Sunday, September 21, 2014

Miss A turns 6

My sweet sweet girl,
My, how you've grown.  You've been anxious to turn six for the last four months.  Anxiously awaiting the new age like it was a huge milestone.
It kind of is.
It means you're another year older.  Another year bigger.  Another year smarter.  Another year becoming more and more like you.
It also means I've been a mother, your mother, for a whole 6 years now.  Whew!  I guess I can say I have some experience under my belt.  At least six years of it.
This past year you are showing us just how strong willed you are.  You are a tough cookie.  Mostly just tough on us parents.  But I know this strong-willingness can be such a strength if we are able to help you grow into it in the correct ways.  I hope it all means that you will be a defender of the weak and hurting, strong in what you believe, knowing for certainty just how good our God is and are not afraid to show Him to those around you.
You are also incredibly kind.  You have such a big and kind heart.  You are so good to love on those around you.  You're helpful to your kindergarten teacher at school, you are concerned and want to check in on our elderly neighbor, you share your toys with your sister even though you don't really want to just because you don't want to see her sad.  Your kindness makes my heart swell with pride.  I love, love, love that in you.  Please don't let anyone change that in you.  You are mega awesome because of that.
You're an awesome big sister, and with another sibling on the way, I know the next one will look to you as well.  Sometimes you can be a stinker, but I know that's because of your age and the fact that your little sis doesn't always want to leave you or your things alone.  I don't blame you, really, but we still need to work more on sharing and playing together nicely more often than not.
I love watching you and trying to figure you out as you grow.  You've really started asking the tough questions.  Some of which we have to take pretty slowly so as not to tell you too much too quickly, but I love that you're asking.  I enjoy seeing your want to grow and learn.  And I appreciate your questions. Even the hard to answer ones.
You did start kindergarten this year.  You were so ready for it but at the same time had to adjust to it.
You went from going to school three days a week for half days to all day every day five times a week. The first three weeks were really hard on you.  But I think you've finally got it down.
Anyway kiddo, I love you.  I think you are amazing.  You're crazy, and smart, and sassy, and kind, and tough, but so lovable.  I'm glad you are our sweet six year old.  I'm excited to watch you continue to grow and learn this next year.  I'm excited to watch you become a big sister again and to watch you teach your little sis how to be a good big sister.  I'm excited because I have you in our life to keep us on our toes, always guessing, but always filling our hearts with all the love you have to give.
Keep on being awesome, keep on being you.
Love you much,

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