibiotics so that should help.
Went back to the Foster's and the stuff was all moved in but the VV crew was helping to unpack. So unpack we did. I did. My sis took their dogs (she's tough, what can I say) back to our house to care for them for the day. We all worked our little tushies off until noon when Bryan and I had to leave.
At noon(ish) my awesome aunt Kimmy and my rockin uncle Jon showed up with their two beautiful kiddos to bring us lunch. They were just passing through but we got to hang with them for about four hours.
I didn't put A down for her nap until 3:30 which was not a good idea on my part. She wanted out to play, and was just so off that I don't think she got more than an hour and a half of a nap. That made for a grumpy kid.
We eventually had to take the Foster's dogs back home. We were all kinda sad to take them back, especially A. They kinda blended into our little home. But there is always dog-sitting. I think, however, that I sorta promised to get a big dog for A... kinda sorta.
We made a run to MtV and back home for a bath for the stinky rugrat. That catches us up to now. I'm tired. Maybe now I can sleep considering Bryan's going to make me get up at the butt crack of dawn to go to church at his crazy hour. We have to leave a 7! Can you believe that!? A even lets me sleep til 8.
But I get to sing with the worship team tomorrow so I'm excited. First Sunday of our new pastor fam being there to stay, friends back from a long vacation, getting to see everyone. Should be a great day.

P.S. My daughter can tell me all the names of the Fresh Beat characters. I'm wondering if I should be worried.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Wednesday

Yesterday was off to a tiring start. A had stayed up late the night before and didn't get to bed until 10. Which was awful for her. We were just out and about and didn't get home til late because of Worship practice and so yesterday morning she got up before she got enough sleep. That made for two trips back to the crib just to sit in there just for her binki. It isn't suppose to leave the crib so back she goes if she wants it.
Anyway, I ended up putting her down at her normal naptime, 12:30, even if she wasn't quite ready because I was. Since my sister was over, because of car dilemmas that I'll get to in a moment, and my husband working from home, I headed out to the pool for the youth Wednesday.
Sheila and three of her four kids, Jolene with her two kids, Pastor Keith with two of the three, and four youth kids were all there. Us adults sat in the shallower end talking while the little ones would swarm and splash at times. It was nice to just sit in the pool. It was only the second time I've been able to go this year but the first time without someone to have to keep an eye on. It was kinda nice.
About 45 minutes before I had to leave, I laid out to dry out. I figured I could get a little sun so my legs weren't so pasty before autumn hits and we're all back in jeans again. My sunblock had worn off on my shoulders so they got fried for the billionth time this summer. My legs did get sun but they also got blotchy. Good fun. Apparently I don't tan very well. Go figure. It's alright. I'm actually looking forward to the winter where all my summer color fades and I'm one color once again. Silly, I know. But I enjoy being pale. And one color.
So, I took off and took Courtney to work so the men could work on her car that evening. Home, shower, then off to the Pitts'. They fed us and us girls got to gab like we haven't since before they vacationed. Then we played with the apps on our phones. Don't mock us. :)
The men worked and worked on that car and decided it would have been over $1000 if she had taken it in to a shop. In the end it will only cost her about $150. Not too shabby. Thank you Bryan and Keith (and even Dave although he wasn't able to physically help because of a wasp sting to his hand). We didn't end up leaving until 9:30. I think we all were tired.
The men are finishing the car this morning, which meant that Courtney stayed again last night and Bryan took her to work this morning. But thankfully, the car should be finished soon and all will be right with the world. (Love you sis!)

Hopefully today will go well. A has already made one trip back to the crib for her binki and I can't decide on what to do with the day. The Park? The Pool? Stay Home? I don't know. Any ideas would be welcomed. I need to get us out more. Even in this blistering heat.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Randomness just to get caught up.

August 3rd, we just celebrated our 6th anniversary! My how time flies. And so weird. It's weird to think that my husband is two years from 30, I'm leaving my mid-twenties, and our daughter will soon be two. Two!! I was just pregnant with her! So crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I think I may need to go back to my "no-sweets" thing. I think I just like sweets too much. If it's around, I wanna snack on it. If it's not, I'm okay but I just don't know if they're worth it anyway.
I made it that 6 months, maybe I should try for 9....

Last night I got to go to worship practice. It was too much fun. Singing loudly in some ridiculousness. And other times just in worship. But always having a good time. We even had a fill-in drummer who doesn't drum. Not too shabby, Miss Sheila.

We went and saw Mewithoutyou on Friday night. Totally awesome. Last time they were here I was pregnant so we couldn't go. I was soooo sad. But we got to go this time!! And it was awesome!! I think I've already said that...

Summer's coming to an end. I try to enjoy each season as it comes and not wish for the next. I do love summer, it's just the humidity. Give me a nice warm day any day.
My garden isn't turning out too bad. I discovered I have cucumbers a month or so ago and even got to enjoy one. But they are now taking over my garden. And my pumpkin... minus any pumpkins, just the vines, are taking over the yard. I will definitely know better for next year. I'm just happy that I know I can do it! Maybe next year I'll even try my hand at flowers.... Hmmm.

Since we were blessed with this laptop from Bryan's work, I'm hoping to be able to work on my photos with it. Maybe I can drum up a business from it.. I really love photography.

Anyway, I think I'm caught up for now. Maybe something exciting will happen today. Or maybe just the Splash Pad...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I am back!

We have been without a laptop for about a year and a half. But just the other day Bryan's bosses decided to send him one so he was able to do some work in OSX (I know what that means!!!). For free. I love his job. Actually, I don't always love it because of the long hours at times, but I am so very thankful for his job and more importantly the people he works for. They are so kind and thoughtful. They treat us well and they're just, well, awesome.

So, here I am, on the Macbook that they have generously sent to us. I think I'll be blogging a lot more.

A lot more..