Sunday, December 08, 2013

I completely missed my eldest's birthday letter post...

Dearest A,
Life got way too hectic around your birthday and then decided to stay that way.  You are now 5 years (2 months and 23 days) old.  You are beautiful.  You have such a kind heart.  You're my sweet and sour kind of girlie.  When your sweet, you are oh so ever kind, loving, gentle, thoughtful, gracious, giving, and good.  And when you are sour, well, let's just say that there are time outs.  You have mine and daddy's temperaments equally, although you do lean more so toward being more like daddy.  This is also why you both butt heads so much.
You're quick and do your best to learn.  You enjoy school but are starting to find it a little boring, which I can fully understand since you are learning the exact same curriculum as last year.  However, you weren't quite ready to move along since you started too early to begin with.  My dear, you are definitely a first born since we're completely experimenting with you!  We love you so much though, and are really trying to be good parents who love you with our whole hearts, discipline you when necessary, forgive you when you're in the wrong and apologize when we are.
You are feisty and certainly take after me when teasing (tickling, playing, or the like).  Sometimes we don't always know when to stop!  But we're both learning and we both drive daddy nuts in the process.
Daddy and I are both learning (as we always have been and always will be) to be careful about what we say and how we act.  Not just around you and your sister but in life as well.  We want to teach you well but you seem to be picking up on our bad habits more so than the good!  I'm sure that's not entirely true as you are more naughty with us than around others.  But we're trying to stop you from picking up more on the bad than the good.  It's really only our impatience that you seem to pick up on well but what we really want you to learn from us to be loving and gracious, kind and gentle, strong and confident, proud and yet humble.  To love others and to always see the good in them.  To give people the benefit of the doubt (like daddy) but to always make them earn your trust (like me).
I'm excited to watch you continue to grow and learn.  I don't ever want to squelch your strong personality but to show you how to use it for good.  You're already pretty awesome at being five so keep at it.  And I'll try to be more on time next year for you birthday letter.
I love you much,

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